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Confident Individuals – Power Off Learn Outdoors

Friday was POLO day and the Transition class threw themselves right into it. They were Confident Individuals taking part in a variety of activities. In the morning there was water play which involved throwing water balloons and spraying water onto a target. The target quite quickly became each other and the boys took part in a fun water fight. A water fight was one of their 50 Things to do in the Outdoors outcomes and each boy completed it well! Mr Nicoll was a major target throughout the battle!! The boys were also Responsible Citizens by ensuring that the area was tidy after all the water balloons had been thrown. The afternoon was much more calm when we turned our hand to Croquet and practiced hitting the ball towards the target. It turned out to be harder than we thought to hit the ball with a wooden mallet.


Successful Learners – Literacy skills

The Transition class were working towards the end of Peter Pan this week. They were Successful Learners using their literacy skills to listen to the audio from the digital book and using their fine motor skills to dot paint a picture. This will help them further develop their writing motor skills. We chose to paint Captain Hook, he is our favourite baddy!

MOVE – Superhero Day

The Transition class had a wonderful time on Friday for our MOVE celebration. Sir Tom was even present – a real life superhero. The boys started the day well with some cake before starting their challenges. the boys had to hunt the villain, safely move the kryptonite, work as a team to get through the hula-hoop, make some superhero masks and then complete a superhero challenge. Every boy tried their hardest and did very well. A fun filled day!

Responsible Citizens – First Aid

The Transition class were Responsible Citizens during their Health and Wellbeing lesson this week. They were learning about how to deal with a large bleeding cut. The boys listened and watched closely. They were able to demonstrate what to do when clumsy Mr Nicoll repeatedly cut himself. There was blood everywhere……….it may have been tomato sauce! Well done boys, you all demonstrated your skills very confidently. One boy took it further and acted the casualty at the door when it was outdoor time.