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IDL – Literacy

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and the three bears.

We looked at the different sized bowls, beds and chairs and matched them to the correct bear. It was lots of fun and then we made beds for each of the bears in the story. One was a BIG bed for Daddy bear, one was a small bed for baby and and one was medium sized bed for Mummy bear. Some of the children were able to tell me which chair, bowl and bed Goldilocks preferred.

IDL Art in the Pine Room🍎

Fine Motor Skills this morning, colour sorting and threading buttons…..

…..and wearable!!

IDL Art making Apples for Snow White.

See Art is fun!

So what’s the news??

….something funny!!!

Great sitting skills.

Great signing while enjoying Morning Group.

Come Boyle lets get ‘MOVEing’ and dance the Tarantella!!!

IDL Numeracy, identifying shapes and making some dwarfs…..

….dogs and houses – well done!!!

Aren’t our apples cool!!!

Sensory Cookery, working with pastry, sugar, cinnamon and apples.

Kneading and gripping.


Musical fun!!!

Sports Day Ready!!!

IDL Pop Art – using the Dabbers and Scented Pens.

Fantastic Sitting.

Looking at the Weather in Social Studies and Science – making a rain storm!!


Are you sure you read the instructions right Wilson???

Not as dramatic as we expected – oh well!

Sensory Play – good use of the Shaving Foam!

Art, spoons and messy play – what could be better!!!

Getting our MOVE on!!! Marching to the Grand Ole Duke of York!!

Sensory Play using cereals and plastic fruits…

…and using our fine motor skills to make feeders for  the birds!!!

Have a FAB weekend everyone!!!!

Hope the sun shines!!


Hi Ho Hi Ho Its off to work we go in the Pine Room.

Learning with Sensory Cards, here we identified the object, touched the sensory part, made the Makaton sign and the noise …successful learning indeed!!

MOVE in my Pacer – changing the Board to what I want to watch!!

Identifying Shapes.

Literacy – using the Color Monster characters to help describe the characters in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Lets have a wee chat girls!!!

Sensory Play – digging for jewels just like the dwarfs (although they did it in dirt!!)

Outside in the sunshine – a rare sight!!!

Let me help you with your jacket…

Numeracy, we used the story ‘Spinderella‘ this week, lots of counting and clapping!! We also had spiders frozen in ice – not real spiders!!!! We worked on our tolerance of having the cold ice touch our skin, counted the spiders, and  identified the different colours.

Which colour is your favourite?

This is the Hairy Godmother.

MOVE  – In our Standing Frames watching some counting songs.

Now a note from your ECO-CAPTAIN – reduce, reuse and recycle – well I think these responsible citizens have done all that and more!! Using feed bottles to ‘Feed the Birds’. We all worked as a team on a sustainable goal SDG 17 – hope the birds like them.

The birds need water too….

IDL Art for our class display.

Turning Art into Sensory Play Fun.

Ready for home – have you had a good week?

Have a lovely weekend everyone.