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It’s Summertime ☀️ 🏖

Well Snowdrops  as I write this post I’m feeling so proud of you all and how well you did to finish the school year in such a strange way. I speak for all the ladies when I say we have missed all your smiley faces each and every day. But the good news is all of you will be getting a social distance visit this week from Mrs Brown, Mrs Johnstone or Miss Taylor with an end of term gift from the school and class .
In August everything will be very different for all of us in school but please don’t worry about it as you will all be very safe as always in Willowbank .
For most a new class but familiar staff will be there to help you learn.

So from today check out the blog as I made a video of you all working so hard and doing all the things we love at school.

Something you could do during the holidays Is make ice cream 🍦. Have put a link to an easy recipe for you to try .

Something else fun to try and also show the importance of sunscreen is painiting with sun cream on dark paper


Well snowdrops that’s it for session 2019/2020. One that none of us will ever forget. Mrs Brown and Myself wish you all the very best when August comes and am sure you will continue to grow in confidence and develop all your skills you have been learning even further . It has been a great pleasure having you in class and watching your personalities develop . I thought we would sign off in usual Snowdrops fashion with a song .
Hope the sun ☀ shines and you all have some summer fun and adventures

take care and best wishes

Miss Kelly , Mrs Brown and the snowdrops ladies 💙❤🌈



Power off , learn outdoors (polo day )

This week in school would have been our POLO week ,where we take our learning outdoors without the use of electricity or technology.

Polo day runs along with save the children Den day so for your first activity this week I want you to get creative and build a den inside ( if wet ) or outside .. use chairs , blankets , tables anything you can think of .
Here are some examples



Once you have built your den do something fun like read a story in it , or have a picnic

Activity 2

If you decide to have a picnic maybe you could make a sandwich to eat , or get creative and turn your fruit into a picture .

Activity 3
I would like you do do some art using materials from your garden , you can make anything you like .. I asked the ladies in the class to make some pictures as examples so let’s see if you can guess what Mrs Collins , Mrs Johnstone and Miss Taylor made .

Last task this week is to take your shoes and socks off and try walking on grass .. did you like it ? How did it make you feel ? 😢😀

If you try any or all then as always we have loved seeing your photos so send them in . Have fun





What melts in the sun?

Hi Snowdrops,

We have had a lot of lovely sunshine and this can be a great time for some fun science activities.  All the Snowdrops ladies are going to help you with this idea.  Let’s explore what melts in the sun!

We have found some foods for you to test but you can choose lots of different things.

Take small pieces of food and place them on a tray, leave your foods out in the sunshine and keep checking to see what happens.

Enjoy some science in the sun but only if you get time.  Take care Snowdrops, we miss you.

Songs and Sensory 🎶

Hello everyone hope your all doing well . I can’t believe it’s been so long since we seen you all . You are all doing so well and I’m sure your enjoying all the time your having with your family ( but secretly looking forward to getting back to school ) 🤭

This weeks tasks are listed below
Activity 1

In the snowdrops we love a song for any occasion, so I thought it’s time to practice our number songs

Singing  hands -Three little monkeys https://youtu.be/mZBZ8J1R_yU

Five little ducks


Ten in the bed


Activity 2

This activity is all about colours . I want you to have a look 👀 about and find lots of items of different colours maybe choice red , yellow , blue and green and then sort them so the same colours are all together . A good colour sort activity is lego bricks or pegs for hanging out the washing . Have a go see what you can find 👍🏻

Activity 3

We have enjoyed this activity in class before and thought you might like to do it at home . It’s sensory bags . Easy to make and no mess but lots of fun 😃.
All you need is

ziplock bag




food colouring

into the bag add about 1/4 bag of oil ( baby or vegetable oil is fine)

next add some food colouring

then  1/4 bag again of water

now zip it closed fold over and  tape That edge so no leaks .

You can also add glitter if you like some sparkle .
Raid the craft box and make some of your own , water or hair gel works well with Pom poms , sequins or pick something and try it out .
A really simple one is to add shaving foam to the bag , you can use this to practice your letters or numbers or just make some patterns.

Have a good week Snowdrops 👍🏻 and remember your photos if you can . We would love to see how your Peter rabbit plants are coming on .

Sports week and tasks

Hello Snowdrops , hope you have all enjoyed this fantastic weather and been sun safe . This week in school would have been sports day on Tuesday  . All the staff teams have made some race videos and will be shared tomorrow  for you all to watch and hopefully create some races at home .
As always we have some task for you to complete if you wish .
Activity 1 – size sequencing 

This activity involves using household items and putting them in an order from smallest to biggest ,  use any items that you can think of . I have included some examples I used spoons , pot lids or could use the actual pots , towels , clothes eg t shirts for everyone in the house or shoes .

Activity 2 – floating and sinking 

Some science next , we all love to play with water so let’s try and gather some items , anything at all . Fill a bucket, basin or if you have your paddling pool out can use it and drop the items in one at a time and see what floats and what sinks . If you have an orange try using it and see what happens if you drop it in the first time with the skin on , then get a grown up to help peel it and try again . Was there any difference ?

Activity 3 – Moon sand
Why don’t you have a go at making your own sand you only need three ingredients .

4 cups of flour

1/2 cup oil ( vegetable or baby oil )

food colouring ( optional )

Add the flour to a bowl and add a few drops of food colour if you wish .
Next pour in the oil to the middle of the bowl , you now need to mix it together so either use a spoon or get your hands in and squeeze it all together .
once mixed put it on a tray or container that you can use to play with it .
You can make shapes if you have cutters or like we do in school practice drawing letters or numbers in the sand with your finger .

We have been loving the photos of you all working so hard and enjoying time with your families. Keep up the good work everyone all the ladies are very proud of you all . 👍🏻

Digidabble week

Hello snowdrops , in school this week we would have been doing lots of fun activities using different types of technology. This isn’t so easy to do at home but we will as always try to ‘Be the best we can be’.

So I have tried to come up with a couple of activities you can do as home ,but you will need to ask a grown up to help as you will need a camera , camera phone or iPad .
Activity 1 

When  you are out for your daily exercise try looking to see if you can find Some or all of the scavenger hunt list I have made . ( take photos 📷)

A blue car 🚙

A tree 🌳

A postbox 📮

A flower 🌷

A bin 🗑 ♻

A animal ( 🐶  , 🐈  , 🐴  , 🦢 🦋  etc )

A sign 🚸

something round ⭕

something square ◼

something in your garden

something that makes you happy 😃

Activity 2 

look around your house and see if you can find items with the same initial letter of your name ..( take a photo 📷 ) if that’s too easy then try doing it for everyone in your house .

Mine would be the letter ‘M’ – money

Activity 3 

Have some fun on the CBeebies app and watch some Peter rabbit or play some Peter rabbit games .


Good luck everyone and can’t wait to see any pictures you manage to take 👍🏻




Yoga with Moovlee the Monkey

Hello Snowdrops!

In class, we always enjoyed doing some yoga with Moovlee the Monkey.

Our favourite yoga video was always making shapes of the letters of the alphabet. Here are some photos of us doing yoga in class, do you remember?

This week, let’s do some alphabet yoga again with Moovlee!  You can do yoga indoors or outside, if it is sunny.  If you don’t feel like doing the yoga, you can just have fun watching the video.  All the ladies in the Snowdrops Room have been doing the yoga too.  Can you guess what letter of the alphabet we are showing?

Here is the link for the Moovlee Alphabet Yoga video –              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0RUN0e3ZGY

We would love to see any photos of you doing some yoga Snowdrops!  Stay safe, missing you all.


Top potato 🥔

Hi everyone , hope you are all well and enjoyed last weeks task and you are looking after Peters seeds well. 😃
The weather hasn’t been so nice this week but hopefully you are still keeping busy .
Anyway this week challenge is a creative one . Sticking with our theme I challenge you all to make a potato person , just like ‘Mr potato head’ only better ! So use anything you like to decorate it and ask a grown up to help you with tricky bits , you can use fruit , vegetables , flowers , twigs , arts and crafts supplies just experiment and see what you like … remember a good place to start is to look in a mirror at the features you have like a nose 👃 eyes👀 , ears 👂 and mouth ,then try and give you potato person the same .

To help you out I asked all the ladies in the class to make one for you all to see . What you think ? Do they deserve a thumbs up 👍🏻?

As always if you complete the task send a photo to Mr Campbell and he will let us see them or put them on the blog .

This week in the Snowdrops we have a birthday girl . So all the ladies would like to wish Rachel a very Happy Birthday 🥳 🎂 for Thursday xx enjoy your celebrations 🎉


Fun in the sun

Hello Snowdrops!

We’ve been enjoying lots of sunny weather and it’s good fun to play outside, but we must remember to stay safe.  Here are some photos of what we all need to do to stay safe in the sunshine.

Can you find – Mrs Brown with a sun?  Miss Kelly with her hat on?  Miss Taylor drinking some water?  Mrs Johnstone with her sun cream?  Mrs Collins wearing her sunglasses?

Have fun in the sun Snowdrops and stay safe!  We miss you all!