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SQA Eco – Sharing Information – Responsible Citizens

The Transition boys were Responsible Citizens this week when they researched and produced an information pamphlet about Climate change. The boys watched a new BBC programme about climate change and two different approaches to helping. They boys then selected small changes that we can make and made them into an information pamphlet.


SQA Hobbies and Interests – Effective Contributors

It was tattie time this week in Transition. The boys were preparing their seed potatoes for growing in their SQA Hobbies and Interests class and were Effective Contributors when chitting their potatoes. The boys identified the end of the potato with the most eyes and set them in a box the correct way up. We hope they will sprout roots in the next few weeks so we can plant them out in the garden.


Effective Contributors – Upcycling

The Transition were Effective Contributors when they finished one of their upcycling projects. The roads and road signs are ready for delivery to the primary classes after the Easter Holiday. The boys at the beginning of the week used their numeracy skills to measure and count to make up their order to finish one of our other projects, the bottle greenhouse. Well done boys!


Effective Contributors – Group Games

The boys were Effective Contributors as they  continued their trials of different group games, trying out sand bowls on different surfaces. We found out that the sand bowls run a lot further on the playground surface compared to the grass! We also found out that Mr Nicoll may have had a lot of practice growing up! The boys also consolidated their kick rounder skills for fielding by practicing their throwing and catching. The boys seemed to take great delight in stumping out the staff!