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Welcome Back Pine Class – we have missed you!

We were all so HAPPY to be back together in the Pine Room – Hooray!!!

Have you met Mrs McLaughlin, she is a new Pine Lady!

Our Interdisciplinary Theme is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we are working on character identification – this is Sleepy!

And this is Happy!

Lets get moving and get our exercises done.

In Science we are planting and watching things grow – order your Lettuce and Spinach from the Pine Class – ready about June!!

Remember the water!!!

“I can use my Flapper to pat down the soil”

Ready for Assembly.

It was great to see all our School Friends and we loved this new song

Cover me in Sunshine

“Hello…Mr Campbell”

Time for some MOVE – hand exercises and stretching out.

MOVE and Numeracy  – making choices!

This successful learner is helping others with their counting skills.

Responsible Citizen – getting the lettuce watered.


An unimpressed winner!

Sensory Fun.

Getting ready to work on our Motor Skills.

“Hello! Welcome to the Pine Class, today I will be talking to some of the Students about their experiences so far this week”

” We had Fantastic Chocolate Cake today for snack – will that happen everyday?”

“I am having a great week and have loved seeing all my friends.”

“This coming to school is great!! BUT not as great as KILLIE!!!”

“No Comment!”

Shields sing us another song!!

Another Sunny Song to practice your signing.

Here comes the Sun

Dancing ourselves Dizzy – MOVE Fun!

Some Storytelling  after snack –  think there was a goal scored??

Global Goal 17

World Earth day is observed every year on the 22nd of April to help create awareness about pollution and to celebrate the environment of our blue planet.  Today we made lovely sun-catchers, kept the lights turned out (as much as possible) and made a parachute den, that we had a sing song in!!    Click the link below to watch and listen to a lovely wee story.

Last Tree in the City

“Happy Earth Day”

Again, using my multi purpose flapper for this task!


Look up !!

The view from the floor – Amazing!

Fun with Torches.

Pine Class Friends.

Friday Morning DISCO!!! What a confident individual.

Baby Shark Rap!!!

First week of all being together has been great, we are all very tired and ready for the weekend.

See you all Monday


Earth Day

Effective Contributors       Confident Individuals

The Moonbeams learned about Earth Day this week. We listened to a song about what we can do to look after the Earth better and then we did some tasks to help. We recycled, and decided to switch the lights off as much as possible and then we made some food for the birds. Take a look at our photos. They are a bit dull since the the lights were off!

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. We are Effective Contributors and already in the Bluebells class recycle and use reusable cups at snack time. We used up scrap tissue paper that we ripped up to make some earth sun catchers for our windows. We were Confident individuals and  were able to place the green and blue tissue paper inside the circle to make land and water on our earth.  We also did some painting. We used blue and green to make it look like a world and drew around our hands and used scissors to cut them out. Once dry we stuck a heart in the middle and our hands to the side as if we were holding the earth.

We also sat in the dark and read a story with torches. It was great fun. It was a sensory story and they enjoyed feeling the different items in the pages.

Earth Day Part 2

This morning we came into class and found our beautiful Earth sun-catchers reflecting the colour onto the carpet.

Our bird feeders were ready to hang up in the garden this morning. The birds will have some lovely treats this weekend.  If there is any food left next week we will do some bird watching in the garden.

We will be responsible citizens and make more food for the birds when they finish  their food.

Earth Day Fun!


The Planets class enjoyed celebrating Earth Day yesterday. We listened to some Earth Day songs and read a story relating to Earth Day. We spoke about some things we could do to help the Earth be a better place – like recycling, switching lights and taps off when we do not need them and trying not to over use plastic.

We designed our very own Earth Day tshirts and tried hard to complete some recycling jobs.

We also completed a special Earth themed craft. We used shaving foam and food colouring to create marble effect Earths. We loved doing this and think they look very effective. Finally, we chose 3 Earth Day promises that we are going to try hard to commit to in the future.

Earth Day in Oak

Today we celebrated Earth Day by having the lights off all day and using minimum electricity.

We enjoyed an afternoon in the garden, we made an Earth Sun-catcher and took it in turns to find the sun and make the colours reflect onto the ground.

We have been responsible citizens and helping the birds find some food.  We made bird feeders so the birds can have a lovely breakfast and dinner.

We also planted some sunflower seeds, fingers crossed we are successful this year and we manage to grow some beautiful sunflowers.

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! 🌍

I thought to celebrate you could maybe join in with some of these activities with your family.

1. Nature Photography! 📸
Grab your tablet or borrow a parent’s phone and head outdoors for some picture taking. This could be done in your garden or on your daily walk.

2. Cloud Watching! ⛅
Lay on blankets on the grass and look up at the sky. Can you see the clouds moving? Can you see any shapes? Do any of them look like faces or cloud animals?

  • 3. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt! 🌸
    In your garden or on your daily walk, can you find some of the items stated below:
  • Rock
  • Stick
  • Leaf
  • Grass
  • Litter
  • Flower
  • Spider web
  • Dirt
  • Insect
  • Feather
  • Bark

How many did you find?

Just a little reminder that these activities are optional, but if you have joined in, feel free to post a comment and tell me how you got on.

Earth Day

The Stars class recycled batteries at Tesco’s and were ‘energy detectives’ where we checked that empty classes had remembered to turn off their lights, taps and computers. We built a dark den and read a book by torchlight. Snack time was held in the dark too. This showed us the importance of conserving energy and how difficult it would be without electricity.



We missed Earth Day on Monday due to a holiday so today we did some activities today. We were responsible citizens thinking about the earth. The lights were off all day and we made lovely Earth sensory pictures using shaving foam and food colouring. We mixed up the food colouring with the shaving foam and placed paper on top to create a picture. We really liked the texture of the shaving foam.


We went to the sensory room and didn’t turn any of the lights on. We had glow sticks and torches and read a story in the dark using the light from those. We then enjoyed just sitting and rolling around in the room in the dark. For the last 2 minutes we turned on the bubble tube to make it more colourful and relaxing.