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IDL – How Toys Move

Successful Learners     Confident Individuals

During our Toy theme, the Snowdrops have enjoyed exploring how toys move. Everyone focussed their attention as we watched as toys that were still began to move. The Snowdrops were confident that they could make toys move, too.  Everyone participated actively in trying things out! We had great fun rolling marbles in paint to make patterns, rolling balls to knock cups down, pushing bricks together and pulling them apart, pushing cars forward and back, pulling toys  with  strings and pushing and pulling various buttons and levers. Lots of moving toys! Some Snowdrops even had a go at making a skateboard move! Well done, Snowdrops!

The Good Dinosaur Crafts


Over the last few weeks, the Daisies Class have loved completing “The Good Dinosaur” crafts. We enjoyed making an Arlo themed wall in the corridor to show off our best art work.

We also changed our names into dinosaur names and they are displayed on our class door.

Finally, we created Tyrannosaurus Rex crafts using our footprints. We loved doing this!