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Highlights of our Week

This week in the Oak class we have been responsible citizens, we have been working hard during out SQA personal hygiene lessons.  We have been identifying the body parts that need to be cleaned daily.

More responsible citizens, delivering the save energy posters they created after we delivered our climate change assembly.

We enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day, making beautiful poppies to stop and think about the soldiers who fought for us.  We enjoyed a walk to the Remembrance Garden to pay our respects.

Earth Day Part 2

This morning we came into class and found our beautiful Earth sun-catchers reflecting the colour onto the carpet.

Our bird feeders were ready to hang up in the garden this morning. The birds will have some lovely treats this weekend.  If there is any food left next week we will do some bird watching in the garden.

We will be responsible citizens and make more food for the birds when they finish  their food.

Earth Day in Oak

Today we celebrated Earth Day by having the lights off all day and using minimum electricity.

We enjoyed an afternoon in the garden, we made an Earth Sun-catcher and took it in turns to find the sun and make the colours reflect onto the ground.

We have been responsible citizens and helping the birds find some food.  We made bird feeders so the birds can have a lovely breakfast and dinner.

We also planted some sunflower seeds, fingers crossed we are successful this year and we manage to grow some beautiful sunflowers.


We missed Earth Day on Monday due to a holiday so today we did some activities today. We were responsible citizens thinking about the earth. The lights were off all day and we made lovely Earth sensory pictures using shaving foam and food colouring. We mixed up the food colouring with the shaving foam and placed paper on top to create a picture. We really liked the texture of the shaving foam.


We went to the sensory room and didn’t turn any of the lights on. We had glow sticks and torches and read a story in the dark using the light from those. We then enjoyed just sitting and rolling around in the room in the dark. For the last 2 minutes we turned on the bubble tube to make it more colourful and relaxing.

French food!!!

Yesterday for cookery we made some French food. We were responsible citizens are all made sure we washed our hands before making our food in the cookery room.  Our theme is France and we created our own Eiffel Tower creations using fruit. We used blueberries, banana and raspberries. The boys added their own fruit to their own tower. They all looked amazing.

We also made our own croissants and pain au chocolat. The boys enjoyed rolling the pasty to create them. We placed them in the oven to cook and the enjoyed them with butter and jam for our snack with the fruit from our Eiffel Tower creations.

Fairtrade Fortnight

We have been learning about Fairtrade this week. We had a Fairtrade assembly by the Snowdrops. We were confident individuals in making our own special Fairtrade delight for the Fairtrade Bake Off yesterday. We made cake pops with ‘rice krispies’ and made them look like sunflowers. The boys were fabulous at this. They waited their turn and listened to instructions. We even made extra so the we all could take one home.

AND WE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our whole school Fairtrade day. We went to the hall and played fairtrade corners and pass the banana.  We were also very lucky and had a fairtrade hunt. We had a huge surprise at the end when we met a monkey in our school sensory room. He danced with us. We had great fun.

A visit to library


On Monday we went a walk to the library to choose a book to take back to school. We were responsible citizens and looked after the books in the library. The lovely ladies brought out Lego and colouring for us to do too.  We sat with the staff and read books together and then gave the ladies the books we chose.  We were confident individuals and were able to give eye contact with the ladies and given them our books to check out.