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It’s off to work we go….

Good Morning Pine Class and your families at home – how are you all?

Well this week is Work Experience or Careers Week at Willowbank, sadly the things that were planned cannot go ahead BUT hopefully you will all enjoy the activities and information on the blog this week.

So we will put our Wizard of Oz and Rainbow theme aside for a week 🌈

Firstly all about the Pine Ladies.


Before coming to Willowbank Boyle was a Skills Investment Adviser at Skills Development Scotland. She set up and managed training and development contracts that helped people back in to work. She really enjoyed having a job with lots of different things to do, travelling around visiting companies and meeting lots of people. When she was at secondary school, she loved English and Secretarial Studies and wanted to be a Secretary. Boyle has lots of different skills that she puts to good use, but one them is keeping us very organised in the Pine Classroom.


When Aitken was young she  wanted to be a policewoman, but at that time she wasn’t tall enough, the height restrictions have now changed and she now is tall enough but she says she is too old now – but you are only 25!?!! Now we know why she is good at keeping us all in line in Pine Class Room!!! Aitken was also a Hairdresser, that is why she has always got nice hair – good skill to have in ‘Lockdown’.


Jardine was also a  hairdresser, she is our expert at styling long hair. Jardine has been at doing this job for 24years, between Witch Hill and Willowbank – that is why she is the expert!!! When she was young she wanted to be a Nun, but perhaps she should have been a electrician – if something isn’t working Jardine is Mrs Fix-it!!!


Well when I was a wee girl I wanted to be a Nursery Nurse, but  I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a Nurse then a Home Economics Teacher – so I did both!!

But one thing is for certain all the Pine Ladies love working in the Pine Room and with all the lovely Children at Willowbank.

Different Jobs that other people do 


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Andy and I am a Policeman 
  • Job Title – Police Superintendent – The best thing about my job as I get to work with some wonderful people who help save lives and help members of the public, often in greatest need in our communities. I didn’t always want to do this job as I wanted to be a professional footballer, I did managed to do that too! When I retire I will hopefully be able to volunteer and continue help people.
  • Hello Pine Class – I am Pauline and I am a Nurse
  • This is the photo that is taped onto my PPE just now.
  • Job Title – Deputy Charge Nurse ICU – The best thing about my job is caring for people who are critically ill and supporting their families along with the variety of specialities within critically care, it’s a very rewarding job. I always wanted to be a nurse.

  • Hi Pine Class – I’m Marion and I am a Nursery Nurse 
  • Job Title – Depute Manager of an Early Childhood Centre – What I love most about my job is being involved with the children as they explore and investigate experiences for the first time. It’s a really rewarding job as you see these young children starting as little 3 year olds and when they leave you they are equipped with the skills for moving on to P1 and you feel incredibly proud of them. I originally wanted to work in a travel agents.


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Alan and I am a Physiotherapist
  • Job Title –  Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (Out-patients).  What I like most about my job is helping people to try and achieve their maximal functional potential.  I wanted to study physics but didn’t apply for that course at University, but I still have a keen interest in this area.


  • Hi Pine Class – I am Karen and I am a Veterinary Nurse
  • Pictured with a baby hedgehog
  • Job Title –  Practice Manager – The best thing about my job is  giving good customer service and problem solving at work.  I didn’t always want to do this I was a Police Officer before.
  • Hello Pine Class- I am Tracy and I have 2 different jobs.
  • Job Titles –  I have two jobs, both of which I love very much – I am a business partner in a Womens Clothes Shop and I am also a Town Centre Regeneration Officer with East Ayrshire Council. The best thing about both my jobs is that they allow me to help people which is my favourite thing to do! I never had a clear idea of what job I wanted to do and that’s ok. You need to do your school work and do everything the best way you can and that is the best gift you can give to yourself.


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Heather and I am a Student Nurse
  • Job Title – Student Nurse – The best thing about my job is that I work with lots of incredible children and no two days are the same. Originally, I wanted to be a Theatre Performer in Musicals…or a mermaid!!


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Sarah and I am Performer
  • I am at the front wearing pink with some of the cast of Billy Elliot.
  • Job Title – Music Theatre Performer – It’s a fun job, you get to work with wonderfully expressive and talented people. You get to meet interesting people of all background and get to escape into a magical world. It’s long hours and hard work but definitely worth it. I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer. But musical theatre is even better!


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Senga and I am a Hair Stylist
  • The best thing about my job is meeting people, interacting with them and making them feel good. Not my first choice as I wanted to be a policewoman, but I was too small.


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Caroline and I am a Veterinary Nurse
  • I am a Vet Nurse, so the best bit about my job is getting to give the animals lots of cuddles and watching them get better. Before doing this job I was in The Royal Navy for 12 years.

  • Hello Pine Class – I am Matthew and I am a Production Technician
  • I work in an Oil Terminal on the small Orkney Island of Flotta, lying in Scapa Flow and I have to travel to work by boat! I guess the best thing about my job is the rota that I work, 2 weeks on 3 weeks off!! When I was really young I wanted to be a farmer.


What about you your family at home? 🏠
  • What is their job title?
  • What do they actually do?
  • What is the best thing about their job?
  • What is the worst thing about their job?
  • Did they always want to do that job?
  • If they could pick something else to do what would it be?


Using technology you could call or video chat someone else and get them to tell you all about their job.

We all have different talents
We are all different but all striving to be the ‘Best that we can be!’
Although, things are limited just now we can do a few different things in the house and out in the garden that are classed as Work Experience – you may even get paid for them!!!
Send in some photos if you help with any of the following ideas, or any others you come up with.
  • Helping in the garden – planting, weeding, watering…
  • Washing the car – could be some messy fun!
  • Help with the housework – making your bed, dusting, vacuuming….
  • Doing the laundry – sorting the different colours into piles, putting the washing in the machine, hanging it on the line, folding the clothes….
  • Helping prepare snacks and meals – making a sandwich, washing the vegetables, chopping, grating…
  • Entertaining your family – playing a musical instrument, singing…
  • Looking after your pets – feeding them, brushing them, loving them….
  • Doing some beauty treatments – paint some nails, give someone a new hair style…


Whatever you do this week – have a good one!

Love the Pine Ladies

Rainbow Clip Art

Name that Colour…

Afternoon Pine Class🌲


Just a little quiz for you all..

  1. What colours of wool does Wilson have?
  2.  What fruit is Aitken going to eat?
  3. What does Jardine have on her head?
  4. Who is hiding behind the red cushion?
  5. What colour is Jardine’s pretty flower?
  6. Who has a yellow Hula Hoop?
  7. What colour of ball is Boyle about to throw?
  8. Who is in the Pink?


Have a lovely weekend 🌈

Sent as a photo of you with your favourite colour.


In the Pink..

Good Morning Pine Class – how are you all today?? 🌲

This week we are going to be continuing with our Rainbow Theme🌈

And the colour



Below are some activities for you to do if you would like – remember to send us some photos or put in some comments.

Signing and Singing🎶

First a little music with Fairy Sarah


Were you all singing and signing – Wilson was!!!

Give a Socially Distancing Hug!!💕

Mia, a friend’s daughter, did a wonderful thing for her Granny last week. She hasn’t been able to see her to give her a hug so she decided that drawing round herself on a large piece of cardboard and colouring in it was the next best thing! I saw the photo her Granny looked very happy!!

So perhaps some of you would like to do this – draw around your body or your hand,  and then colourfully decorate – make someone smile!

Thanks Mia!!


Chalk painting was an activity I tried out last Friday with my neighbours’ children – Amy and Adam – they are keeping me entertained during the Lockdown with their chatter and singing while they are out in their garden.

I mixed up the Chalk Paint ready for us to use, we has separate paint brushes and maintained Social Distancing while we did this.

2 Tablespoons of Cornflour, 4 Tablespoons of Water and Food Colouring – I made 4 different colours Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow.

You brush or splash the paint onto the pavement and then it dries and looks like chalk – and the rain will wash it away – hopefully it won’t rain for a wee while!!


So if this is an activity you try please send us some photos!!


This week recipe is Coconut Ice – If you like something sweet and are able to eat coconut, I have managed to get all the ingredients at the supermarket which was a bonus!! I am going to make this at the end of the week.


Coconut ice squares


Can you spot different pink objects in your Living Room and count them, what about the kitchen, or your bedroom – some  of the Pine Class might have more Pink things than others!!

Some counting songs that we like in class



Film Clip – Olaf drinks Pink Lemonade🎞


Lots of different Pink Activities🎀



Have a great week Pine Class

Free to Use Public Domain Weather Clip Art - Page 2

Love the Pine Ladies


Red and Yellow……

Hello Pinettes!🌲

How are you all doing?😀

This week we are continuing with our Rainbow theme. 🌈

And we will focus on a couple of activities that you might like to do.


First the Singing Walrus – in the Pine Class we love the singing Walrus!!

And a song all about colour!!!



What about some singing and signing – with Mr Tumble!


And while we are listening to some Rainbows songs here is a nice one. 🌈


Colour Sorting 🎈🎁

We love to colour sort in class – so a wee challenge for you all!!!

If you like you could find us 5 different red things ❤and 5 different yellow 💛things – can you take a photograph and send it in so we can see what you have collected – things from outside, from the kitchen or from your toy box.

For lots of our colour sorting activities – check out these on Pinterest – Wilson loves Pinterest!!!


Art 🎨

If you watched the film Wizard of Oz – did you like the song?

🎵 “If I only had a Heart”❤ with the Tin Man


For Art this week what about some Heart Art?

  • Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a heart;
  • Open the heart up;
  • Put paint on one side of the heart and fold back in half – press it down;
  • Open up – beautiful Symmetry Painting!!!

Why don’t you put this in your window for everyone passing by to see – it will make them smile.

Another activity is to cut some hearts from some cardboard you are going to recycle, such as cereal boxes –  responsible citizens and cover them in tinfoil, you could punch a hole in the top and string them up and watch the sunlight reflect off them, even decorate them if you want with beads, stickers or feathers.

Cookery 🍓🍪

First a Red cookery idea, what about Strawberry Jelly?  Make up the Jelly according to the packet instructions, allow it to cool down a little and then add something else you like that is red – what about chopped up strawberries or red smarties?? Any other ideas?? What does your jelly smell like? Does it wobble? Was it tasty?

Next a Yellow Food, couple of ideas, custard a favourite in the Pine Room – do you like it hot or cold??? Or yellow vanilla ice-cream if you prefer, or if you parents would like a challenge what about helping them to make some scones!!! Jam and cream OR butter and jam????? Yummy!!



If you are out and about either in your car, or out for a walk or watching from your window why don’t you count the red and yellow cars going past, was there more red or yellow cars???

 VE Day


This is Friday the 8th of May. Why not have a picnic inside or outside – remember this was just after the Second World War so food was limited and no Supermarkets – so keep it simple!!!

Jam sandwiches, a pork pie, a plain bun, jelly and custard!

See the source image

Have a lovely week Pine Class, do what you want to do in the blog, sent us some comments and send us some photos – we would love to hear and see what you have all been up to.

Jardine, Aitken, Boyle and Wilson miss you all!!!

Love the Pine Ladies


Somewhere over the Rainbow….

Good morning Pine Class!

How are you all?

Have you been outside in your gardens listening to the birds? Jardine has and  she managed to photograph a Blue Tit that has taken up residence in the  bird box in her garden – amazing!!


What about feeding the Birds? Aitken has been doing that and made some lovely feeders – Well done Aitken give yourself a Clap!!

Below is a link of some lovely bird feeders – if you would like to make one and then watch some happy birds in your garden. 🐦



Boyle has been reading her cookery books in the sunshine, looking for some inspiration – she would love to know what you have all been reading?

Birdie Meatballs anyone?

I have made some Rainbow Birds from scraps of fabric I had left – what is your favourite colour?

Has anyone watched Mary Poppins? Did you have a favourite song?🌂

And did any of you enjoy the silly parrot and the Birdie Song?🐤

Our topic this Term was going to be Open Season – but due to the current situation we have had a wee rethink and decided to have some small topics that run over a week or two… or five!!!

Remember just do what you want to do and if you want to revisit any of the topics or ideas please do so – and post some comments and sent in some photos – we would love to hear from you all and see your lovely smiley faces!!!

Out in the Garden 🦋🐌🐛🐞

During Morning Group, we look out the window or door and check the weather, we then look at the BBC Weather to see if they got it right?  We like to sing and sign  ‘What’s the Weather like Today’  – sing along!! ⛅⛈🌤

See the source image


Next is a link to Mr Tumble singing and signing some songs about the weather.


Image result for singing hands

Also, if you look up Singing Hands you can see them signing individual signs for different  weather.


So what is the Weather like today?

If you are out in the garden or on a walk look and see if any rainbows appear! 🌈🌈

Or some Highland Cows!!!


Can’t wait to see a photo of the calf.

In class we have Sensory bottles for each different type of weather – these are really easy to make – plastic bottles, buttons, beads, water beads, Hama beads, elastic bands, food colouring, cotton wool, sequins are just a few things you can use. Below is a link to some ideas if you would like to make your own.


Art and Games🌈

This morning I have been watching the news and a feature I really enjoyed was about the ‘Posties’ – our local Postmen and Postwomen have been extremely  busy just now!! My Postman is actually my friend Andy, and I have known him for about 30years, so when I bake I always bake for him too!! Lots of children have been putting thank you pictures and messages on their doors, and some have been playing games with their Postie, such as Noughts and Crosses – where you put the grid on your door fill in a square the Postie has a shot and this goes on over a couple of days until someone wins!!! What do you think!! If you have a game, leave a note or make a picture send us a photo – and it will make your Postie SMILE!!!

Image result for noughts and crosses


Now the weather, sadly according to the BBC Weather is going to be a wee bit colder and rainy over the next couple of days, so what about making a pot of soup?  You probably have a favourite but below is a link to some different soups which you may want to try?


When making your soup🍵

  • Talk about the colours of the vegetables and sign them too!


  • Listen to the noises of the vegetables being peeled and chopped.
  • Smell the vegetables.
  • Taste some of the vegetables raw, if you can.🥕
  • Can you hear the soup bubbling as it is cooking?
  • What does your cooked soup smell and taste like?
  • Remember help with the cleaning up if you can!!!

Film Choice

Ok – I will give you some clues.

Image result for Green Clip Art FreeImage result for red shoes clip art freeImage result for broomstick shoes clip art free

Did you get it??

The Wizard of Oz🌈

Have a great week Pine Class

The Pine Ladies


Feed the Birds…


Gosh Pine Class it feels like so long since we have seen you all – we miss you all terribly!!! We are hoping that you and your families are well and getting into a routine at home.

I am going to let you know what we have all been up to.  And then put on some ideas –  things that you and your families could do at home – now this is not compulsory!!! Our main wish is that you are all safe and happy – but we realise that some families may want a weekly focus, or some different ideas, but also that some families may have an established a routine and that they are happy with that – do the bits you want or don’t do any at all!! Add some comments to the blog or photos (hoping that is something we can do – but if it doesn’t work Mr Campbell is the Superman of IT he will sort it out for us!!) , and that way we can all stay connected.

Well….Boyle has been busy studying her cookery book, so Mr Boyle is very happy indeed!! So we may need to get her to post some of her recipes – Boyle your are up for the Cookery slot when we return to school!!

Aitken has been keeping fit by dancing – so you know what we are going to be doing when we get back – Pine Class do Strictly!!!

Jardine and Alan have been on the Tic Tok!! – so we want to see the videos!!!!

Wilson has been getting crafty –  knitting, crocheting and sewing- and with the help of wee Sadie making some useful bits and pieces.

Now yesterday I went for a walk with Carter, he is my Labrador and  nearly 15 so we don’t walk very far – did you spot him in the Willowbank Video?? Anyway he had a bath on Saturday and he is a very hairy Labrador – and as we were walking some of his hair was coming out and a wee bird appeared  – which did not observe the social distancing rules as it was very close and it took a beak full of his hair then came back for more – what a cosy nest that will be!!  I wished I had had my phone to take a photo! What I think its nest might look like.

Image result for birds using dog hair to make a nest

Carter on Saturday morning – Hairstyle by Andrew!!

So I decided that this weeks focus should be BIRDS!!!

Listening to the birds, especially in the morning, while the sun is shinning and if you can get outside and enjoy the calm and listen to them chirp.  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has loads of information on there website. https://www.rspb.org.uk/about-the-rspb/get-in-touch/contact-us/

Feed the birds, make a bird feeder – now this does not have to be complicated, look on Pinterest or Google – there are loads of simple ideas out there using bits and pieces from our recycling – cans, jars, plastic bottles – lets be creative responsible citizens.

There is a section on the RSPB website telling you what you can and cannot feed birds.

See the source image       Image result for make a bird feeder can#   Orange Bird Feeder

CBeebies had some great ideas too!


Make a Bird, again you don’t need lots of crafty materials –  get creative and use some recycling materials – and perhaps make your bird like a rainbow and put it in the window for others to enjoy – Reece the Ladies wants to see your Arty creation – your sister will help I am sure!!

12 COLORFUL BIRD CRAFTS  Newspaper Art! Introduce kids to mixed media & recycling by creating fun bird art from newspapers, party streamers, buttons & paint.  Upcycled Owls / Make these fun owls using recycled materials / Fun crafts for kids / Cardboard crafts

Film choices …..Well it has to be “Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag”

See the source image

The Old or New, you may have it on DVD or can watch it from another provider, or You Tube has lots of clips.

  • Lots of Songs to make you smile – I love ‘Step in Time’ – have a feeling Jessica will too!! Wondering which one Shannon will like the best???
  • Make your family say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” over and over again – think this will make Adam laugh!
  • Count the Penguins and the Chimney Sweeps – Jacob will like this!!
  • Learn the Makaton Sign for Penguin – come on Melanie!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTDNNh5QNMc

Dancing – the Birdie Song – lets have a boogie!!!  – special request from Reece!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-60Pl4xdng

And now for some cookery. 

This is a popular Australian recipe we have made it in class, we like the crunch of the cornflakes when mixing  – I have sent a video with all the ingredients and steps – and the birds can have some cornflakes too! Before they are coated in honey and sugar.

Image result for Honey Joys


Update on Heather, she started her new Nursing  job last Tuesday in Aberdeen and moves to a new flat tomorrow and she will send a photo when her and Willow the Bear are all settled.

Well have a great week little Pinettes!!!

Send us some Comments …and some photos!!!

Love the Pine Ladies xxxxx

See the source image

P.S. If any of this disappears it will be because Wilson hasn’t observed copyright and is now in Jail!!! Don’t worry the rest of the Pine Ladies will bake her a cake with a file in it!!!

How are we all doing?

Good Morning  Pine Class – how are you all? And all those at home with you?

The Pine Ladies are missing you all, so I thought I would let you know what we are all doing.

Well Aitken  has been getting her exercise and out running – not sure if Nathan has been joining her but I will check that out! So she will be super fit when we all get back to school!

Boyle has been supervising her husband, and strictly keeping him on task,  he is working from home and his boss has also been setting him fun challenges – today’s is to make pancakes – Boyle says he is not a cook, and perhaps she is worried about the mess, but I am sure with her supervision this will be a successful learning experience!!!! I will report back to you all.

Jardine, with Alan for good company,  has been keeping her steps up and walking 2 miles indoors – well done! And last night the two of them were going to learn dance with Oti Mabuse – she will be demonstrating her dance moves to us all when we get back – which will be great fun !  Poor Wilson it is hard being the only Pine Lady with two left feet…and no rhythm!! Did anyone else watch Oti in the morning?

Tonight is ‘Clap for our Carers’ at 8pm – so if you want to take part open your front door, or a window and clap, bang a pot with a wooden spoon, shout or sing – let’s show our appreciation and let off a wee bit of steam!!! #clapforourcarers

We are going on a Bear Hunt!!! Many houses are putting teddy bears in there windows, and children out on their family walks are having great fun spotting them!! This bear is in one of my upstairs windows, and while sitting in my dining room doing my school work I heard a child’s delight as she spotted it – little pleasures.  Have any of you got a bear in your window or spotted any??

Lots of children have been creating beautiful rainbows and putting them in their windows, these are lovely to see – makes me smile!! Come on Pine Class create a Rainbow and get it in your window!!!!

Songs we like to listen to in class, in the Pine Class we listen to lots of music!! And there is loads posted on the app, but we also like Elizabeth South Disney Medleys – these are short snippets of different songs, Jessica, Melanie and Reece love them or perhaps it is me singing over them!!! Shannon and Jacob enjoy some of them, Adam pretends he is too cool for them – but secretly likes them, although with all those girls he really has no choice!!  The Superman Song by Black Lace – catchy and we encourage all the actions!!

Well Wilson has been drinking far too much tea!!! I have burnt out my kettle – OH NO!! So I am boiling a pot of hot water just now – I will hopefully get a new one when I brave the supermarket for my shopping essentials on Friday!!    Wilson’s daughter Heather is still in Aberdeen, waiting to see what is happening with the Student Nurses in their final 6 months – so I will get her to put Willow the bear in her window.

As families, friends, school families and communities we are all finding it difficult being apart, but this is so important. Take care everyone – do what you can from home. #staysafe #savelives



Hello Pine Class!!!!


Well the Pine Class hasn’t been the same this week – we have really missed Melanie, Jessica and Shannon.

Reece has been doing loads of class jobs and keeping us all right!!

And we used up all the Home Economics supplies and made some wee cupcakes and chocolate krispies.

Adam has made us laugh lots and has enjoyed time out of his chair, with Jacob giving him good company  – and we watched Frozen – Again!!!!!!

We have done a wee bit of Art – but it is a secret – shh!!

And today Miss Devlin took over the Morning Group as Class Teacher, Adam and Jacob thought she was very strict, Wilson got sent to the quiet room for talking , Boyle got into trouble for carrying on,  but Aitken and Jardine were Teacher’s pets!!! She is one confident individual!!!

Hopefully we will see you all very soon.

We will miss you all


The Pine Ladies


Science Week

Last Friday was Adam’s 15th Birthday – we all sang him Happy Birthday and enjoyed some yummy Chocolate Birthday Cake!!

We carried out a few different Science Experiments this week. We were successful individuals and made Cornflour Slime – it was great fun to play with watching it go from a solid to a liquid then back.

Adam successfully made the light bulb light up!!!

And so did Jacob!

We loved the Planetarium – watching the stars.

We continued to work on our SQA Unit and made paper plates of our Inside Out Characters!!!

We have had a camera problem – so not as may photos as we would like!!

We have also seen Jessica’s Sea Monkeys – WOW!!! Made a dancing man on a plate, launched paper rockets and decorated biscuits – hope you enjoyed them!!!

And had fun at with the rest of the Secondary for Sports Relief.

World Book Day

Today was World Book Day, Jessica and Blake looked amazing as Jasmine and Aladdin!! Well Done!!

We were successful learners and listened to the story SuperTato – it was really funny – none of us are ever eating peas again!!! Then we made a superhero spud and some masks.