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LGBT Month

The Stars class read the book ‘No Matter What’ for LGBT month.  We were all responsible citizens and felt we are all the same no matter what we look like or what our families consist of. We did lots of activities including making rainbow flag cupcakes, rainbow love heart pictures, rainbow hand prints and printed a purple picture of grapes. Our week finished with purple activities in the hall which were great fun.



LGBT Activities

On Friday afternoon we were all effective contributors and took part in LBGT Activities. Each Class planned an activity and then we all got a turn to carry it out – there was jigsaw hunting, purple sensory activities, painting a  rainbow canvas, making purple hand prints and testing the pH of different liquids.

Our Class Activity involved lots of different colourful fruits – they were set out like a rainbow and you had to choose pieces and make a funny face on a paper plate and then taste them.

Photos to follow.

LGBT – Giraffes Can’t Dance

Responsible Citizen – Effective Contributors – Successful Learners

The Snowdrops have enjoyed exploring our story Giraffes can’t dance.  We have explored ways we are all good at different things and had fun trying some animal yoga positions!  The Snowdrops have also been creative using different colours and textures to make an LGBT flag and heart-shaped rainbow, thinking about being kind.

Knitting like Raffi

Round two of knitting for the Oak room, we failed our first attempted so we gave a new technique a try.  We were much more successful! We all worked together, we were effective contributors and managed to make three bracelets.

Our LGBT story is about Raffi, who likes to knit. He worries about liking things that others do  not.  He is worried that people will make fun of him because he likes different things and not the same as everyone else.

Raffi learns that his he has a talent of knitting and this can be used to help others and make people happy.

In the Oak class we have been learning about what makes us different from everyone else and that we are amazing just the way we are. All our hard work will be shared in our class assembly tomorrow to celebrate LGBT.



One of the activities we carried out this week for our LGBT Theme was making colourful hanging hearts.

We confidently used them for lots of different learning activities. Counted them and  made sure everyone had all 6 colours, we signed all of the colours, we arranged the hearts into the correct size orders and then we strung them all together – don’t they look pretty


LGBT Study – And Tango Makes Three


The Bluebells class have enjoyed reading a new story this week. We read the true story called “And Tango Makes Three”. The story takes place in Central Park Zoo where two male penguins Roy and Silo meet and fall in love. They are met with some challenges along the way but the story ends up with them having a daughter named Tango and they are a loving family of three.

We really enjoyed reading this story and we also researched pictures of the real life Roy, Silo and Tango before creating our own using shapes and coloured card. Finally, we found some online penguin themed jigsaws which we have enjoyed doing.


Next Friday we will celebrate LGBT and the acceptance of who you are, ‘Proud To Be You’.  This is our class theme for the month of February.

We tried and tested our activity that will be completed on LGBT Purple Friday.   We are making a rainbow canvas wall art, with the phrases ‘LOVE’ or ‘PROUD’.  We will post the finished design next week.

We were successful learners in listening and following the instructions to create our rainbow design.

LGBT – Made by Raffi

We listened to our LGBT book, it is about understanding that everyone has their own talents and interests.  Everyone is different and we should celebrate difference.

Our book is about Raffi who likes to knit and people are not kind because of this. Raffi starts to worry about not liking the same activities as everyone else in the class.

Raffi loves to knit and is very talented at creating things, we all tried to finger knit today.  Well it certainly is a talent as we all got tied up in knots, Mrs Livingstone came to the rescue and helped everyone make a knitted bracelet.

We were effective contributors and everyone focussed their attention to actively participate in the knitting the activity