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Effective Contributors at Centrestage

The Sungazers have had a great day in school. They were all effective contributors during our Centrestage session.  They each chose a prop from the bag and joined in with all of the songs.  To fit in with our current Scottish theme we changed the words from our usual ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ song to ‘Heid, Shooders, Knaps and Taes’!

Parachute games are always a favourite and we enjoyed playing the Peapod game as well as bouncing the ball on the parachute.

    Reece chose ‘Tiny Tim’ to sing about.

  Leo hummed the ‘goodbye’ song independently once the session had finished.

Ryan, Jayden, Jamie and Lewis all enjoyed the rhyme about the cheeky monkeys and the naughty crocodile!

Disco time with sensory lights. Parachute games!

FAOL – Whole School Projects/Citizenship – School Christmas Concert

The Stars Class rehearsed hard to learn our dance for the school Christmas concert. As angels we danced to Michael Buble’s ‘Save the Last Dance for me’ to critical acclaim from the ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ judges. We enjoyed learning and performing our dance.


The Pine Room Welcomes back Buddy!!!!

We were all confident individuals in the kitchen making our chocolate cup cakes.

We made lovely stained glass Christmas trees which are proudly displayed on our window.

Shannon loved a wee bit of floor time with her toys.

Reece has been confidently learning her Christmas words and making up some Christmas stories.

Buddy has arrived and has been creating havoc!!!!

Reece was very annoyed he had scissors!!!!

We love our new Christmas Aprons.

Buddy arrived at school in a Balloon today!!

On Wednesday we had a wee trip out to the bowling – we were all responsible citizens and behaved really well.

Shannon had the highest score!!!

Roll the ball Melanie!!!

Go Adam!!!

Three people to chuck a watermelon!!!

What a mess Buddy!!!

Looking at some Aberdeen Landmarks – Mariscal College, Sea Beach, Craigievar Castle and His Majesty’s Theatre.

What a mess BUDDY!!!!

Melanie signing Baby Shark.

Shannon loves listening to Country Christmas Carols.

Decorating our reindeer cup cakes – yummy!!!

Shannon didn’t want to help she wanted to play with her toys and listen to the music.

This week Willow has been at the Library – studying hard and then having a well deserved biscuit and cuppa!!!

Smiles all around

We working on our team building skills, leadership and thinking of others whilst preparing for our class assembly next week.

The musical Oak class were performing again this afternoon, everyone successfully played our three songs.  They were confident individuals following the music and feeling the rhythm.

Great singing and signing from everyone, lots of smiles from everyone.

Playing with Percussion Instruments!


The Bluebells class are loving their theme “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.  During the film, there are lots of scenes with different types of weather.

We had a challenge to find instruments and materials that reminded us of different weather – sunshine, rainy days, windy days and thunder. We enjoyed playing these instruments along to the weather song and had to listen carefully so we knew if it was our turn to play or not.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball..in the Cookery Room!!

YES .a. The sun came out this week so we managed to get out and play on the playground equipment, make some bubbles and drawing with chalk on the pavement!!!

We were Confident Individuals and heated up some meatballs and boiled spaghetti – and tried eating it like Lady and the Tramp!

We enjoyed some time playing with different musical instruments.

We continued with our ICE Pack Theme – How Do I Feel? And read the story of Hugless Douglass, and then watched some Inside Out, played with the sensory material and made a new feelings poster for our room.