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Beach Party!

To follow on from this morning’s summer sing-a-long with the Singing Hands, the Snowdrops held their own beach party this afternoon.

We played some tropical beach sounds through the speakers and started our party off with some beach volleyball. 

We then played some limbo. We tried really hard not to hit the bar!

After that, we played palm tree skittles and used a real coconut as our ball. We enjoyed looking and feeling its rough shell.

After our beach games we played in the sand and water outside in the lovely warm sun. 

For our beach snack we had ice cream. We chose which flavour and toppings we wanted. Yum!

We finished our party with some dancing to Baby Shark!

We had lots of summer fun!


The Snowdrops have enjoyed taking part in POLO day.

This morning we were scientists and we were investigating whether different objects were able to float or sink when they were placed in water. We tried to guess what would happen and recorded our guesses and what actually happened, on our worksheet.

This afternoon, we were making some outdoor cuisine using recipe cards! With some help we used good looking skills to collect ingredients and then practised following instructions to make our dishes.

Lots of outdoor fun was had!

Sunny Days in the Snowdrops

Effective Contributors/Successful Learners

Now the sun is shining, the Snowdrops have been exploring what we need to do to keep safe when the sun is hot.  Everyone showed interest in looking at pictures, smelling sun cream and trying on sun hats and sunglasses.  We practised our Makaton signs and responded well to songs about the sun.  The Snowdrops also experienced fun activities involving the sunshine colour yellow – sprinkling and playing with yellow coloured rice, citrus scented playdough and yellow water beads.  Everyone showed interest in painting activities, creating a sun handprint picture and a finger printed pineapple.  It’s been a busy week in the Snowdrops!

MOVE Day – Superhero Day!

The Snowdrops had a SUPER day celebrating our school’s MOVE programme. We all dressed us as superheroes and had lots of fun doing superhero themed activities.

We started the day with Superhero themed wake up songs so we were alert to go on a Villain hunt:

Then we played Superhero corners. There was lots of dancing and we had to listen to hear which superhero corner to run to:

After some play outside and our snack, we got to work making our Superhero shields:

There were some green spiders loose in the class (aah) and we pretended to be Spiderman and catch all the spiders on our webs:

At the end of the day, we relaxed and enjoyed a well-earned Superhero cupcake at snack time. Yummy!

We all had lots and lots of fun!

FAOL Eco/Sustainable Development – spring cleaning the school garden

Confident Individuals/Effective Contributors/Successful Learners/ Responsible Citizens

There were lots of green fingers in the Snowdrops class as we carried out a ‘spring clean’ of our garden trough. We all enjoyed feeling the soil with our fingers and exploring the shapes of the gardening tools. We used the tools well to pull out all the weeds! We used good listening skills to follow instructions and excellent looking skills to spot the weeds to pull. We were very pleased and proud of our clear flower bed!

Digital Technologies Week in the Snowdrops Class

Confident Individuals/ Successful Learners

To mark Digital Technologies week, the Snowdrops would like to show how we enjoy using different technology to help us learn and develop new skills.

We can use the ipads and the promethean board to help us with numbers and literacy.

We use switches to help us make confident choices.

Eye Gaze technology helps us access learning, independence and develop our communication skills.


IDL – identifying rooms in a house

Successful Learners/Confident Individuals

The Snowdrops are enjoying learning about the story of The 3 Little Pigs.

Last week we were busy with construction and building houses and this week we have been busy exploring inside a house. We have enjoyed looking at and identifying the different rooms in a dolls house, feeling the furniture and making decisions about which rooms the different furniture should go in.

IDL – Building and creating houses for the 3 little pigs

Effective Contributors/Successful Learners

The Snowdrops are showing lots of interest in our new theme story about the 3 little pigs.  Everyone has responded well to building houses using large bricks or construction toys.  We have all explored different textures and noticed how they feel using our fingers.  The Snowdrops have showed interest in gluing and sticking textures to create houses from our story.  We are creating a wall display in class showing our story.