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Successful Learners – SQA Numeracy

There was a Christmas feel to the Transition class SQA numeracy lesson this week. We took time to sort out out baubles by colour which was a task that related to their SQA Numeracy topic. They were all Successful Learners creating lines of each colour and then totaling them. We discovered that the most common colour was Gold with 12 baubles, followed by 11 Red baubles. There were a few baubles that were on their own. Well done everyone!

Responsible Citizens – Recycling and Litter Pick

The Transition class were Responsible Citizens when they continued their good work with weekly recycling and took part in a litter pick. There were two new volunteers this week for the recycling.

Some of the class were on their outing looking at road signs and they took litter pickers and a bag with them. They were very successful at identifying signs and matching it to their photographs. They collected a whole bag of rubbish from the area just near the school. Well done everyone, what a good effort!

Confident Individuals – Christmas Craft Gifts

There was punching and boxing going on in the Transition class this week. It wasn’t a sudden outbreak of violence though, don’t worry! The class were Confident Individuals when they were using a die cutter to punch out box shapes and then fold them into a gift to take home. A lot of personal choice went into the colour and patterns used to make the finished product. No sneak previews though, you’ll have to wait until Christmas!

Successful Learners – ILP work

There was a hive of activity in the Transition class when everyone was working on their ILP targets and showing that they were Successful Learners. We had a group setting the clock to show when programmes start on the BBC. Mr Nicoll thought he could pick awkward times but everyone successfully demonstrated them on their clock faces. We had success with lace tying, fine motor skills and writing motor skills. We even had some great vocalisation from our resident Tenor.  Well done everyone, a superb effort by all.

Effective Contributors – Dance

The Transition class took a break from rehearsing out Xmas show this week and just danced to keep moving and improve fitness. We had use of all the equipment and moved our bodies in many different ways. The whole class listened to Mrs Feeney very well and were Effective Contributors to each dance routine. A favourite was the wings, just a shame we couldn’t really fly!