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Haircuts and Eggs????

We had a lovely time at the Burns Supper and Ceilidh last Friday – didn’t take very many photos as we were too busy enjoying ourselves.

Shannon, Reece and Jessica went to Tesco on Wednesday.  They bought the classroom supplies and had a snack there.  Reece confidently paid for the snacks and used the scanner.

We have been practising our Makaton – Reece has been working us hard.

Melanie has been working on her SQA Unit – matching the characters with their theme tunes.

Adam has been doing great work in his lift pants.

Shannon discovered a new light up toy which makes loads of noises.

Mrs Jardine read the story about the Haircut – we love it!!

Need a Haircut???

The chattering teeth are funny!!!

Reece wearing the cape.

“Would you like a magazine?”

Snip Snip!!

Think you might have taken too much off Mrs Jardine!!!

In SQA Baking we were exploring ingredients again – this week eggs.

Watch you don’t break it!!!!

Melanie and Adam enjoyed being in the Cookery Room in their Lift Pants and Walker.

Making meringues – for snack tomorrow – yum!!


Using the switch to make the mixer go!!

Do eggs feel funny Reece??

Holding the Egg Whites over our heads – no accidents!!!

We also have a lovely visitor in our room for 6 weeks, a Student Nurse called Kyra.

Burns’ Supper – Practical Hospitality

The Transition boys put in a great shift this Friday when they set up for and served the Burns’ Supper. Patrick performed ‘My Heart’s in the Highlands’ to get things started. The boys were Confident Individuals and served all the food carefully and with great manners. As School Captain Ethan sat at the top table and made the Transition Class very proud. Well done all!


Hospitality Training

The Transition boys were working hard on their hospitality skills this week. The boys were Effective Contributors when setting tables and ironing items. As part of their SQA course the boys have to prove that they can follow instructions, they practiced this by following table settings to check our Burn’s supper layout was correct. The boys also have to carry out tasks that would be included in the hospitality industry. The boys proved they can handle an iron safely before ironing items with the hot iron. Maximum effort by all!

Planning for Burns’ Night

It might have been the first day back but the Transition boys were Effective Contributors when they launched straight into planning for the next event, the School’s Burns’ Supper. The boys worked through a presentation which told them what a Burns’ Supper was and what they needed to include in their plans. The boys then selected different planning jobs as part of their SQA work experience.

SQA Work Experience

The Transition boys were Effective Contributors to school life when they used their Work Experience skills. It might have been Christmas time but The Grinch (Mr Nicoll) put the boys to work to help take down the Christmas decorations and generally tidy the school. The boys listened to multi step instructions and followed them. They also focussed well on their tasks and completed all that was asked. Well done!