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Lets start a Band!!

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some relaxation time in class, some of us got to stretch out on bean bags, watch the sensory lights and listen to some soothing music, others played with the stimulating sensory toys.

One responsible citizen was far to busy to join us – she had a job to do! Sorting out the diaries and the Big Macs.

Tuesday Morning is Numeracy, we were all successful learners carrying out our numeracy tasks. Ordering money, creating cause and effect and making the Smart Board work and listening to the number songs, counting and building the big blocks – and then knocking them down!!!!

Why is this not working?

Got it now!!

…18, 19, 20!!!

Okay good counting! But time to knock it down!!!


For Science in keeping with our Colour Monster Theme, we made ‘Exploding Monsters the colours weren’t so effective BUT they did bubble up!!

Wednesday morning we made some hand prints ….I wonder what they are going to be?

Step two together…

Lets start a Band!!!

We were confident individuals  in the afternoon showing off our musical skills.

A duet!!!

Today we started to make some stress monsters – picking our Balloons

Making a mess… No …filling them with flour!

Balloons are great fun!!

Using a funnel – and puffing the flour back out of the balloon!!!                      Wrong Day for Wilson to wear black!!!

All done!!

We have been looking at the changing seasons and decided to use conkers to create cool Art.

We were successful learners and created some great Art work.

Our Cactus Hand prints.

Sensory Play with Shaving Foam – great hand exercises and messy fun!!

Exercising with my new Gaitors on – building muscle strength.

Stretch and grasp.

I was a confident individual on my bike.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

I do not eat the colour green!

In Numeracy we were all successful learners and worked on our counting skills – lots of counting songs and finding a set of classroom objects for each number.

1 Fly Swat

2 Pretty Flowers

3 Rhythm Sticks

4 Musical Bells

5 Different Feelings

6 Pink Flamingos

7 Classmates

Colour Matching – griping the different objects and posting them through the correct slot.

We enjoyed doing some art work and using bubble wrap to help us create some different effects.

The weather was so nice on Tuesday afternoon we got outside in the sunshine and had great fun having a sing song!!

In keeping with our Rainbow theme this week is all about GREEN, and we have started reading a new story called ‘I do not eat the colour green’.

Music and Move with some confident individuals.

Domino Fun

ICE Pack  – How I feel? We are continuing reading the story ‘The Color Monster’ – we all decided what colour and what materials to use to bring our Monsters to life!!!

We have also been looking at the changing seasons and made some beautiful leaves for our windows.


We had some fun with bread dough, it is great exercise for our hands – stretching and griping and a fun sensory experience too!


Have a great weekend

From the Pine Class


Yellow Stars in the Pine Room

In the Pine Room we have continued with the yellow part of our Rainbow Theme, we made some beautiful stained glass effect stars for the class room windows – lots of glitter was used! We read the story ‘Yellow is my Color Star’ again and make our own colour choices.

For Science we are being successful learners and learning all about Bees, so we finished our bee pictures and watched a little bit of ‘The Bee Movie’.

We are continuing with ‘The Colour Monster’ and looking at our feeling, we all took our turn in picking a colour and painting  our Colour Monster – isn’t he cool!!! And have started making a display board all about the Colour Monster and his feeling jars.




Thank Our Lucky Stars

The Stars class were successful learners this week when doing our Eco work. We learnt about some boys and girls living abroad who had to go to work so were not able to go to school. We are very thankful we are able to go to school living in Scotland. We were responsible citizens when voting for Pupil Council posts. Good luck to all the candidates. We formed initial letters of our names using twigs from the garden and at theme art did leaf printing and created a raccoon and porcupine for our ‘Over the Hedge’ wall display. At science we made a fizzy volcano.

Yellow is my Colour Star

Well over the next couple of weeks we are going to be concentrating some of our time on the colour Yellow.


Well in our story Yellow believed that she was the most important bringing happiness, joy, warmth  and laughter to the world. The sun, moon and stars are all yellow and looking at a Sunflower makes us smile!

Mrs MacDonald made us smile when she made beautiful sunflower pictures in art with the class, we were all confident individuals rolling our marbles in the yellow paint to create a beautiful effect.

Our cress has also grown well – as we remembered to water it everyday!!! Hope you all liked it.

We are starting a short story called ‘Yellow is my Color Star’ and this is helping us make colour choices and in colour sorting activities in Numeracy. You can find this story online and listen to it being read.

We are still working on ‘The Colour Monster’ and this time it is the turn of the Yellow Monster – Happiness!!!

Have a Great Weekend

The Pine Ladies




Amazing Discoveries

The Stars class have been confident individuals and successful learners whilst enjoying outside activities when the weather is good. We have been looking at the garden trees and how they change over the year. We created lovely pictures for the class wall of the four seasons of the tree. We discussed our needs and wants this week and had a great time with the car ramp deciding which slopes and surfaces made our cars go farther……and faster! We enjoyed hearing the story of the ‘Loaves and Fishes’ and were amazed at how five wee loaves and two fishes could feed five thousand people!

Power Off, Learning Outdoors

Good Morning 🙂

This week we would have been taking part in POLO day and completing lots of outdoor learning activities.

Below are some activities you can try at home, in your garden or when going out for a walk.


  1. Walk barefoot on grass. How does it feel?
  2. Have an outdoor picnic with your family.
  3. Blow some bubbles and walk through some bubbles
  4. Make colourful drawings on the ground using chalk
  5. Collect some natural material such as flowers, sticks etc. Press them into some playdough or clay, then remove them, to create a natural picture
  6. Create a stick raft and see how far it can travel. Collect lots of sticks and tie them together with the help of an adult. Place your raft in water and give it a little push. Does it float?

Have fun 🙂