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Sungazers Home Learning Activities

Hello! Hope you are all keeping well. We are all missing you very much and hope that we can all be together again soon.

We will be posting some online activities for you to complete each week, if you wish.  It will include numeracy, literacy and health and well-being tasks.

You may already have your lockdown activity pack which you can work through at home with supervision too.  Everyone is very familiar with these packs as we have been working with them in class.  If you do not have a pack and would like one, please contact the school and arrange a suitable collection time.

This week’s literacy task – Listen to and enjoy one of our favourite class stories ‘Jack and the Flum Flum Tree’ by Julia Donaldson. You will find this story on Youtube.

Numeracy Task – Addition Song
Health and Wellbeing Task – Blazerfresh Brain Gym – Copy the actions, jump around and have fun!
Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle - YouTube
Music Craft
Can you make a musical shaker using a plastic bottle and fill it with different ingredients to create various sounds?  We can use these bottles during music sessions.
Homemade Sensory Music Shakers | Homemade musical instruments, Homemade instruments, Instrument craft


FAOL – Enterprise and FAOL – Whole school projects/Citizenship

Confident Individuals   Effective Contributors

We created loads of Christmas craft to send home, one of which was this paper plate Christmas tree decoration. I’m sure they looked great at home.


We all worked hard rehearsing for our part in the school virtual Christmas Show. We sang and signed to 5 Brown Reindeer. We hope you all enjoyed the show.

Pine Home Learning 3

Well Hello Pinettes – how are you all doing?

This week we thought we might put on some Christmas Activities for you all.



Movies – have you watched any good Christmas Movies?

Wilson suggestion is ‘Polar Express’ it is magical, and she watches it every year!

Boyle has picked ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ which she watched on Sunday, Mr Boyle liked it too!

Logan watched ‘Nativity’ with her children at the weekend and they all really liked it.

Shields says ‘E.T’. it may not be a Christmas movie but she likes to watch it at Christmas – it is lovely!


Music and Dance – as you know we love music in the Pine Room so a few suggestions.

Disney Junior Best Junior Holiday Music

The Reindeer Hokey Pokey

The Christmas Freeze


Arts and Crafts

Crafts meet Kids 

This website has some great ideas for crafts and cards.

Frugal Fun with Boys

Cute reindeer ornaments.

BBC Bitesize Wreath



Some experiments for anyone that wants to do some Science at home – some are simple some are a bit more complicated.

Christmas Science for Kids


Cookery  – a variety of different fun ideas!!

Christmas Cookery for Kids


Makaton – practice your signing with some Christmas Songs!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Dominick the Donkey

White Christmas


Numeracy – counting and singing!

Five Candy Canes


Literacy – a few Christmas Stories.

If you ever want to bring a pirate to meet Santa – Don’t!!

Olaf’s night before Christmas.

Well Pinettes have a lovely week – see you all soon!!!

Love the Pine Ladies.


Christmas Time

In the Oak class we have been getting into the Christmas spirit.  We were effective contributors during our music lesson.  We all had a boomwhacker and together we had to wait and listen until it was our turn to play the note to create the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’.

We took part in lots for art activities to create some lovely Christmas crafts. We were confident individuals when choosing the items for our Santa wish list.


Pine Class Learning at Home 2

Hello Pinettes – How are you all doing?

Have you read or watched the story ‘Yellow is my Colour Star’? Did you make lots of colour choices?

Yellow is my Color Star 

Amazon.com: Yellow Is My Color Star (9781442492998): Horacek, Judy, Horacek, Judy: Books

What is your favourite colour?⭐

Another story for you to listen too and enjoy. 📚

Lara the Yellow Ladybird

What did you think of Lara’s yellow wings?


We have put some other links on this week’s blog if you are looking for some different ideas.


The weather has been really cold this week – have any of you been out for a Winters Walk? What did you see? Was it really cold? Did you get all wrapped up?


Below are links to some different Winters songs. 🎵

Winter Dance & Brain Breaks

Winter Hokey Pokey

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

Freeze Dance


We all love Frozen in the Pine Room – some pretend they don’t!  Below is a link to some Olaf Fun – he is our favourite!! 🎥

Olaf Series


Lots of different ideas for some Winter crafting fun in the link below. 🎨

Winter Craft & Art


If you want to practice your signing – what about the weather signs.👍

Singing Hands Weather


The BBC Bitesize has lots of cool science information. 🧪

BBC Bitesize Seasons


Practice your counting with Bud the Bee in his Number Garden. 🔢

Bud’s Number Garden


This is the perfect weather for making soup.  🍵 Can you help pick out the ingredients? What colours are the vegetables? Did you help peel or chop? Was your soup tasty?

4 Ingredients Soups


The Pine Ladies have been searching for some yellow things in the room.

Well have a great week Pinettes.

Love The Pine Ladies

rainbow Clip Art Free | Fresh Doodles - Free Clip Art For Teachers: Rainbow Clip Art | Rainbow clipart, Clipart black and white, Clip art


St. Andrew’s and Singing Hands

Although St. Andrew’s Day is not until Monday the Stars Class have been successful learners and effective contributors this week by learning about him. We made St. Andrew’s flags, enjoyed Scottish sensory handling and did some Scottish dancing. We used broccoli florets to print thistle pictures and enjoyed a Scottish taste and try. Singing Hands visited virtually today. We had great fun!


Parachute Fun in Pine!

Well it was the other half of the Class on Monday that got out for some Outdoor Education – the rain stayed away but it was a bit breezy …

…off on a Autumn Hunt!!

Tuesday saw some snow!!!

Well it looked like snow, sensory play and tolerating a different texture and feel on our hands – and tolerating an apron the whole time – Well Done!!!!

We didn’t eat it – but it was edible!!

And now for the clean up!!

Logan go and get your own swatter and leave mine alone!

MOVE, Music and FUN!!!

Snowflake Art – using my multi-purpose swatter!

It is a Masterpiece!

Nothing gets you out of doing hard work in the Pine Room.

Creating Art with paint and Cotton Buds – sprinkle some glitter Jardine would be proud!!!

Bubble Art while in my Standing Frame.

Fiona the Physio brought me a Walker – I successfully learned to use it in no time at all, what a confident individual!

WOW!!! Tomorrow we can dance to Baby Shark (Oh no! )

Now this might look as if I am relaxing BUT I am actually working on my exercises.

Working on Global Goal 5Gender Equality – looking at the jobs men and women do.

A Pilot or a Builder?

This Walker is FAB!!

A Policeman or a Fire-women.

Parachute Fun!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Big Orange Splot


This week was all about the colour ORANGE in the Pine Room.

The Story ‘The Big Orange Splot’ is all about how it is good that we are not all the same!!

Firstly there was some printing with oranges and lemons – it smelt lovely…

..and was quite squishy!!!

Lovely Orange Art.

Confident Individuals making some music.

What about a duet?

MOVE fun with Mrs Boyle for this successful learner,  making music on the sun tambourine and loving it!

Castanets too!!

Exercising and making some music – good job!!

Numeracy, Move and great concentration all while singing some counting songs.

Numeracy Treasure Hunt.

Building huge Towers….

….and knocking them down!!!!

‘Cause and Effect’

Pressing the screen at the right time during the counting song – well done!!

More numeracy – counting and clapping.

Time for a song YMCA anyone???

Global Goal 11 – Climate Change

The Arctic Animals were frozen in the ice and we use a hairdryer, and some warm water so we could see the impact that the higher temperatures are having on the Arctic. We all need to do our bit for the environment and be responsible citizens.

We then enjoyed some water play.

Our Rainbow Wall Display looks fantastic – lots of great ideas Mrs MacDonald!

Firework art for Guy Fawkes Day.

Putting the glitter choices on a switch  – makes choices better fun.

And now a word from your ECO-CAPTAIN!!

Reuse and Recycle, don’t throw things away make them into something cool – we would show you what we were doing BUT all our hands were covered in PVA Glue so no one was allowed touch the camera!!!

Firework Art.

Baby Shark!!! (Oh! someone make it stop!!!)


Sensory Numeracy Play.

Press and grip – play dough exercises

“Are you busy – do you want to play??

Have a great weekend.



Effective Contributors – Music, Changing Tempo

In our music class this week the boys looked at changing tempo. The were Effective Contributors  when they all worked together, tapping out the  beat of Nellie the Elephant. The boys used their numeracy skills to recognise and  say when the song was fast or slow. We also compared different songs and discussed which was faster or slower. The boys were so good that they didn’t fall for the trick where two different songs of the same tempo were played with paced dancers. The class tapped out the same tempo each time.