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Confident Individuals – SQA Personal Presentation

The Transition boys washed their delicates this week. Due to COVID they can’t access the laundry room as it’s out of their bubble. The boys chose to wash some of the props they had been using for their group performance. The boys were Confident Individuals choosing the correct washing liquid, washing the delicate scarf in warm soapy water, rinsing in fresh water and wringing out before hanging it somewhere appropriate to dry.

Confident Individuals – Reflecting on Work

As the Transition boys near completion of their SQA work there is an opportunity to reflect on the unit. The boys were Confident Individuals when they thought about their Eco unit. The boys selected ‘like’ or dislike’ for each activity then the gave reasons for liking or not liking two aspects. The boys were very focused and could give excellent responses to the questions.

SQA Eco – Sharing Information – Responsible Citizens

The Transition boys were Responsible Citizens this week when they researched and produced an information pamphlet about Climate change. The boys watched a new BBC programme about climate change and two different approaches to helping. They boys then selected small changes that we can make and made them into an information pamphlet.