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Your Photos

Thank you to everyone who is sharing photos with us of your family learning activities.  It’s great to see how busy you have all been.  We are working on some more collages to share your photos with everyone.

Please continue sending your photos here.

Please only email us photos, and NOT VIDEOS.  You can share videos by tagging us on  Twitter.


Sports Day

Our online Sports Day was scheduled for today. We hope some of you managed to take part. Unfortunately our school app seems to have failed and none of our notifications were sent out.

Here you can view staff demonstrating the races for you to try at home with your families.

Please send me your photos here so we can share these for everyone else to see.

Please only email us photos, and NOT VIDEOS.  You can share videos by tagging us on  Twitter.


Your pictures

Thanks to all the families who have been sharing their photos with us.  It’s great to see how busy you’ve all been!
You can send your photos here.
Reece goes out walks every day to see the highland cows one who is expecting we are patiently waiting to see the calf. Also did some baking.
James and May have been planting seeds,  wearing their Killie strips to celebrate the anniversary of their league win today and James has been enjoying time on his swing too!  (Even Oscar the dog joined in the fun!)


Holly has been keeping busy with her family, completing lots of activities!


Poppy has been keeping up her water skills in her hot tub!


Kayla working hard during Joe Wicks’ PE lesson this morning!


Well done, Ryan for helping with the washing up and for your lovely artwork!


Ethan isn’t letting the fact he’s not in school get in the way of completing his jobs!


Poppy with her funky socks and t-shirt for World Down’s Syndrome Day.