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FAOL – Christmas Enterprise

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The Snowdrops enjoyed creating a ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’ Christmas gift to send home today.

Pupils were able to select marshmallows, tic tacs, matchmaker sticks and chocolate drops to put into the gift bag.  We also were able to count out the correct amounts for each bag and develop our fine motor skills in the process too.

We all had great fun making these gifts and hope our families enjoy receiving them too.

St Andrew’s Day

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The Snowdrops have enjoyed learning about the story of St Andrew and creating lots of lovely Scottish crafts.  We made Scottish flags by tearing, scrunching and sticking white and blue tissue paper onto our templates.

We also had great fun dipping toy cars into different coloured paints and rolling them in different directions to create our own tartan pictures!

Snowdrops meet the Glasgow Gruffalo

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The Snowdrops have all shown interest in our new theme story about the Glasgow Guffalo.  Everyone has responded to large picture visual aids about the story and enjoyed holding animal soft toy visual aids.  We have also participated actively in art work for our class wall, using lots of different textures to create story animals.

Snowdrops Ice Pack – What I choose to do

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The Snowdrops explored some of the roles that people play in the community including firefighters, nurses and police officers. They were able to confidently choose who might help them in different situations. The Snowdrops then had a chance to choose the job that they would like to do in the Snowdrops class. Everyone is looking forward to carrying out their jobs! Well done, Snowdrops!

Remembrance Day Activities

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The Snowdrops have all responded well to a variety of activities relating to Remembrance Day.  Everyone showed interest in a Power Point explaining the different ways we remember things and the importance of Remembrance Day.  Pupils interacted well with sensory red textures; sprinkling red coloured rice and creating Poppy flower shapes with red play doh.  We used red handprints to create our own Poppy flowers and also glued red tissue paper to make a Poppy suncatcher and designed our own medals.

Fireworks in the Snowdrops

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The Snowdrops have enjoyed some fireworks related activities this week. There was lots of messy fun when we used straws, paint and glitter to create some lovely firework effect pictures. We also painted our hands red and yellow and pressed them onto black paper to make beautiful bonfires. We enjoyed some sparkly playdough fun and made our own rockets from 2d shapes. Fireman Sam also reminded us of how to stay safe on Bonfire Night!

Diwali Activities

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This week the Snowdrops have been learning about Diwali – The Festival of Lights, and made beautiful Diva Lamps from clay.  We then painted them and sprinkled them with glitter.  We also looked at Rangoli patterns and made our own from different shapes.