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FAOL – Whole School Projects – Harvest

*Responsible Citizens       *Effective Contributors

We have enjoyed many Harvest activities this week. We collected groceries for the Food Bank, enjoyed a Harvest Assembly with Rev. Cameron, ground wheat to show how flour is made and baked bread. At art we created scarecrows, harvest wreaths and printed apple patterns. We played the glockenspiel, following patterns, to play autumn songs. We also make tasty apple punch.

National Maths week in the Pine Class

This is National Maths Week we have been doing even more counting than usual in the Pine Room.

We were successful learners and make some cool Willowbank buses, we counted the silver squares, added two wheels and a Willowbank badge and decided which of our friends we wanted to join us in the bus.

Amazing Work!!!

We starting working on our SQA Baking Unit – making choices of what we liked!

Continuing with our Literacy and Art Sessions and the Letter B – these confident individuals worked on some Brown Bear Pictures.

We have been working on our Food Theme – Don’t Waste your Food – and got some work done for our Display Board, bananas, bread, apples and lettuce, we used lots of different art techniques.

Reading Spinderella for Numeracy ….lots of counting and clapping not always in time!!!

Counting the GOALS for these two football mad boys!!!

A class number hunt.

But don’t forget the MOVE!!!

We love to count the blocks …and knock them down!!!

These Responsible Citizens were learning all about where to put your recycling, lead by or Vice-Eco Captain.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


MacMillan Coffee Morning – say Hello to Percy Pig!!!

In the Pine Room we have been working really hard on our Literacy Skills, successful learners matching the letters of our names.

Sensory Play exploring different textures, exercising our hands – good job!!

‘A is for Astronaut’ we have been combining Art and Literacy how cool are our moon pictures?

Autumn Art pictures.

We have a large cut out of Percy Pig’s body – we thought it was funny!

We made Pig Masks too!


Our theme is based round the book ‘Don’t waste your Food’ we bagged up different foods to see what they looked like after a couple of week….nasty!!!

That was spinach!!!


Looks and smells and really bad!!!!!

Colour matching foods

Well done!!!

We have been working on the letter B, sounding the letter, looking for objects that start with that letter and creating some spooky Art!!!

The first cupcake is from the Pine Class, the rest are from other classes – aren’t there great!!!!!

Look at these great CRAZY Hairdos!!!

We had a lovely MacMillan Coffee Treat this morning – great interaction!!

Teapot Posers!!!!

What is in there???

Afternoon play and great interaction.

Look at the Ladies Cup Cake Hair!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Pine Class – Successful Learners in Art


This week we were successful learners learning a new paint technique in Art – pulling the paint across the paper using a ruler, very effective BUT we cannot tell you what we are doing with it – it is a Christmas secret!!!



I am a happy happy boy!!!

Ready for some Animal Boogie??

Making masks for next weeks’ MacMillan – responsible citizens.

Great friends in the Pine Room.

Sensory Cookery involves lots of skills numeracy – counting the cases, identifying the different objects and colours, working on our motor skills  and our MOVE  when we exercising our hands.

Oh no – they just jumped out of the tray!!!!

Literacy and Art – working on the letter ‘A’ – all will be revealed next week!!!

This successful learner working on her I-gaze skills!!

Confident individuals working on their matching skills.

Our fantastic 50 Things Art from last week.

More Literacy work – matching the ‘A’ pictures and  we love the Alphabet songs…

…..successful story sequencing.

Sun is out – so lets go bowling – STRIKE!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


FAOL – Sciences – Floating and Sinking

*Successful Learners       *Effective Contributors

We tried to guess which items would float and which items would sink. We weren’t always right! Some items even floated for a wee while then sank! We had great fun. We’ve also enjoyed a treasure hunt, made ‘star’ sandwiches and made tree pictures as we explored seasons.

Welcome to the new Pine Class

It has been great to be back in School!

We thought we would just show you some of the things we had been getting up to since the beginning of term.

Selecting the Golden Rule we are focusing on – Number 2 – Working Together.

MOVE and working on Days of the Week.

Successful Learners in Numeracy

Knock it down!!!!

Right Respecting School – what is Right thing and what is Wrong thing to do?? These responsible citizens knew the answers.

Stretching out in MOVE

Ready for Parachute Fun!!!

Sensory Play – great fun!!!

Making Choices. – planning our MacMillan Event.

Colour Sorting in Numeracy

Confident Individuals in Art

We are Artists – ROAR!!!

We love The Wonky Donkey Story – using a single message device for the ‘Hee-Haw’ sounds.

Sensory Fun with Shaving Foam!

Band Practice!!

UNCRC Article 24 – making a poster with all the appropriate information.

Health and Well-being – Outdoor Learning.

A great afternoon Bowling. – STRIKE!!

Making Choices and place mats.

Numeracy with Spinderella, . story about a spider that wants to learn to count!

Stretching for MOVE

Autumn Art

Using Technology during Morning Group

Exploring Ingredients – Flour Sensory Play

Oh dear!!!!

Where is the hoover?

Literacy and Art

Outside in the Sunshine.

Our new Food Theme is based on the book ‘Don’t waste your Food’

We are looking at food spoilage.

Won’t look like this next week!!!!

50 Things making Art with things we have collected outside.

Smelly the lavender.

Have a great weekend everyone,


Art and HE Activities in the Stars Class

*Effective Contributors         *Responsible Citizens

We have had a happy week in the Stars class. We enjoyed time in the garden where we had a colour hunt and checked how our garden produce was growing. We also made scones which we ate for snack with jam and printed handprints and flowers for our ‘Friendship Garden’ wall display.

Welcome to a new School Year Pine Class

Well – Welcome Pinettes!!

It is lovely to see you all back at school.  Everyone has settled in really well and working very hard.

We have all been actively participating in all the Moring Group Activities, using the different AAC Devices, making choices, studying the weather and seasons, learning the days of the week, and practising our Makaton.

Enjoying the different stories we have been reading during Literacy, there are links below to a few favourites .

Oi Frog!

The Squirrels Who Squabbled

We have been successful learners in  Numeracy, we have practised our numbers skills in a variety of different ways, listening to counting songs, playing BINGO, pinning clothes peg legs on spiders (not real ones!) and counting bricks, building towers…then knocking them down!!!  We also enjoy watching Counting with Rodd.

Counting with Rodd

In Enterprise and Expressive Art we have taken impressions of our hands for our ‘Evidence Tree’, and made some cool Splash Art Monsters!!!

During our Health and Well-Being sessions, we have worked hard on our MOVE programme, enjoyed sensory play and relaxation, and had fun being outside bowling when the sun was shining.

We choose Golden Rule Number 2 – A chance to be involved, and we are planning the MacMillian Coffee Morning Event for the School.

This is only some of what we have been up to …so we have been pretty busy!!!

So have I great weekend everyone.

Take care

The Pine Ladies