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Love and Equality

In the Oak class we have been involved in weekly lessons based on LGBT. Our work is focused around two books and this week the book is ‘Prince Henry’. A story about love and equality between two people. Everyone has the choice to fall in love with whoever they want.

We spoke about our family network and who is around us and the people that care and love us. We created a family tree and we were
confident individuals when sharing with our friends.

LGBT – Rainbow Skittles

Successful Learners   Confident Individuals

The Snowdrops have enjoyed more LGBT theme activities this week. We have explored different colours and have made  beautiful rainbows. The Snowdrops also showed a lot of interest in our science experiment to see if we could make a rainbow using skittles and water. Everyone was very confident when pouring the water and everyone thought the colourful results were amazing!

Rainbow Bubble Snakes


The Daisies class have enjoyed this week’s rainbow activities to celebrate LGBT History Month. We enjoyed a science activity making rainbow bubble snakes.

We used a plastic bottle, sock, elastic band, some fairy liquid and food colouring to set up this science experiment. We loved catching the bubble snakes as they appeared out of the bottle and some of us were brave enough to try it with our own water bottles.