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Superhero Day

Confident Individuals       Effective Contributors

We had a fantastic Superhero Day celebrating MOVE. We enjoyed superhero cupcakes and created masks. We played games using the Captain America shields we made yesterday and enjoyed a super villain game. We danced, did exercises and watched the MOVE video which showcased all the great MOVE activities we do at Willowbank. A very happy day.

Creative Artwork in the Pine Room

“Are you Dancing?” – “Are you asking?”

“Come on Logan step in time!”

Working on our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) we are making some Forest Art work, using paint and bouncy balls – CLEVER!

Rolling side to side!!

WOW!!! What a Successful Learner!!!

A Confident Individual having fun carrying out his hard work,

Ready – this successful leaner is multi-tasking, doing her Art in her Standing Frame – ART and MOVE.

Working on our gripping skills – holding on to the bags, then dropping them on to the mat.

“What a score!”

“See if you can beat her?”

Rainbow Numeracy at Morning Group

“Paying for Snacks” Great money exchange from this effective contributor.

Money Matching

Great counting and building skills.


“Lets make it higher Logan”

MOVE Rolling from side to side!!

Working on our Numeracy Skills.

A very successful learner working on his MOVE skills – great core muscle strength, fantastic reaching and stretching.

More Multi-purpose Flapper Skills  – Fencing – go Boyle!!!

Science – We are Planting our Morrison’s Seeds of Hope.

MOVE great Sitting.

Now for some well earned Sensory Play.

Working on my fine motor skills and trying to pick out the bouncy balls with the tongs – HEY!! not as easy as it looks!!!

Auditioning for Santa in the Christmas Show!

So much fun – but we are also stretching out our hands and fingers.

Mmmmm….  is there something in your hair?

Secondary Assembly

Enjoying to listening to Singing Hands and then using the AAC Devices to tell everyone ‘I am Happy’

IDL work – recognising the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Benefits of Sensory Play, developing fine motor skills, gripping and stretching skills, and building up tactile tolerance.

Welcome to the Pine Class Snack Café, we are working on our numeracy and money exchange skills.

Even offering a Speedy Shopper delivery service.

Global Goals 16 – we are looking at the roles of the Police in our Community.

There has been a robbery in the Pine Room, someone has broken in and stolen the Jaffa Cakes!!! Dial 999 and ask for the Police!

Lets look for clues, a fingerprint – who’s is it??? We need to take everyone’s fingerprints.

So WHODUNIT? “Sorry young lady you have been nicked”

OH NO!!! someone has eaten all the evidence!!! Case dismissed!!!

Creating cause and effect making the unicorn laugh – MOVE – looking good in your new Standing Frame!

Finishing our IDL Art

Message for the ECO-CAPTAIN use everyday objects clipped on clothes pegs to create mini pain brushes – very creative.

WOW!! What amazing work

Get ready for FRIDAY DISCO!!! Music and MOVEment!!

Hard work time – Colour Sorting and Fine Motor Skills.

MOVE – Great sitting – Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

We like to MOVE it, MOVE it in the Pine Room!!


Monday Morning we were confident individuals and worked on our MOVE skills.

Keeping busy during sitting practice.

A few different classroom chairs were tried till we got the right one. Logan making some adjustments.

Busy boy – walking practice and wearing my gaitors!!

Below is a link to lots of different short songs, including some familiar counting songs.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Logan go and get your own Fly Swatter!!

Who has tickly feet?

Stretch out!

Knees up.


Sit up – Well Done!!!

Tuesday morning this confident individual was telling us a story and making us all laugh!!

Great sitting practice!!!

Sitting and reaching – well done!!

For ‘Lots of Socks’ on Friday we have been responsible citizens painting odd socks.

Listening to What the Ladybird Heard – great animal noises!!!

What the Ladybird Heard 🐞

Sitting practice – too cool for school!!!

This confident individual was matching some socks – you rock!!

We trip outside for these posers!!!

Sewing classes with Boyle.

This clever boy took all his juice – and was so pleased with himself!!

“What the Ladybird Heard” successful learners matching the sounds and the animal picture.

I am so funny….MOO!!! NEIGH!!!

Sitting practice – are you joking!!!

Lets relax with some Tac Pac.

Fanning with Fans – is funny!!

This responsible citizen is showing her awareness for Purple day and supporting National Epilepsy Awareness.

We are all responsible citizens Lots of Socks – awareness for Down Syndrome in Scotland.

We enjoyed playing our musical instruments today to ‘I am the Music Man’

Parachute games – so relaxing some of us fell asleep!!!

Enjoy the rest of Lots of Socks Day – Have a smashing weekend

Love the Pine Ladies


Pine Class – Once upon a time….

…Well Pinettes this is how all good Fairytales start!

The story of Snow White was taken from a 19th century German Fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm. It was Walt Disney’s first full length movie and was released on the 4th of February 1938.

Princess Snow White Clipart | Gallery Yopriceville - High-Quality Images and Transparent PNG Free ClipartPrincess Snow White Clipart | Gallery Yopriceville - High-Quality Images and Transparent PNG Free Clipart

Literacy 📚

One of your tasks in your Lockdown Pack was to come up with words to decribe Snow White – did you think of any? What about Gentle, Charming, Cheerful and Kind – now what words would you use to describe the Queen?

Music 🎵 Dance 🕺

We love music in the Pine Room, so what about a couple of Princess songs to listen to and dance to?

I’m Wishing

Princess Medley

Princess Dance Medley

Numeracy 🔢

This week lets concentrate on the Number 2 and pairs of things – can you find pairs of matching things in your house? Also can you find things that you use together in twos – an example a toothbrush and toothpaste!

Tooth Paste On Brush Clipart - Clip Art Toothbrush And Toothpaste , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Numbers with Rodd 

Science 🧪

2021 British Science Week 5-14th of March so it is  is actually ten days long and is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Logos - British Science Week

In the Pine Class we are going to look at the Human Body and our senses.

The Human Body

What are the parts of the Human Body

Our Senses

Animal Super Senses

Below are some activities for each of our senses.

Hearing using plastic eggs, good time to get these, there is a great sounds matching game and some other sensory games on the Play to Learn site.

Play to Learn

Purple Eggs

Touch making up bowls of different things in them, for you to put your hands in  – what do you like, what do you not? You could use dry rice, cooked pasta, cut up pieces of wool, sand or set table jelly. Or you could make a a poster like this from mandeeandbrandy.blogspot.com – not as messy as the first idea!

Smell there are lots of different smells in your house – what about making a chart on one side you have ‘likes’ on the other side ‘dislikes’. Now start smelling and decide what you like and what you don’t!!

Taste now this is one time to get adventurous and try and taste a few things you haven’t tasted before – well did you like them?

Sight try looking at things differently – through a magnifying glass, through bincoulars, through coloured cellophane or through the bottom of a glass – does this make things look different – BIGGER, smaller, different colour, or fuzzy.

One other important thing to remember Pinettes on Sunday we need to celebrate some special Ladies – so don’t forget Mother’s Day!!


Have a good week Pinettes


The Pine Ladies





Stars Home Learning Challenge W/C 22.02.21

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with you and your families. Find below some activities to do should you wish. Some of them are LGBTQ related. 🌈

Read the story ‘I am Jazz’ if you choose to. It is the story of a boy who would rather be a girl and do what are thought of as girls things.

I am Jazz

We are all very different. Draw or list some of the things that you like. Compare them with the likes of another member of your family. Are they the same…….or different?

You might have a favourite animal, school subject, TV programme, colour, sport, food, game or type of weather. These are just a few ideas.

 Play the game Shape Monsters.

Shape Monsters

Try and find things around your house with the shape of a….





How many can you find of each shape?

Paint can feel cold and slippery on your hands but is fun to touch with your hands to create pictures. Paint the colours of the rainbow on your hands to make LGBTQ rainbow  handprints. Make a handprint of everyone in your family if you can.


Friday is Purple Friday. Why not make a purple octopus picture or ice some biscuits with purple icing.

Make your own musical shaker using an empty plastic bottle, coleslaw tub or two yogurt pots stuck together. Fill your shaker with lentils, dried peas, broth mix, pasta, rice or small stones then shake. Do they sound like the maracas at school?

Here is a music game to play.

Monster Music

I hope you enjoy trying some of these activities.

Have Fun! Stay Safe! 😎

Sungazers Home Learning Week 5

Hello, hope everyone is doing well! We are all really missing you and hope that it is not long now until we are all back together again.  Here are some activities for you to try at home and enjoy.


Numeracy – Number Pairs

You Will Need: A4 paper, scissors and a pen

  1. Fold a piece of A4 paper or card three times to give you eight equal rectangles.
  2. Cut out the rectangles.
  3. Write pairs of numbers on the rectangles. Can choose higher numbers if you wish.
  4.  Mix the rectangles up and turn them over to face down, so you can’t see the numbers.
  5. Take turns to turn over two of the rectangles. If you get two that match, you get to keep them.
  6. Play until all the numbers are gone.
  7. (Make more rectangles to add to the game for a challenge for next time if suitable).

Literacy – Chinese New Year Story

On Friday, it will Chinese New Year.  Click on the link to hear the story all about it.   We have previously read the story of The Great Race in class.  Each year a different animal is celebrated.  Can you find the year you were born?  What animal is associated with your birth year? This year it is the year of the Ox.

See the source image

Health and Wellbeing – Dressing Games

Image result for clothes clipart

  1. Lay out three items of clothing for two people, eg socks, trousers and sweatshirt.
  2. Ask child to stand in front of items of clothing.
  3. Who can dress the quickest?
  4. On your marks, get set, race!

Expressive Arts – Chinese New Year 2021 Song for Kids 

Image result for chinese new year clipart

Have a listen to this song about the Chinese New Year.  Enjoy!


Expressive Arts – Chinese Cupcake Cases Dragon

Click on this link to see how to make a Chinese Dragon out of paper cases.

We would love to see photos of all your activities! Have fun!

Team Sungazers 🙂

Stars Home Learning Challenge W/C 25.01.21

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with you. Find below some home learning challenges which you might like to do. As always, have fun! 🤩

Sound ‘S’


Collect some things from around the house beginning  with the sound ‘s’ e.g. socks, slippers, sunglasses, sellotape. How many can you find? What is your favourite?


Spread some shaving foam on a tray then try and trace the letter ‘s’ that an adult has drawn for you. Good luck!



Sorting Box

Name the colours and sign them.


Below is a link to a counting game. How many flowers are there? Click on the flowers to count them.


Lego/Duplo Challenge


Try to build the world’s biggest tower. How tall is it? Is it as high as your couch? Is it as high as your door? Knock it down if it hasn’t already fallen over. Have fun!

If you don’t have any lego or duplo you could use building blocks or cardboard boxes.

Today is Robert Burn’s birthday. He is a famous Scottish poet. Maybe you would like to listen to ‘The Sair Finger’ by Walter Wingate, in Makaton, then some Scottish bagpipe music.



Have fun! Stay Safe!  😀







Sungazers Home Learning Activities

Hello! Hope you are all keeping well. We are all missing you very much and hope that we can all be together again soon.

We will be posting some online activities for you to complete each week, if you wish.  It will include numeracy, literacy and health and well-being tasks.

You may already have your lockdown activity pack which you can work through at home with supervision too.  Everyone is very familiar with these packs as we have been working with them in class.  If you do not have a pack and would like one, please contact the school and arrange a suitable collection time.

This week’s literacy task – Listen to and enjoy one of our favourite class stories ‘Jack and the Flum Flum Tree’ by Julia Donaldson. You will find this story on Youtube.

Numeracy Task – Addition Song
Health and Wellbeing Task – Blazerfresh Brain Gym – Copy the actions, jump around and have fun!
Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle - YouTube
Music Craft
Can you make a musical shaker using a plastic bottle and fill it with different ingredients to create various sounds?  We can use these bottles during music sessions.
Homemade Sensory Music Shakers | Homemade musical instruments, Homemade instruments, Instrument craft


FAOL – Enterprise and FAOL – Whole school projects/Citizenship

Confident Individuals   Effective Contributors

We created loads of Christmas craft to send home, one of which was this paper plate Christmas tree decoration. I’m sure they looked great at home.


We all worked hard rehearsing for our part in the school virtual Christmas Show. We sang and signed to 5 Brown Reindeer. We hope you all enjoyed the show.