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Welcome to the new Pine Class

It has been great to be back in School!

We thought we would just show you some of the things we had been getting up to since the beginning of term.

Selecting the Golden Rule we are focusing on – Number 2 – Working Together.

MOVE and working on Days of the Week.

Successful Learners in Numeracy

Knock it down!!!!

Right Respecting School – what is Right thing and what is Wrong thing to do?? These responsible citizens knew the answers.

Stretching out in MOVE

Ready for Parachute Fun!!!

Sensory Play – great fun!!!

Making Choices. – planning our MacMillan Event.

Colour Sorting in Numeracy

Confident Individuals in Art

We are Artists – ROAR!!!

We love The Wonky Donkey Story – using a single message device for the ‘Hee-Haw’ sounds.

Sensory Fun with Shaving Foam!

Band Practice!!

UNCRC Article 24 – making a poster with all the appropriate information.

Health and Well-being – Outdoor Learning.

A great afternoon Bowling. – STRIKE!!

Making Choices and place mats.

Numeracy with Spinderella, . story about a spider that wants to learn to count!

Stretching for MOVE

Autumn Art

Using Technology during Morning Group

Exploring Ingredients – Flour Sensory Play

Oh dear!!!!

Where is the hoover?

Literacy and Art

Outside in the Sunshine.

Our new Food Theme is based on the book ‘Don’t waste your Food’

We are looking at food spoilage.

Won’t look like this next week!!!!

50 Things making Art with things we have collected outside.

Smelly the lavender.

Have a great weekend everyone,


POLO in the Pine Room!!

Power of Learning Outdoors – POLO Successful Learning in the Garden – look at our lettuce and onions!!!

Signing Practice – Baby Shark

We anticipated that Friday’s weather might not be so good – so we carried out some of our POLO Activities earlier in the week


We were working on our 50 Things too and instead of waiting for rain we created some!!!


Are you ready???

Water Balloons – throw them!!!

Literacy outside too!!

What a funny story!!!

Ready for some bubble wrap Art

What a bunch of Confident Individuals in Art!!!

What a Responsible Citizen.

Successful Learners Numeracy and MOVE

Knock it down…knock it down…..

….Well done!!!!!!

Sensory Cereal Play – using our fine motor skills looking for small candy eyeballs!!!

Crunch and pop!!! Different textures and feels.




Football Fun!!!


Squishy Painting

Using the Bubble Machine too!!

Great Copying.

Creating ’cause and effect’ with the switches.

Great fun in Numeracy playing Snakes and Ladders.

Have a great relaxing weekend everyone!!!!

Diggable Technology in the Pine Room.

This week we are highlighting Diggable Technology in School , this also ties in with Article 17 of the UNCRC which states all children and young people should be able to access information, particularly from the media.  Just now we are using technology every Wednesday to access school information via Teams for Assemblies, and we also get to see our friends in other classes on the big screen – Well done Mr Campbell, we think you should get a Diggable Technology Certificate next week!!!

In the Pine Room our favourite pieces of Technology are our AAC Devices, we use it to communicate in different ways, telling the Pine Ladies how we are feeling or making choices.

During Morning Group we are effective contributors and communicate our news to each other using our Big Macks.

Now at home how do you use your technology – do you listen to music on a phone, watch movies on an iPad, skype family members on your computer? Bring in some photos please from our information wall.

We have been successful learners in Science and taken our knowledge outdoors and planted our lettuce, spinach and some onions – in amongst our flowers!!!

In Social Studies we were working on SDG 17, sustainability and being part of a team.

Finishing out IDL Art ready for our wall display.

Practicing for Sports day.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


50 Things in the Outdoors – Making a Scarecrow

This Transition class were Effective Contributors when they all worked together to make a scarecrow for our raised bed. The boys helped spread out the plastic sheet to hold the hay and then took turns stuffing the scarecrow. Unfortunately the pumpkin head was just too heavy so a decorated hay stuffed bag had to be the replacement.