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Pine is in the Pink!


We are all being Responsible Citizens and learning about Bees as part of our Science project – bees are so important for the environment. This week planted some pansies to put outside our classroom to see if the few bees that are still about were attracted to them!

Continuing our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) and our Rainbow Theme, we have moved onto the colour Pink and started a new story called ‘The Flamingo that didn’t want to be pink’. It is a lovely story, and you guessed it, the baby flamingo did not want to be pink!! We all picked the animal in the story that we liked best, a zebra, a parrot or even a chameleon.  And then we played a number game of finding the numbers on the bottom of flamingos.

We have been Successful Learners and done lots of different Colour Sorting and matching activities.

Checking out the new fan from our Weather Box, it creates better wind than the last one.

Here is the winner of Wednesday’s Domino’s – a very excited boy!!!

This has been a busy and very quick week – we hope you all enjoy your long weekend and are looking forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday.




Drawing Challenge!

In class, the Bluebells have enjoyed doing step by step drawing challenges. We have created fruit baskets, houses, penguins and gingerbread men.

We thought since it is Digidabble week and we are focusing on using technologies that we could attempt a drawing session at home using YouTube.

The ladies in the Bluebells class tried it out this morning and these are our attempts below.

Can you guess who we drew?

Yes Mowgli from The Jungle Book!

Can you try it at home?

This video shows how to draw Mowgli (we paused and played throughout as it is fast!). The artist uses paints but we used felt tip pens.

All of the pupils love these sessions in class and find them very relaxing and calming. Some pupils like to watch an adult draw a line and they make a similar attempt on their own paper (so adults and/or siblings get involved). Whereas other pupils prefer the security of a light hand over hand approach.

Give it a try and we would love to see your attempts on the blog. Have fun! 😀

Bubble Snake Blower!

As part of our Jungle Book theme, this week I thought you could have fun with a home science experiment where you recreate Kaa from the film 🐍

All you need is a plastic bottle, a sock, water and fairy liquid, which I’m sure you all have in the house.

1. Cut the bottom off of your plastic bottle with some scissors ✂

2. Pull a sock over the bottom of the bottle and secure it with an elastic band or bobble 🧦

3. Mix water and fairy liquid to create a bubble mixture 💧

4. Dip your sock covered bottle into the bubble mixture.

5. Blow through the top of the bottle.

Have lots of fun making bubble snakes! How long a snake can you make? If you wish, make a few bubble snake blowers and have a race with your family.

Just a reminder that these activities are just ideas but if you wish to take part and send a photograph or a comment along then I’d love to see it.

PS. I will be back in touch with families this week for a quick phone call so I look forward to having a catch up with you all 🙂

Let’s Get Busy Oak Team

Well Oak team, here is another week of activities for you all to try out at home.  You are under no obligation to complete, however if you do please leave a comment as we would love to know how you are and if you are enjoying your activities.

I haven’t had any song requests yet, for a new dance.  You must have a favourite song you would like to dance to!

Let’s get started with your activities for the week.


Shadow Drawing

What do I need? – Chalk, sun and a partner

There has to be more sunshine this week, so get out into the garden.  If you have chalk, choose someone in your family to stand and create their shadow.  With help draw around their shadow and reveal their outline!  If you do not have chalk get some paper, pencil and a toy and draw round the shadow of your chosen toy. Who does this shadow look like?

Lockdown Rainbow

What do I need? – Paint, sticks, paper, paint brushes, (frame is optional)

Again on your daily walk or in your garden can you find more sticks. You could make a stick rainbow picture and put it in a frame as ‘Lockdown’ 2020 keepsake.  I will post a finished picture of ours once it is complete but here it is so far;



Disappearing Words

What do I need? – Chalk, garden hose / squirty bottle and water

Get an adult to write some sight or tricky words on the ground.  The adult will shout out a word and you have to identify the correct word and then use your hose or water bottle to make the words disappear. The words can be names of people in your family, people in school, everyday words that you use or hear (bed, toilet, drink, food, etc)


Family Bingo 

What do I need? – paper, pens, YouTube and your family

If you do not have bingo cards at home, get an adult to put 12 numbers on a piece of paper, (numbers range from 1-90). Get everyone in your family to play, everyone needs a card, then use YouTube bingo caller for the numbers.

Choose a prize before you start the game and see who wins!


Breakfast Meal– What do you like to eat for breakfast? Cereal? Toast? Eggs?

Every morning this week try and get your own breakfast, on Monday you need help from an adult but maybe by Friday you can do most of it by yourself.

Think about what you need, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, bread or milk.

Here are some faces you will recognise, this is what they like for breakfast;


Life Skills: 

Each week you will have a different focus, this week we would like you to  concentrate on making your bed. 

IDL – Can you look around your house or garden and find things that could make a den / tent.  If you have a tent, put it up in the garden this week and have fun in it.

Music – I hope you are all still singing and signing, each week we will have a different singing hands song to focus on.  Find their videos on Youtube and get the family all taking part. From the singing bag a new song will be revealed each week. This week we are going to be singing, Million Dreams! Have fun!

Class pet update – Butterflies

All five not so little caterpillars are  doing well, they have almost ate all their food now! They are getting so big, I think it may be time for the next stage of their life cycle! They look as though they are about to get comfy, stop eating and hang on the lid to spin themselves into chrysalis. Once they are in this comfy cocoon this is where they transform into beautiful butterflies.  I wonder what colour they will be? Have you made you butterfly pictures and guessed their colour yet? I wonder if anyone will get it right!


The Great Outdoors – Jungle Book Theme!

The Bluebells class had begun their new theme before school stopped. We had watched clips from the Jungle Book and got to know some of the main characters.

Remind yourself of our favourite song from the film by clicking the link below…

Activity 1 🐛🐞🕷
Can you go on a bug hunt around the garden or your local area like Baloo and Mowgli did? What did you find?

Activity 2 🍌🥥🍉
This week, have a fruit tasting session. This could be one piece of fruit or a full on fruit kebab like Baloo enjoyed. Was the fruit tasty or yucky?

Activity 3 🐻
Finally can you pretend to be Baloo the bear and have a back scratch. Try and get all of your family to join in too.

Have fun and if you wish, send us some photographs or post a comment on how you are getting on!

Class Pet

Mrs Murray is taking care of the Oak class pet, we are growing butterflies. It takes a long time for the caterpillars to turn into butterflies, so each week we will have an update on how they are growing and developing.  If all caterpillars are strong and cared for well we should have five beautiful butterflies to release into the world once they are strong enough.

They arrived last week and this is what they looked like at Day 1;

They came with a house, once they turn into butterflies they will be put in their house and given some sugar to feed on until they are ready to be released. Here is their house;

Already the caterpillars are growing, they are getting longer and are starting to move a lot more.  The tub that they are living in just now is filled with silk webs that the caterpillars produce.  Mrs Murray was keeping an eye on them and making sure they were all moving and doing ok.  Whilst watching them one of the caterpillars did the toilet! These are the black dots you may be able to see in the tub.

This is our caterpillars on Day 5


Activity 1

Have a think about what colour our butterflies may be.  Try and draw a butterfly and colour it in with your predications. Or get an adult to draw one for you and you can colour it in.

Activity 2

Research on google about the different types of butterflies you can find and ask an adult to read to you  the life cycle of a caterpillar growing into a butterfly.

Activity 3

You can create a timeline using words and pictures for the life cycle of our butterflies.  Each week check the blog for the update on our class pet and see if they are matching your timeline.


Sunshine and Clouds

To finish this week, get out the back door and enjoy this sunshine! The rain is supposed to be coming next week! So get outdoors, grab some cushions and make a comfy outdoor bed.  Get your sunglasses on, lie down on your cushions and look at the sky!

1- What can you see in the sky?

2- What can you hear in the sky?

3- Is anything moving in the sky?

4- What shapes are the clouds making?

5- Relax, take big deep breaths and enjoy the sun on your face.


Oak Team

Hi everyone in the Oak class, we are all missing our fantastic class group! We hope you are all doing well and staying safe.  We have our thumbs up as we are all doing well at home.

Each week we will be adding some activities to the class blog for you to take part in. These are optional but we hope you have some fun taking part in them.

Remember if you are missing your morning exercise routines, then have a look at the videos on our Willowbank YouTube channel.  Mrs Murray is currently making up more and these will be added soon. There is a different dance for every day plus some extras to be added.




This term our whole school topic is ‘The Great Outdoors’, our work was based around the story, ‘A Camping Spree with Mr Magee’. Your first activity is to remind yourself about the story and listen to it again on YouTube.

Please leave some comments about the activities we will be setting for you as we would love to hear from you all.