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Successful learners during Science week

This week has been full of lots of different science activities and experiments. On Tuesday we had a day of science. The people from the dark sky observatory came with an inflatable planetarium. We all went inside to view the stars and the planets. We experience some science activities with students from Grange. We got to explore robots and made our own circuits with the ladies from Dumfries House. We also enjoyed exploring the stomp rockets.

We also conducted some science experiments in the classroom. We all really enjoy water play to we investigated floating and sinking. The children were confident individuals in placing the items in the water and then had some capacity fun filling and emptying different containers.

Confident individuals in the community

This week we enjoyed out social outing. We all climbed on the school bus, made sure we were safe by putting on our seatbelts and set off to see the animals at Pets at Home. We have been reading and doing activities related to our LGBT book “The Family Book” which explains how al families are different. It shows different animals and different pets. So we thought we would go and see all the different pets you can buy at the pet shop. Everyone really enjoyed this. We explored the shopping looking at the furry animals first which were cute. We even got to see two dogs having a haircut. Everyone then really loved watching the fish.

After exploring the pet shop we went to Burger King to have fun in the soft play and have our snack. Everyone enjoyed a little bit of something and then it was back on the bus and back to school.      

Successful learning during Makaton literacy group

The Makaton literacy group this week were experiencing vegetable signs and symbols. We looked at the symbols and tried to copy the signs. We then had fun printing and painting with the vegetables. They were all confident individuals rolling and moulding the playdough do make different vegetables and add details to the different pies.

Pancake Day

Today is Pancake Day we had pancakes for snack and really enjoyed playing in the afternoon with our pancake tuff tray. We mixed all the ingredients in the bowl, matched labels with the images of the items needed and flipped pictures of pancakes. All the children had great fun. They were all confident individuals with their flipping skills and everyone used lots of words when touching the ingredients.

Yesterday we made some lovely Valentine’s treats to take home to our parents. We melted white chocolate and then added sweets and then put it in the fridge to harden. Later in the afternoon we broke it into lots and lots of pieces.

We also made cards. On the card was a piece of pizza – saying you stole a pizza my heart! We chose a friend in the school to send it to and then posted them in the post box in the atrium.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Friendship assembly

It was out class assembly this week. We sat at the front of the assembly hall facing all our friends.  Our assembly was about Friendship. We shared what we like to do with our friends in the Sunflowers class. We made our own friendship recipe and someone from every class helped. We were confident individuals and chose a friend to give a lovely friendship card we had made to.

Well Done Sunflowers!