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This week has been another busy week in the Bluebells. We have been looking at the letter “b” we made butterflies yesterday afternoon. They were confident individuals and used crayons and pencils to made marks and decorate the butterfly wings. Staff made different shapes on one side and some pupils were able to copy the shapes on the other side.


Science week. We have been participating in lots of experiments in the classroom. One experiment the pupils enjoyed was the rain cloud in a jar.  All pupils can fill a jar with water then we carefully added the shaving foam to the top to look like clouds. Some pupils  used a dropper to add blue food colouring to represent the rain. We all watched at the rain (food colouring) went through the cloud and then dropped through the water in the jar like the rain falling from the clouds in the sky.


Global Goals 3 Good Health and Wellbeing – disease and how to prevent it.

To show how easily germs can be passed on from one person to another, one class member put green paint on his hands, to represent germs, and shook hands or high-fived other class members. We noticed that everyone ended up having green paint on their hands. This meant we all had germs on our hands! We did the experiment again and some people were given damp wipes to wipe away the green paint. This was to show the effect washing our hands can have on transferring germs.

We watched a short film about the importance of hand washing in different situations. The film told us that even though our hands look clean, we still can have tiny germs lurking there. Argh!

We made a poster to show when we should wash our hands and how washing hands can help stop the spread of disease and viruses.