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Home learning – Dear Zoo and more

Tomorrow would have been our school sports day so keep an eye out for our sports day videos. You can join in with all the staff doing lots of different races with your family. Have lots of fun!



Have a look at this video of Singing Hands signing the story “Dear Zoo”.


Now let’s do some activities related to this.

We made some snakes and some lion masks. Can you make some too? Or can you thing of another animal in story and make a different animal craft.

We used paper plates of circles of paper and added strips of other colours to make the lion mane.

The snakes we got lots of strips of paper and made a paper chain and then added a face. Mrs Adair did some super folding of the paper to make her snake.

Check out this video where we use a special dice and have to act out the different animal moves or sounds. You can join in too. 🙂



We are now into June and lots of people will be taking part in the annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild. We want you to do one wild thing each day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and the planet. They are fun and the ladies will be joining in too. Please watch the video to see first 7 activities.


Save the animals and toys.

Some of the ladies have been using their fine motor skills to save teddies and toys from the bobbles and elastic bands. Mrs Russell showed her using a special loom band board


Ball skills

Can you roll a ball or orange through a some tunnels in your house? Can you kick a ball through tunnels in your house or garden? The ladies have been having a go. Just use anything to create a tunnel paper is an easy option.


Rocket making

Can you make a rocket and see how far it travels? Use a straw, and paper to create your very own. Watch the video to see how to make it and to see how far the rockets the ladies made go.



More home learning and Diggidabble week

Hi everybody,

I hope you liked your little rabbit and enjoyed using the stickers. This week the ladies have been extra busy thinking of fun activities for you to do with your family.

Activity 1 – literacy

Put a picture on a plate the cover it with salt. You can then use your finger or paintbrush to write out some letters, draw a picture of just to reveal the picture underneath. Have fun. You may want to put your plate on a tray to minimise spillages.

Activity 2 – expressive arts

Shadow art – we put cling film over a toilet roll or kitchen roll tube and stuck a sticker or made a design to stick on the end. We then used a torch to shine light through the tube and create a shadow image on the wall of the sticker or design.

Activity 3 – science

Tornado in a jar – We made a tornado in a jar. Watch the video to find out what you need and how to do it.


Activity 4 – numeracy

Colour hunt – all the ladies went hunting around their house for a specific colour. Check out the video to see some of the pictures.


It would also have been Diggidabble week in school this week so here a few activities related to digital learning you can do at home.

Use a phone to take a selfie of yourself or you and your family.

Use your tablet or iPad. What apps do you like to use? Do you have a favourite game to play? Let us know in the comments below.

Make a facetime call or skype call with a family member to stay in touch.



Weekly home learning activities

Hi everyone, Hope you are well.

I hope you enjoyed the activities last week and helped out at home doing some different jobs.  This week we have lots more fun activities for you to try.

Activity 1 – Music

We love exploring different musical instruments in class. Do you have any instruments at home? Explore the different noises they make. Don’t worry if you don’t the ladies and I have been very busy making our own instruments. Watch the video to find what materials around the house we used to make our own musical instrument.




Activity 2 – Numeracy

Numbers are everywhere in our environment in our house and outside. Create you own number scanner by cutting a whole in a bit of paper or card. You can then explore your house or the outdoors on your daily walk having a number hunt. How many different numbers can you see?


Activity 3 – Art

This week I made my own chalk paint to create pictures on my patio. The great thing is you can wash it away with water and create more or wait for the rain to wash it away. Just add a small amount of water to some tablespoons of cornflour then add some food colouring and mix. Then use a paintbrush to draw your pictures outside. The possibilities are endless.


Activity 4 – Health and wellbeing

The ladies and I had lots of fun creating a bowling game in our garden. Watch the video. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUETPPnWYqo&feature=youtu.be

You can create your own it can be indoors or outdoors. You can make it with anything bottles, cans etc and then use a ball or an orange to see how many you can knock down. Play as a family and see who can knock the most down.


Activity 5 – Health and wellbeing

This week we decided to work on spreading skills. You can make a meal all your family will enjoy – a pizza 🙂 Mrs Russell had fun making pizzas with wrap for her lunch. Mrs Adair didn’t quite have the ingredients so she improved and made a dessert option. She spread chocolate spread on a pancake and the used other ingredients to create a face – she is very creative.

home learning activities

Hi everyone, hope you are well.

Activity 1 Literacy – Please watch video  The Three Little Pigs.


Did you enjoy it?

Now watch the ladies creating their own houses and investigating whether the Big Bad wolf could blow them down.


Now you have a go – build a house with materials you have in your house and see if your “big bad wolf” can huff and puff and blow it down.

Activity 2 Health and Wellbeing – visit these YouTube links to dance and do some movement activities at home with your family.

Shake you sillies out – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwT5oX_mqS0

Baby Shark – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqZsoesa55w

Action song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUXk8Nc5qQ8


Activity 3 Life Skills – We try to be as independent as we can in the Sunflowers class but also helpful effective contributors. The ladies have been videoing tasks to complete around the house see if you can help do them in your house.



Activity 4 Expressive Arts – Do you have sticks in your garden, don’t worry if you don’t you can collect some on your daily walk. Now have a look in your house for materials you can use to make your stick into The Stickman. I used wool and wrapped it round mine and stuck on some googly eyes but you can use anything.


Activity 5 Literacy -In the Sunflowers class we love the “I-spy” sheets from  twinkl. Here are some links to them. You can also have a go and make some “I-spy” bottles. I filled mine with pasta and added some sealife stickers. I then shook the bottle around to see what animals I could see.  Mrs Adair added rice to hers and hide numbers inside to be found.




Here is a few things you could try this week. We hope you have fun. If you try any let us know in the comments below. 🙂

You could have lots of fun making bugs with playdough. Have lots of fine creating different bugs you could count how many legs each of your bugs have.

Here is a link to a ladybird number bond playdough mat. Give the lady bird spots using playdough.


Here is a link to some minibeast playdough mats where you make legs, wings etc for the minibeasts.


Mrs Adair was very creative with her playdough look at the bugs she created. Can you name the colours in the caterpillar? How many spots does the ladybird have?

Here a video of Miss Hill making playdough bugs.


Some of the ladies myself included had lots of fun creating some soap snakes. It is very easy to do. All you need is a bottle, a sock and a dish of fairy liquid and water and maybe an elastic band to secure the sock. Have a look at the video of Miss Hill making her soap snake. Mrs Russell had lots of fun too and even enlisted the help of her daughter.

Here is a link to Miss Hill shows you how to make one.


We have also been collecting sticks when out and about on our daily walk to create some frames. I collected some from the Dean Park and here’s the video giving examples.


Mrs Adair made a fabulous frame from sticks.

Mrs Miller made a wonderful frame using the foliage from her garden.


We like cookery in the Sunflowers class and have been developing our spreading skills. You could continue this by making a sandwich for your lunch. Help to spread the butter on the bread and then add a filling of your choice. Some of us like ham, some like cheese and some even like both. Place the second piece of bread on top them use the knife to cut into halves or quarters.

Theme activities

Good morning Sunflowers,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. This week the Sunflowers team thought we post some activities related to our new theme “A Bug’s Life”.

Here a some activities you could do this week.

The Sunflowers love cookery so you could make some lovely ladybird biscuits to share with your family. Colour some icing red and cover a digestive biscuit then get some black icing for the spots. Mrs Adair and myself even used some edible eyes.

You could also use your fine motor skills to create some caterpillar like bird feeders. Mrs Russell, Miss Burns and myself  found some loop cereal in our cupboard and then threaded them through some string and hung them in our garden for the bird. Before we tied them together they looked like caterpillars. Mrs Miller had some help making her bird feeder from her little girl.


We also looked at shapes. Mrs Russell created a shape picture for you to look at and find shapes and I made shapes with different objects in my garden. Can you spot some of the teddies for some of the songs we sing in class?



Remember to have fun. These are optional activities but if you do complete some please add a comment so we know what you have been up to.


Fun in the sun

Hello everyone.

The Sunflower ladies and I are missing you very much and hope you are all well. We have been thinking and are going to post some activities on here for you to try with your family. You don’t need to try every one but if you do could you sent us a photo we would love to see your little faces again.

This week we thought we could all make something with different materials. We all made the beginning letter of our second names. You could do the first letter of your name, your whole name, a face or any design you want. Have fun you can do this indoors or outdoors. You can use any materials you want. I used sticks and flowers from my garden. Most of all have fun and involve all the family. 🙂

Lots of socks #WDSD – successful learners

Today has been a very different day for some of the children in the Sunflowers class. However we have made the most of the situation. Today is World Down’s Syndrome Day we used some of the spare socks and took a picture of all of us wearing odd socks. We used crayons and stickers to successfully create our own pair of odd socks. We also have a new toy in the Sunflowers class. It is a huge hit. It is a bug that moves faster the noisier we are.  We had lots of fun shouting at the creature to make it move.

Confident individuals at Sport Relief

Today we came to school dressed in red or in our pyjamas for Sport relief and brought in a kind donation. All the infant classes gathered in the atrium – we had music and did lots of activities. We made a tower with red lego, pin the nose on the celebrity, red egg and spoon race and an obstacle course. It was great fun and all the Sunflowers participated in all the activities and were super confident individuals at moving around when Miss Hill shouted it was time to change. 🙂

Successful learners during Science week

This week has been full of lots of different science activities and experiments. On Tuesday we had a day of science. The people from the dark sky observatory came with an inflatable planetarium. We all went inside to view the stars and the planets. We experience some science activities with students from Grange. We got to explore robots and made our own circuits with the ladies from Dumfries House. We also enjoyed exploring the stomp rockets.

We also conducted some science experiments in the classroom. We all really enjoy water play to we investigated floating and sinking. The children were confident individuals in placing the items in the water and then had some capacity fun filling and emptying different containers.