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Top potato 🥔

Hi everyone , hope you are all well and enjoyed last weeks task and you are looking after Peters seeds well. 😃
The weather hasn’t been so nice this week but hopefully you are still keeping busy .
Anyway this week challenge is a creative one . Sticking with our theme I challenge you all to make a potato person , just like ‘Mr potato head’ only better ! So use anything you like to decorate it and ask a grown up to help you with tricky bits , you can use fruit , vegetables , flowers , twigs , arts and crafts supplies just experiment and see what you like … remember a good place to start is to look in a mirror at the features you have like a nose 👃 eyes👀 , ears 👂 and mouth ,then try and give you potato person the same .

To help you out I asked all the ladies in the class to make one for you all to see . What you think ? Do they deserve a thumbs up 👍🏻?

As always if you complete the task send a photo to Mr Campbell and he will let us see them or put them on the blog .

This week in the Snowdrops we have a birthday girl . So all the ladies would like to wish Rachel a very Happy Birthday 🥳 🎂 for Thursday xx enjoy your celebrations 🎉


Fun in the sun

Hello Snowdrops!

We’ve been enjoying lots of sunny weather and it’s good fun to play outside, but we must remember to stay safe.  Here are some photos of what we all need to do to stay safe in the sunshine.

Can you find – Mrs Brown with a sun?  Miss Kelly with her hat on?  Miss Taylor drinking some water?  Mrs Johnstone with her sun cream?  Mrs Collins wearing her sunglasses?

Have fun in the sun Snowdrops and stay safe!  We miss you all!

You’ve got mail 📮

Hello Snowdrops,

hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. I know I certainly did and spent time in my garden.
This weeks challenge is being delivered from the postman. So watch for the letters coming through your door and find an  envelope with your name on it .
Inside you will find a letter and this weeks task .
All I’m going to say is Peter Rabbit needs your help and you might end up being green fingered !!

Have a good week Snowdrops and as always everything is optional but we would love to see some photos of your beautiful smiles 😀🌈

Carrot Muffins 🥕

This weeks challenge Snowdrops is a cookery one. I know how good you all are in the kitchen , you follow the recipe , look for the numbers on the scales or measuring jug, you have strong arms for mixing /pouring and  great co ordination for scooping into cases. So it’s time to have fun ..
Peter Rabbit loved a particular vegetable in Mr McGregors garden can you tell us what it was ???

Well done it’s carrots 🥕 !!

So here is a simple carrot cake muffin recipe that you could try at home . Remember to send us your photos if you manage to make them.


* 150g carrots grated

*2 eggs

100g brown sugar

5tbsp sunflower oil

100g self raising flour

1/2 tsp cinnamon

100g raisins ( optional )


1 . preheat oven to 190’c/ gas mark 5

2. put muffin cases into muffin tray

3. mix eggs and sugar together, add in oil

4. Add all other ingredients (you can use any dried fruit raisins, apricots , cherries ) and mix everything together

5. Spoon into muffin cases and bake for 15-20 mins until firm to touch and golden brown .
6. allow to cool and enjoy 😊





Snowdrops challenge (wk2)

Hi everyone hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather we continue to have . I hope you all managed a listen to our theme story last week and are looking forward to this weeks task, should you wish to do it.
This week I thought it would be fun to do some painting with a twist . I want you to look in the fridge and see what vegetables you could use as a paint brush , carrots and celery work well  !! Alternatively I thought when you are out your daily walk or in your garden you could gather some twigs , leaves , flowers anything really and then make ‘nature paintbrushes’ . I will put a couple of photos at the end of the blog.
To add to the fun I also thought we could make our own paint . To do this is easy you can either collect coloured things from your garden like grass , flowers , mud , if you grow fruit even strawberries , beetroot anything put it in a bowl ( each one separate ) and mash with a stone or hands then add some water and paint away .
You can also use spices from your kitchen like chilli, tumeric, basil etc add some water and mix .. if it’s too thin add a little flour .
if any of you try this Mrs Brown and myself would love to see your pictures , so post a comment or picture and make us smile 😊

keep safe everyone
Miss Kelly

Hello snowdrops

Hello to all our Super Snowdrops, Mrs Brown, myself and all the Snowdrop ladies are missing you all terribly. We hope you are keeping busy and that you and your family are safe and well in this very strange time for us all.
Mrs Brown and myself had planned a lot of fun activities for our new topic “The great outdoors” through our theme story “The tale of Peter Rabbit” so we have decided to upload some tasks and activities each week that you can choose to do with your family if you wish. There is no obligation to complete them just if you are looking for something to do they will be there for you.
As we are missing all your smiles we would love it if you could send us some photos of your completed task or something you have enjoyed doing at home.
So this week to get us started we thought you would like to listen to the story of Peter Rabbit and also sing and sign along with Singing Hands to “Little  Peter Rabbit ”.
Have fun snowdrops
Miss Kelly




Snowdrops – Science Week

Successful Learners – Effective Contributors – Confident Individuals

The Snowdrops have been actively engaged in many science activities.  All pupils have been focussing attention on different reactions and changes that have been happening during our class or school experiments.  The Snowdrops have shown lots of interest and used many skills – pouring, shaking, pressing, mixing.  Lots of good listening, choosing and following simple instructions for all the Snowdrops!  It’s been super fun so far.

Snowdrops World Book Day

Confident Individuals – Effective Contributors – Successful Learners

The Snowdrops participated actively in a variety of World Book Day activities.  Everyone took part in our assembly and shared their favourite story from our class library.  In class, the Snowdrops engaged well with our story about Winnie Wagtail – participating in drama, songs and roleplay.  For homework, the Snowdrops all brought in a favourite story from home and shared this with their friends.  We also created farm animal masks related to our story and all pupils made personal choices.

LGBT – Giraffes Can’t Dance

Responsible Citizen – Effective Contributors – Successful Learners

The Snowdrops have enjoyed exploring our story Giraffes can’t dance.  We have explored ways we are all good at different things and had fun trying some animal yoga positions!  The Snowdrops have also been creative using different colours and textures to make an LGBT flag and heart-shaped rainbow, thinking about being kind.