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Pine Lockdown Week 6 – The World made a Rainbow 🌈

Well Hello Pinettes! How are you all?

Well again –  what about this weather???

This is LGBT+ Awareness Month and if you have driven or walked past the  school you will have seen the LGBT+ Flag proudly displayed.

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So this week’s blog is all about our differences and our similiarites

Literacy, Nature, Art and Craft. 


Below is a suggestion for a couple of books, some we have read before,  but they all have a silimar theme that we are all different in some ways, the same in others but we are all unique.

The Flamingo that didn’t want to be Pink🦩

What about making yourself a Flamingo – the only rule is  it cannot just be PINK!! Maryland Zoo has a Caribbean Flamingo called ‘Bumper’ you can learn all about him, find out what he eats and how tall he is, and even watch him and his friends on the live web cam. Maryland Zoo 

Next the Rainbow Fish, in this link it is read by Ernest Borgnine (he has been in a lot of Movies!) The Rainbow Fish

What about making a colourful sparkly fish, I will send you all some instructions. What about going onto the internet and seeing if you can find any real rainbow fish.

Last year in class we read Tango makes 3 we really enjoyed this story, so thought you would like to hear it again. This is a lovely story all about two boy penguins called Roy and Silo, then baby Tango comes along. You can look up loads of information on penguins.

All about Penguins 🐧

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One last story The World made a Rainbow 🌈  

In the first Lockdown we all made Rainbows for our windows, think about making another one like the little girl in this story. What about a sensory Rainbow with different materials for each colour? ArtBar has some really great ideas!

Singing and Signing


Lets practice signing all the different colours

Singing Hands Colour

Colours of the Rainbow 🌈 

Rainbow Colour Song 🌈

Numeracy 🔢

What about a colour hunt?

  • How many Red things can you find in the kitchen?
  • How many Yellow things can you find in the fridge?
  • How many Pink things can you find in the bathroom?
  • How many Green things can you find in the garden?
  • How many Purple things can you find in the living room?
  • How many Orange things can you find on your walk?
  • How many Blue things can you find in your cupboard?

Which colour did you find the least of and which the most?

Now don’t forget it is Valentines Day on Sunday, so what about making a card for someone special – cards are always nicer when they are hand made.

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And Friday is Chinese New Year – Year of Ox!  Red Ted Art 🐂 has loads of crafty ideas for you to try, you could make a dragon or an Ox.

BBC Facts about Chinese New Year

Remember to check out the sensory sessions below if you haven’t already done so.

Five Sensory Sessions

Well have a lovely week Pinettes!!

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Love the Pine Ladies



Home learning – week beg 8th Feb

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. This month is LGBT month, and we would have been reading a book all about different families.  This book is called “The Family Book” by Todd Parr. Click the link to hear the story being read on YouTube.

The Family Book


Rainbow hop

Let’s continue the rainbow theme. Make giant letters in different colours and place them on the floor. You could start with (s a t p i n), someone at home can help, then they can shout out a letter and you have to run and jump onto the correct letter. You could even do it with the letters of your name and then find each letter in the correct order to spell your name.


Shapes are all around us and we had been exploring different shapes in the classroom. Look around the house and see what shapes you can find. You can also play this Shape game .In the game you need to feed the monsters the correct shapes.

Health and Wellbeing

Make a pizza

Make your own pizza at home. Try using a wrap, pitta bread or pizza base. Spread the sauce over the base, then add your toppings – there are lots of things you could add to your pizza. Why not have a go and create an LGBT rainbow pizza. Is your pizza round or square? Did you enjoy your pizza?

Chinese New Year

This week is also Chinese New Year. You could try different Chinese foods at home such as noodles, prawn crackers and prawn toast. Email me and let me know what you liked.

This year is the year of the Ox.  I was born in the year of the Goat. Use this website to find out which animal you are and more information about Chinese New Year.

You could make a colourful lantern by folding a piece of paper in half making some slits not quite to the end of the paper, decorate then twist into a cylinder shape and secure with glue or staples and add a strip of paper to the top to create a handle. You could place a battery-operated tea light in the bottom and see the light shine through.

Sungazers Home Learning Week 5

Hello, hope everyone is doing well! We are all really missing you and hope that it is not long now until we are all back together again.  Here are some activities for you to try at home and enjoy.


Numeracy – Number Pairs

You Will Need: A4 paper, scissors and a pen

  1. Fold a piece of A4 paper or card three times to give you eight equal rectangles.
  2. Cut out the rectangles.
  3. Write pairs of numbers on the rectangles. Can choose higher numbers if you wish.
  4.  Mix the rectangles up and turn them over to face down, so you can’t see the numbers.
  5. Take turns to turn over two of the rectangles. If you get two that match, you get to keep them.
  6. Play until all the numbers are gone.
  7. (Make more rectangles to add to the game for a challenge for next time if suitable).

Literacy – Chinese New Year Story

On Friday, it will Chinese New Year.  Click on the link to hear the story all about it.   We have previously read the story of The Great Race in class.  Each year a different animal is celebrated.  Can you find the year you were born?  What animal is associated with your birth year? This year it is the year of the Ox.

See the source image

Health and Wellbeing – Dressing Games

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  1. Lay out three items of clothing for two people, eg socks, trousers and sweatshirt.
  2. Ask child to stand in front of items of clothing.
  3. Who can dress the quickest?
  4. On your marks, get set, race!

Expressive Arts – Chinese New Year 2021 Song for Kids 

Image result for chinese new year clipart

Have a listen to this song about the Chinese New Year.  Enjoy!


Expressive Arts – Chinese Cupcake Cases Dragon

Click on this link to see how to make a Chinese Dragon out of paper cases.

We would love to see photos of all your activities! Have fun!

Team Sungazers 🙂

Happy New Year Sungazers! – A Busy First Day Back

The Sungazers have had a busy first day back after the Christmas break.  We enjoyed our session with Centrestage – using the parachute, singing songs and dancing catching the bubbles.



We have also been busy doing lots of number work and made a number line based on the Chinese New Year ‘Great Race’ story.   We then used our number lines to find out what order the animals finished the race in.   We also made Chinese Dragons using a variety of different shapes during maths time.

*Confident Individuals      *Successful Learners      *Effective Contributors

Big Trouble in Little China…

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed going to the Sensory Assembly where we tasted different foods, made Chinese shapes, watched the Chinese dragons dancing on the big screen, got to beat the big Chinese drum and play on the Magic Carpet. In class we listened to the story about how Chinese New Year began, worked out which animal we were and made some Chinese lanterns. In cookery we made Sweet and Sour Chicken, and also Krispy Cakes with Gold Coins for good luck – yummy!! We also did some hard work this week too!!