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Eating the Alphabet – Literacy ENG 0-12a/LIT 0-13a/LIT 0-21a

Successful Learners 

For our topic this term, the Sunflower’s have enjoyed exploring lots of healthy foods.  Each child has actively participated by matching the initial sounds to the correct foods.  Everyone enjoyed overwriting the letters and food names  and decorated their food afterwards.  We are currently making an eating the alphabet wall as a class as we go which looks fab! All children have engaged in our phonics songs and hard work tasks during literacy topic time.  Well done Sunflowers!


Eco/ Sustainable Development Global Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Successful Learners 

The Sunflower’s all took part in our Global Goal activity as we focused on the difference between and empty and full plate.  All children were able to add foods of their choice to their plate and watch it go from empty to full.  We then looked at the difference! Most pupils were able to point to and name the food on their plate too.  Some pupils  were able to show understanding of  a hungry and full tummy using our board visuals.




Confident Individuals 

The Sunflower’s enjoyed lots of fun harvest activities this week.  Each child actively participated by listening to a harvest story and pointing  to the correct images.  Everyone loved making their own scarecrow and enjoyed an autumn story massage.  The children ended the day with messy play using porridge oats and chi seeds of different textures.


National Maths Week 2021!

Successful Learners and Confident Individuals

The Sunflower’s have been extremely busy with lots of math’s  activities this week.  We have focused on building and writing the numbers 1-20 and have made counting sensory bags to help us show the correct number.  Each child has also participated in an outdoor number hunt where collected outdoor item. Everyone engaged in colour and shape matching tasks and interactive board songs too!

MacMillan Coffee Morning – FAOL

Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors 

The Sunflower’s had great fun last week preparing cakes for our MacMillan Coffee Morning.  All pupils were able to mix ingredients to make icing for our muffins.  We also practiced rolling and cutting icing and chose sprinkles to decorate our cakes.  Everyone loved making pancakes and donuts too and used a visual board to  make delicious topping choices.  Eating them afterwards was the best part!

Singing Hands Beach Party!

Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals

The Sunflower class had an amazing day at our summer beach party.  The class enjoyed lots of songs by Singing Hands and  joined in with excellent signing! Afterwards, each child engaged in water play and sand play and danced to beach party music.  In the afternoon, the sun was shining  and the Sunflower’s enjoyed outdoor play in the sunshine.  Each child cooled down with a tasty ice lolly. What a brilliant day – we are almost summer holiday ready!