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Sorting Treasure Items!


The Planets class enjoyed looking closely at treasure items. We sorted them into colours and shapes using tweezers. We also enjoyed looking closely at some of them using magnifying glasses.

We learned some of their names including rubies, emeralds and sapphires and played a “can you find….?” game.

Finally, we researched our birthstones.

Musical Magic Carpets


The Planets class loved playing a movement game today. We used the rules of musical chairs and created an Aladdin theme game of ‘Musical Magic Carpets’ which we all really enjoyed.

Everyone loved joining in and finding a magic carpet to sit on when the music stopped.

Finally, we enjoyed some Bollywood style dancing to end our move and groove session.

Exploring Arabian Cultures


The Planets class enjoyed looking closely at Princess Jasmine’s clothing and make up. We looked at materials that would be used for her outfits and attempted to make our own jewelled designs on our faces using sticky gems.

Finally, we looked closely at mehndi patterns on hands, followed the pencil control patterns and created our own. We also enjoyed a calming hand massage.

IDL – No Judging

Our IDL theme work this term is based on Beauty and the Beast, accepting everyone and not judging someone by the way they look.

We looked at the main characters and discussed how they looked at different sections of the story.

Our theme is do not judge someone but take the time to get to know them first. Be confident individuals and celebrate what makes us a good friend.

We discussed what qualities are in a good friend, then thought about what is our own best quality is.  We shared this with the class and then told everyone who our best friend is.  We then took part in some activities that our friends like to do.

We planted our very on rose seeds and made some flowers from a variety of shapes.

Everyone chose their favourite character and everyone wanted to be the Beast.

Creative Artwork in the Pine Room

“Are you Dancing?” – “Are you asking?”

“Come on Logan step in time!”

Working on our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) we are making some Forest Art work, using paint and bouncy balls – CLEVER!

Rolling side to side!!

WOW!!! What a Successful Learner!!!

A Confident Individual having fun carrying out his hard work,

Ready – this successful leaner is multi-tasking, doing her Art in her Standing Frame – ART and MOVE.

Working on our gripping skills – holding on to the bags, then dropping them on to the mat.

“What a score!”

“See if you can beat her?”

Rainbow Numeracy at Morning Group

“Paying for Snacks” Great money exchange from this effective contributor.

Money Matching

Great counting and building skills.


“Lets make it higher Logan”

MOVE Rolling from side to side!!

Working on our Numeracy Skills.

A very successful learner working on his MOVE skills – great core muscle strength, fantastic reaching and stretching.

More Multi-purpose Flapper Skills  – Fencing – go Boyle!!!

Science – We are Planting our Morrison’s Seeds of Hope.

MOVE great Sitting.

Now for some well earned Sensory Play.

Working on my fine motor skills and trying to pick out the bouncy balls with the tongs – HEY!! not as easy as it looks!!!

Auditioning for Santa in the Christmas Show!

So much fun – but we are also stretching out our hands and fingers.

Mmmmm….  is there something in your hair?

Secondary Assembly

Enjoying to listening to Singing Hands and then using the AAC Devices to tell everyone ‘I am Happy’

IDL work – recognising the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Benefits of Sensory Play, developing fine motor skills, gripping and stretching skills, and building up tactile tolerance.

Welcome to the Pine Class Snack Café, we are working on our numeracy and money exchange skills.

Even offering a Speedy Shopper delivery service.

Global Goals 16 – we are looking at the roles of the Police in our Community.

There has been a robbery in the Pine Room, someone has broken in and stolen the Jaffa Cakes!!! Dial 999 and ask for the Police!

Lets look for clues, a fingerprint – who’s is it??? We need to take everyone’s fingerprints.

So WHODUNIT? “Sorry young lady you have been nicked”

OH NO!!! someone has eaten all the evidence!!! Case dismissed!!!

Creating cause and effect making the unicorn laugh – MOVE – looking good in your new Standing Frame!

Finishing our IDL Art

Message for the ECO-CAPTAIN use everyday objects clipped on clothes pegs to create mini pain brushes – very creative.

WOW!! What amazing work

Get ready for FRIDAY DISCO!!! Music and MOVEment!!

Hard work time – Colour Sorting and Fine Motor Skills.

MOVE – Great sitting – Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!


Making a bear sandwich.

We looked at the ingredients we needed to make a bear sandwich. We needed bread, chocolate spread, banana and blueberries. We each got a slice of bread and used a knife to spread the chocolate spread on the bread. We then sliced the banana to create a nose and ears for the bear.  We then chose blueberries to add to make two eyes and the tip of his nose. The boys loved creating this and were able to spread with physical support from staff. They enjoyed seeing their final creation and some tried it at snack time.