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Confident Individuals – Cooking Neeps

Following on from their neep preparation last week some of the Transition class used their neeps in their cookery class this week. They were Confident Individuals dealing with hot water and pans to boil their neeps before mashing them. They had to have a wee bit of haggis just to help the neeps go down! They confidently used the microwave, kettle and stove top along with different preparation implements.

Successful Learners – SQA Numeracy

There was a Christmas feel to the Transition class SQA numeracy lesson this week. We took time to sort out out baubles by colour which was a task that related to their SQA Numeracy topic. They were all Successful Learners creating lines of each colour and then totaling them. We discovered that the most common colour was Gold with 12 baubles, followed by 11 Red baubles. There were a few baubles that were on their own. Well done everyone!

Successful Learners – SQA Numeracy

The Transition class were Successful Learners when they worked with pictograms. They made a pictogram to show different eye colours in the class and the number of people with each colour. They then spent some time understanding a made pictogram about screen time. Some pupil matched numbers from the key, some totaled each bar and others answered short questions to provide conclusions.

Confident Individuals – Healthy Eating

Bacon and eggs were the order of the day when half of the Transition class took part in their practical cookery lesson. There were all Confident Individuals when they chose a healthier way to prepare bacon (grill) and eggs (scrambled). They used the hot grill very safely and microwaved the eggs. Some pupils used the switches to help start and stop the microwave so that the eggs were cooked to perfection. Only one complaint – Mr Nicoll never saw a scrap of bacon or eggs!

Successful Learners – Numeracy

The Transition class had some more sweets to sort into groups this week. They were Successful Learners when they made rows of sweets to compare numbers. We discovered that the split of sweets in a Heroes packet is fairly even. As usual, the sweets that no-one likes were present in the highest number (toffee eclairs – yuck!), and there was one solitary Twirl.