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Confident Individuals – Preparing for Pupil Council

The Transition boys made sure that they has their say this week when preparing for pupil council. They had to give the class idea for themes and outdoor work. As a class they were Confident Individuals and came up with a few options. As it was election week we put those options to a vote, each boy selected their favourite on the interactive board. We will feed back our answers to the Pupil Council next week.

Successful Learners – Literacy

The Transition boys put in great effort this week with their Literacy work. They were all Succesful Learners. They answered tricky questions on Peter Pan on the interactive board. Keiran helped us understand the word rummage by demonstrating it to the class. Some boys typed in answers and some clicked and dragged to make connections or sequences. The last question was particularly difficult, but with few revisions we managed to get a class score of 100%. Well done boys!


Effective Contributors – Myths and Legends

The Transition boys were Effective Contributors this week when they made a class Nessie. They were learning about Scottish myths and legends and using their art skills they mad a long Nessie for our display board. If you want to see her make sure you only look out the corner of your eye, if you try and look directly at her she’ll dive back into the Loch!

Just a short week of School in the Pine Room.

Numeracy, Colour Sorting and Fine Motor Skills, for these successful learners.

Listening to my Friends News.

Science – Gardening Time indoors due to the Scottish Weather – hail stones in MAY!!!

Picking our pots…

Bulbs, stems and flowers.

The life cycle of a Sunflower – putting these cards in the correct order.

MOVE – Lift pants and making friends.

MOVE – Big Stretches!!

Literacy – Character Recognition – Snow White is my favourite.

This week’s Superstar! For great work and concentration in Art.

Sensory Play with Bread Dough – great for stretching our hands out and gripping skills.

I love these Flappers!!

This confident individual is working on her writing skills.

Have a lovely weekend – Hope the SUN shines!!!

IDL – Social studies

Our theme is Goldilocks and the three bears. We were confident individuals and used google maps on the SMARTboard to look for houses. We then chose different parts of a house to create our own house design. Some choose a long brick house and some chose a tall coloured house. We also looked at lots of pictures of different parts of a house such as the roof, windows and doors. We then talked about what we had in our garden and drew a path and some grass . We also looked at different types of houses that people stay in and chose where we would like to stay , the most popular choice in class was a caravan .

IDL – Outdoor Learning

Over the past week, the Beech class have achieved both of our outdoor learning targets in line with our current topic.

We went on a rock hunt around the school and then used our artistic talents to paint our rocks in an Aladdin theme!

We also went outside in the sunshine this morning to read a sensory story together! Everyone took part in feeling the props for the story and we were very effective contributors.

IDL – No Judging

Our IDL theme work this term is based on Beauty and the Beast, accepting everyone and not judging someone by the way they look.

We looked at the main characters and discussed how they looked at different sections of the story.

Our theme is do not judge someone but take the time to get to know them first. Be confident individuals and celebrate what makes us a good friend.

We discussed what qualities are in a good friend, then thought about what is our own best quality is.  We shared this with the class and then told everyone who our best friend is.  We then took part in some activities that our friends like to do.

We planted our very on rose seeds and made some flowers from a variety of shapes.

Everyone chose their favourite character and everyone wanted to be the Beast.