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Creative Artwork in the Pine Room

“Are you Dancing?” – “Are you asking?”

“Come on Logan step in time!”

Working on our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) we are making some Forest Art work, using paint and bouncy balls – CLEVER!

Rolling side to side!!

WOW!!! What a Successful Learner!!!

A Confident Individual having fun carrying out his hard work,

Ready – this successful leaner is multi-tasking, doing her Art in her Standing Frame – ART and MOVE.

Working on our gripping skills – holding on to the bags, then dropping them on to the mat.

“What a score!”

“See if you can beat her?”

Rainbow Numeracy at Morning Group

“Paying for Snacks” Great money exchange from this effective contributor.

Money Matching

Great counting and building skills.


“Lets make it higher Logan”

MOVE Rolling from side to side!!

Working on our Numeracy Skills.

A very successful learner working on his MOVE skills – great core muscle strength, fantastic reaching and stretching.

More Multi-purpose Flapper Skills  – Fencing – go Boyle!!!

Science – We are Planting our Morrison’s Seeds of Hope.

MOVE great Sitting.

Now for some well earned Sensory Play.

Working on my fine motor skills and trying to pick out the bouncy balls with the tongs – HEY!! not as easy as it looks!!!

Auditioning for Santa in the Christmas Show!

So much fun – but we are also stretching out our hands and fingers.

Mmmmm….  is there something in your hair?

Secondary Assembly

Enjoying to listening to Singing Hands and then using the AAC Devices to tell everyone ‘I am Happy’

IDL work – recognising the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Benefits of Sensory Play, developing fine motor skills, gripping and stretching skills, and building up tactile tolerance.

Welcome to the Pine Class Snack Café, we are working on our numeracy and money exchange skills.

Even offering a Speedy Shopper delivery service.

Global Goals 16 – we are looking at the roles of the Police in our Community.

There has been a robbery in the Pine Room, someone has broken in and stolen the Jaffa Cakes!!! Dial 999 and ask for the Police!

Lets look for clues, a fingerprint – who’s is it??? We need to take everyone’s fingerprints.

So WHODUNIT? “Sorry young lady you have been nicked”

OH NO!!! someone has eaten all the evidence!!! Case dismissed!!!

Creating cause and effect making the unicorn laugh – MOVE – looking good in your new Standing Frame!

Finishing our IDL Art

Message for the ECO-CAPTAIN use everyday objects clipped on clothes pegs to create mini pain brushes – very creative.

WOW!! What amazing work

Get ready for FRIDAY DISCO!!! Music and MOVEment!!

Hard work time – Colour Sorting and Fine Motor Skills.

MOVE – Great sitting – Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

Welcome Back Pine Class – we have missed you!

We were all so HAPPY to be back together in the Pine Room – Hooray!!!

Have you met Mrs McLaughlin, she is a new Pine Lady!

Our Interdisciplinary Theme is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we are working on character identification – this is Sleepy!

And this is Happy!

Lets get moving and get our exercises done.

In Science we are planting and watching things grow – order your Lettuce and Spinach from the Pine Class – ready about June!!

Remember the water!!!

“I can use my Flapper to pat down the soil”

Ready for Assembly.

It was great to see all our School Friends and we loved this new song

Cover me in Sunshine

“Hello…Mr Campbell”

Time for some MOVE – hand exercises and stretching out.

MOVE and Numeracy  – making choices!

This successful learner is helping others with their counting skills.

Responsible Citizen – getting the lettuce watered.


An unimpressed winner!

Sensory Fun.

Getting ready to work on our Motor Skills.

“Hello! Welcome to the Pine Class, today I will be talking to some of the Students about their experiences so far this week”

” We had Fantastic Chocolate Cake today for snack – will that happen everyday?”

“I am having a great week and have loved seeing all my friends.”

“This coming to school is great!! BUT not as great as KILLIE!!!”

“No Comment!”

Shields sing us another song!!

Another Sunny Song to practice your signing.

Here comes the Sun

Dancing ourselves Dizzy – MOVE Fun!

Some Storytelling  after snack –  think there was a goal scored??

Global Goal 17

World Earth day is observed every year on the 22nd of April to help create awareness about pollution and to celebrate the environment of our blue planet.  Today we made lovely sun-catchers, kept the lights turned out (as much as possible) and made a parachute den, that we had a sing song in!!    Click the link below to watch and listen to a lovely wee story.

Last Tree in the City

“Happy Earth Day”

Again, using my multi purpose flapper for this task!


Look up !!

The view from the floor – Amazing!

Fun with Torches.

Pine Class Friends.

Friday Morning DISCO!!! What a confident individual.

Baby Shark Rap!!!

First week of all being together has been great, we are all very tired and ready for the weekend.

See you all Monday


Spring Chickens in the Pine Room 🐥

Monday was Holi, Hindu Festival of Colour which celebrates the arrival of spring.

CBeebies Holi

Instead of throwing paint Boyle thought tissue paper wouldn’t be as messy.

This confident individual, enjoyed making a Holi Spring Tree.

Working on our stretching skills.

We made some lovely Easter Sun-catchers in Art, sitting in our lift pants and practicing our sitting skills.

Bounce Patrol Easter Bunny Bop 🐰

Using sticky plastic and coloured tissue paper.


This successful learner worked on his gripping skills, using clothes pegs and pom-poms to paint.

Easter Art for this confident individual.

Great sitting – Well Done!!!

MOVE, Stretching, relaxing and laughing!!!

WOW!!! 1, 2 Easter Egg Sun Catchers!!

Outside in the sunshine, chalk shadows and looking for spring flowers.

I am the Music Man – this Fly Swatter has so many uses!!!

This confident individual was trying to unzip his jacket after being outside in the garden – well done!!!

Making Sun-catchers – holding the tissue paper ready to drop it! The sticky plastic is stuck to my jumper!!

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit!!!

Ready for some Art, practicing our standing skills too!

1,2,3,4 Easter Egg sun-catchers.

Happy Easter Pinettes – see you all soon

The Pine Ladies


I am Spring Chicken🐥

We like to MOVE it, MOVE it in the Pine Room!!


Monday Morning we were confident individuals and worked on our MOVE skills.

Keeping busy during sitting practice.

A few different classroom chairs were tried till we got the right one. Logan making some adjustments.

Busy boy – walking practice and wearing my gaitors!!

Below is a link to lots of different short songs, including some familiar counting songs.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Logan go and get your own Fly Swatter!!

Who has tickly feet?

Stretch out!

Knees up.


Sit up – Well Done!!!

Tuesday morning this confident individual was telling us a story and making us all laugh!!

Great sitting practice!!!

Sitting and reaching – well done!!

For ‘Lots of Socks’ on Friday we have been responsible citizens painting odd socks.

Listening to What the Ladybird Heard – great animal noises!!!

What the Ladybird Heard 🐞

Sitting practice – too cool for school!!!

This confident individual was matching some socks – you rock!!

We trip outside for these posers!!!

Sewing classes with Boyle.

This clever boy took all his juice – and was so pleased with himself!!

“What the Ladybird Heard” successful learners matching the sounds and the animal picture.

I am so funny….MOO!!! NEIGH!!!

Sitting practice – are you joking!!!

Lets relax with some Tac Pac.

Fanning with Fans – is funny!!

This responsible citizen is showing her awareness for Purple day and supporting National Epilepsy Awareness.

We are all responsible citizens Lots of Socks – awareness for Down Syndrome in Scotland.

We enjoyed playing our musical instruments today to ‘I am the Music Man’

Parachute games – so relaxing some of us fell asleep!!!

Enjoy the rest of Lots of Socks Day – Have a smashing weekend

Love the Pine Ladies


Welcome Back Pine Class!!

Well we are welcoming back some Pinettes this week!

Monday, Numeracy and MOVE was our focus these confident individuals were building towers …and having great fun knocking them down!!!

Following the Rainbow Dots 1,2,3…..

Someone needed a rest – great sitting!

This happy boy was enjoying some new Singing Hands Videos.

So lets practice our signing and our numbers.

Elephant have Wrinkles🐘🐘🐘

Makaton – Fruit Song🍏🍇🍌

Makaton – Vegetable Song🥔🥕🍅

Tuesday – well we decided that because some of the boys wouldn’t be in for Comic Relief on Friday we would have some Comic Relief Fun.

Making Monster Faces with Red Noses, picking Superhero Mask …Guess Who?

Red Nose Cupcakes – yum!!

This Successful Learner is making choices.

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day so we managed to get outside to the playground.

On Wednesday this successful learner practiced her Fine Motor Skills and Numeracy Skills.

Exercising today we were dancing to some 70’s Disco and ‘Danced ourselves Dizzy!’

Great sitting – Mrs Smallwood can we get a Drum kit in the Pine Room???

Another lovely day – out to fed the birds – tuppence a bag!

What a pout!!!

Friends watching a Snow White Story.

Snow White Story 🍎

MOVE – Standing, Walking and Sitting practice!

Hiding from the camera!!


We decorated cupcakes for Comic Relief.

Cool Cakes!!

Great spreading skills – yummy!!!

Making Choices.

One bite or two????

This new board is AMAZING – I feel like I am at Bon Jovi’s concert!!!

Hello Friend.

Playground FUN!!!

Guess who these Comic Relief Superheroes are??

Making choices and funny faces.

Have a lovely weekend Pinettes


The Pine Ladies


Pine Class – Once upon a time….

…Well Pinettes this is how all good Fairytales start!

The story of Snow White was taken from a 19th century German Fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm. It was Walt Disney’s first full length movie and was released on the 4th of February 1938.

Princess Snow White Clipart | Gallery Yopriceville - High-Quality Images and Transparent PNG Free ClipartPrincess Snow White Clipart | Gallery Yopriceville - High-Quality Images and Transparent PNG Free Clipart

Literacy 📚

One of your tasks in your Lockdown Pack was to come up with words to decribe Snow White – did you think of any? What about Gentle, Charming, Cheerful and Kind – now what words would you use to describe the Queen?

Music 🎵 Dance 🕺

We love music in the Pine Room, so what about a couple of Princess songs to listen to and dance to?

I’m Wishing

Princess Medley

Princess Dance Medley

Numeracy 🔢

This week lets concentrate on the Number 2 and pairs of things – can you find pairs of matching things in your house? Also can you find things that you use together in twos – an example a toothbrush and toothpaste!

Tooth Paste On Brush Clipart - Clip Art Toothbrush And Toothpaste , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Numbers with Rodd 

Science 🧪

2021 British Science Week 5-14th of March so it is  is actually ten days long and is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Logos - British Science Week

In the Pine Class we are going to look at the Human Body and our senses.

The Human Body

What are the parts of the Human Body

Our Senses

Animal Super Senses

Below are some activities for each of our senses.

Hearing using plastic eggs, good time to get these, there is a great sounds matching game and some other sensory games on the Play to Learn site.

Play to Learn

Purple Eggs

Touch making up bowls of different things in them, for you to put your hands in  – what do you like, what do you not? You could use dry rice, cooked pasta, cut up pieces of wool, sand or set table jelly. Or you could make a a poster like this from mandeeandbrandy.blogspot.com – not as messy as the first idea!

Smell there are lots of different smells in your house – what about making a chart on one side you have ‘likes’ on the other side ‘dislikes’. Now start smelling and decide what you like and what you don’t!!

Taste now this is one time to get adventurous and try and taste a few things you haven’t tasted before – well did you like them?

Sight try looking at things differently – through a magnifying glass, through bincoulars, through coloured cellophane or through the bottom of a glass – does this make things look different – BIGGER, smaller, different colour, or fuzzy.

One other important thing to remember Pinettes on Sunday we need to celebrate some special Ladies – so don’t forget Mother’s Day!!


Have a good week Pinettes


The Pine Ladies





Pine Class – Did the Ladybird hear about Fairtrade?

Well Hello Pinettes – on this lovely day!!! I can see some sunshine – HOORAY!!!

Well in the BLOG this week we are going to focus on ‘World Book Day’ which is Thursday the 4th of March – March already!!!!

How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! | National Literacy Trust

Click here World Book Day  to take you to their site for loads of different ideas – you can listen to Hugless Dougless, print out bookmarks, get the instructions to make an Elmer Milk Bottle (Recycling Art!) or spot the difference with those funny Aliens in their Underpants!!! There are lots of different activities.

The Story we have choosen is ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ the reason we picked this story for World Book day is because Julia Donaldson has made it in to a Play. We thought it would be great, as we could use our signing – to sign all the different animal names, use lots of different props and use our AAC Devices to make all the sounds – when we are all back together in class we are going do this!! Hopefully you should all have received your copy please get in touch if you haven’t.

On Thursday morning Vscene we will be reading the play, with all the props and sounds please join us – if you have any props or sounds on AAC Devices and you want to bring these please do! You can dress up if you want – or keep you pjs on – whatever you want!!!

Below are a couple of versions of the story.


What the Ladybird Heard – read by Julia

What the Ladybird Heard🐞

Julia Donaldson has even got a song!!

What the Ladybird Heard Song🐞🎵


 Science and the Outdoors – NOW what do you call  it a Ladybug or Ladybird?? It can also be called a Ladybettle, Ladycow, Ladyfly or a Ladyclock!! For lots of information on Ladybugs or ……Ladyflies check out the link below. Soon we will being seeing the Ladycows in our gardens!!

National Geographic Kids🐞

Practising our Signing

Singing Hands – Animal Sounds🐮🐴

Old MacDonald 🐷🐑

I love Animals🦆

Dancing and Singing Time

Just Dance – Old MacDonald🐄

Art – making a Ladybird.

Now there are loads of ways you can do this – depending on what you have to hand – below are some ideas and links – please send us a photo if you make a Ladybug.

6 Clever Sisters

Ladybug Paper Plate Craft for Kids {+ Free Printable Template!} - Six Clever Sisters

Art Craft and Fun

Messy Little Monsters

Make fingerprint ladybird keepsake magnets from a simple salt dough recipe. A homemade gift idea for kids, toddlers and preschoolers. Perfect for spring, summer, bug projects.

We are excited!!!

Zombie said MIAOW and Pixie said PRRRRRR! Logan’s very well behaved dog said WOOF!!!

A good Read? Shaun the Sheep said BAA! And Vixen say WOOF!

The Horse said NEIGH! And the Cow said MOO! And the Pig said OINK! And the Duck said QUACK!! And the Hen said CLUCK!!

Gosh – use your number skills to count how many animals are in this story?

Sadly we haven’t managed to located a Goose – so think Goose everyone!!

Think Goose!!!

Fairtrade Fortnight is from the 22nd of February to the 7th of March

Fair trade is a way of buying and selling products that allows the farmers to be paid a fair price for their produce, and have better working conditions. Trade is ‘unfair’ when farmers receive very low income and have poor conditions while the companies that sell their products make lots of money from them. The Fairtrade Mark was introduced in 1994, it iS awarded to products that are sold under certain fair-trading conditions.

Have you seen this symbol on anything – perhaps bananas, coffee or chocolate – have a look for it.

Why We Don't Have the Fairtrade Logo On Our Products | Real Food Source

There is a couple of video links below you can watch which explain all about Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Explained

Fairtrade and Climate Change

Fairtrade Song

Cookery – what about helping to make this yummy Fairtrade Banana Bread, some mashing and mixing!

Fairtrade Banana Bread

Have a lovely week Pinettes


Pine Room Fairy Tales 🏰👸🤴

Well Hello Pinettes  – How are you all?

We are all starting a new theme this week at school ‘FairyTales’. And in the Pine Room we have chosen ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ – so over the next couple of weeks it would be good if you could all watch this  – please let us know if you cannot get access to this film.

So many of our activities will be based around this theme – the Pine Ladies are really looking forward to this!!!

Literacy 📚

You may have a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book at home, it is a lovely read, or you can watch it on line, here are a few different versions.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2)

We have also added the book to the giglets library if you would like to read it there.

Singing, Signing and Dancing  🎶🤝

Below are some happy links – listen to Snow White singing her beautiful song.

Some day my Prince will come 

Image result for Snow White - Someday My Prince Will Come - Cover by Evynne Hollens

Let’s practise our signing with the singing hands.

There was a Princess long ago👸

Image result for singing hands there was a princess long ago

Sing-a-long with Pinkfong while counting those cheeky dwarfs!!!

Snow White Princess Song

Image result for snow white Pink pong


Well there are 7 Dwarfs which we will learn all about this term, and at the end you can pick your favourite. But in numeracy we are going to start with the number 1 and work our way up – now lets find things in our homes that we have only one of? What did you find?

Counting with Rodd Number 1

The Number 1

 Arts and Crafts 🎨

Lets make a mirror – The Pinterested Parent has a lovely idea, but you can come up with your own, send us a photo of you looking into your mirror – just like the Queen!!

Science and the Outdoors 🧪🍁

Outdoor Bingo

Using an empty egg box – we love recycling things in the Pine Room – glue a list of things  you might find out on your walk on the flat side, examples below. And then when you find them pop them in the compartments where the eggs would have been. Make one for everyone on the walk and when you find everything BINGO!!!

Smooth Stone Feather Acorn Small Stick Clover Berry
Smooth Leaf Rough Stone Daisy Pine

Rough Leaf Buttercup

Friday the 26th is Purple Day this date marks the final date of LGBT+ History Month, usually this is a day we celebrate together in school. So we thought you could all listen to this story – we liked this one in class!!

The World needs more Purple People

Image result for the world needs more purple people

Well Pinettes have a lovely week – enjoy the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story.

Take Care

The Pine Ladies



Pine Lockdown Week 6 – The World made a Rainbow 🌈

Well Hello Pinettes! How are you all?

Well again –  what about this weather???

This is LGBT+ Awareness Month and if you have driven or walked past the  school you will have seen the LGBT+ Flag proudly displayed.

Image result for lgbt flag

So this week’s blog is all about our differences and our similiarites

Literacy, Nature, Art and Craft. 


Below is a suggestion for a couple of books, some we have read before,  but they all have a silimar theme that we are all different in some ways, the same in others but we are all unique.

The Flamingo that didn’t want to be Pink🦩

What about making yourself a Flamingo – the only rule is  it cannot just be PINK!! Maryland Zoo has a Caribbean Flamingo called ‘Bumper’ you can learn all about him, find out what he eats and how tall he is, and even watch him and his friends on the live web cam. Maryland Zoo 

Next the Rainbow Fish, in this link it is read by Ernest Borgnine (he has been in a lot of Movies!) The Rainbow Fish

What about making a colourful sparkly fish, I will send you all some instructions. What about going onto the internet and seeing if you can find any real rainbow fish.

Last year in class we read Tango makes 3 we really enjoyed this story, so thought you would like to hear it again. This is a lovely story all about two boy penguins called Roy and Silo, then baby Tango comes along. You can look up loads of information on penguins.

All about Penguins 🐧

Image result for tango makes 3

One last story The World made a Rainbow 🌈  

In the first Lockdown we all made Rainbows for our windows, think about making another one like the little girl in this story. What about a sensory Rainbow with different materials for each colour? ArtBar has some really great ideas!

Singing and Signing


Lets practice signing all the different colours

Singing Hands Colour

Colours of the Rainbow 🌈 

Rainbow Colour Song 🌈

Numeracy 🔢

What about a colour hunt?

  • How many Red things can you find in the kitchen?
  • How many Yellow things can you find in the fridge?
  • How many Pink things can you find in the bathroom?
  • How many Green things can you find in the garden?
  • How many Purple things can you find in the living room?
  • How many Orange things can you find on your walk?
  • How many Blue things can you find in your cupboard?

Which colour did you find the least of and which the most?

Now don’t forget it is Valentines Day on Sunday, so what about making a card for someone special – cards are always nicer when they are hand made.

Image result for valentine

And Friday is Chinese New Year – Year of Ox!  Red Ted Art 🐂 has loads of crafty ideas for you to try, you could make a dragon or an Ox.

BBC Facts about Chinese New Year

Remember to check out the sensory sessions below if you haven’t already done so.

Five Sensory Sessions

Well have a lovely week Pinettes!!

Image result for rainbow

Love the Pine Ladies



Pine Lockdown Week 5 – The Snail and the Whale🐌🐳

Well Hello Pinettes

How are you all?

This week’s blog is based round about the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’  – have you read it? I am sure many of you have – and some of you might even have this book at home.


The first link below is the story being read – there are many versions of this on the internet. And the second link is the BBC Animated Film – which is lovely!


The Snail and the Whale  Story

The Snail and the Whale By Julia Donaldson

The  Snail and the Whale Film

  • What colour was the Whale?
  • How many different types of animal did the snail see?
  • Who had tooth grins?
  • What did the snail write on the chalk board?

Have you every noticed snail trails in your garden – now I am wondering if they were trying to write me a message!?! Below is a link from the Scottish Wildlife Trust on making your own snail trails in your garden.

Making Snail Trails 🐌

Practice making Snail curls, what you need is:

  • A zip lock bag
  • Cheap Hair Gel
  • Food Colouring
  • Glitter (optional – but the Pinettes like their Glitter!)
  • Sellotape

Image result for hair gel bags for writing

You will need to judge the amount of hair gel you need – depending on the size of bag you have – there should be about a half a centimetre thickness when you flattened the bag out. Add a couple of drops of food colouring and glitter if you want and massage around till the colour is even. Zip shut the bag – make sure the outside of the bag is dry and then add a length of sellotape  – just to make sure it is secure.

You can practice drawing your snail curls on the bag or other letters or numbers!

Numeracy 🔢 Art 🎨 Eco ♻

It is a bit early to be counting snails in our gardens – but we will remember to do that when they start to appear!!  I am going to email you all out a snail counting activity for you to do at home.  But you could recycle a egg box and make some snails and then count how many you have made – I reckon you will all want to make more than one!!! Below is a link from The Spruce Crafts that shows you how to make the snails and many other animals with an egg box – and even shows you how to make an ocean in a box – so cool!!!

Egg Carton Snails 🐌

Egg Carton snail craftocean in an egg carton

Don’t forget the whale – I Heart Craft Things will show you how to make this cute whale!

Egg Carton Whale 🐳

Number Ordering sorting big and small items.

The Snail and the Whale Soft Toy

The Whale is BIG and the Snail is small!

The Pine ladies have been looking for things that are BIG and small – see what you can find?

Signing 👍 Singing 🎶Dancing

Below are some links for different sea themed songs that you can practice your signing, some singing and have a little boogie or a BIG boogie!!

Sea signs🐠

Down under the Sea 🌊

Baby Shark🦈

Under the Sea🧜‍♀️

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride🌺

Some  Movies you could watch this week, keeping with the Sea theme what about The Little Mermaid, Shark Tale, Lilo and Stitch, Moana, Finding Nemo or Finding Dory!!


If you haven’t watched The Blue Planet there is a link below – it is wonderful!!

The BBC Blue Planet

Well have a lovely week Pinettes – remember keep sending us your photos!

School Holiday Movies for Kids: Zog / Snail and the Whale - Wellington - Eventfinda

Love the Pine Ladies