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Day 1 – Science Week

Monday started with a bang to our week of experiments for Science Week.

We made our predications of our success rate and already we have had quite a few passes!

Everyone had a great day making their predication on success of the experiments, then watching and waiting for the experiment to happen to see if they were correct.  We were effective contributors when taking part in all the experiments.  Also successful learners all round as everyone was keen to get involved and try things out.

We made lava cake and enjoyed eating it, we explored air power through a variety of different experiments.  We made a stick man dance in a plate of water and we attempted to make slime, however again we failed at successfully making slime! However the everyone really enjoyed exploring, playing and describing how the slime felt on their hands.

World Book Day

We haven’t just celebrated books on one day but all week. We all really enjoy experiencing and reading the “That’s not my ….” books, so on Monday we collected all the books we had along with different materials and read them together. We touched the different materials then used to create capes and headbands.

On Wednesday we had lots of fun participating in activities around “Goldilocks and the three bears”. We had a large tuff tray full on oats and were confident individuals exploring the oats finding the images underneath and scooping it up into the different bowls. We played with bears deciding who was mummy bear, daddy bear and baby bear. We watched the story on the board and enjoyed playing with the puppets alongside.


Today is the big day World Book Day. Today we are focussing on the book Snow White and seven dwarfs. Miss Hill even dressed up as Snow White. During our morning group we read parts of the story. For cookery we made rice krispie treats made the read and moulded them to look like apples. We decorated out own mirror design and added tin foil to the middle so well all have our own magic mirror and explored the Snow White inspired tuff tray in the afternoon.

Once Upon A Time

We all had great fun celebrating World Book Day, we brought in our favourite stories from home to share with our friends.  We also read the ‘Wizard of Oz’ together and we were all effective contributors to the story.  We had our role play masks and had to act out our part of the story whilst it was being told.

We then took part in some activities related to our story, we were blindfolded and had to try give the Tin man a heart.  We used our super soakers to get the Wicked Witch of the West, she doesn’t like water! We also had to help feed our dog Toto as he was so hungry after his adventure.

After this we took in turns to share our favourite books with our friends in class.  To conclude the day, Aladdin found his beautiful princess, Jasmine and they all lived happily ever after.

Knitting like Raffi

Round two of knitting for the Oak room, we failed our first attempted so we gave a new technique a try.  We were much more successful! We all worked together, we were effective contributors and managed to make three bracelets.

Our LGBT story is about Raffi, who likes to knit. He worries about liking things that others do  not.  He is worried that people will make fun of him because he likes different things and not the same as everyone else.

Raffi learns that his he has a talent of knitting and this can be used to help others and make people happy.

In the Oak class we have been learning about what makes us different from everyone else and that we are amazing just the way we are. All our hard work will be shared in our class assembly tomorrow to celebrate LGBT.


LGBT – Made by Raffi

We listened to our LGBT book, it is about understanding that everyone has their own talents and interests.  Everyone is different and we should celebrate difference.

Our book is about Raffi who likes to knit and people are not kind because of this. Raffi starts to worry about not liking the same activities as everyone else in the class.

Raffi loves to knit and is very talented at creating things, we all tried to finger knit today.  Well it certainly is a talent as we all got tied up in knots, Mrs Livingstone came to the rescue and helped everyone make a knitted bracelet.

We were effective contributors and everyone focussed their attention to actively participate in the knitting the activity

IDL – Edinburgh

We have finalised our IDL Scotland topic work by having a Scottish breakfast and then creating a tour guide poster for Edinburgh.

We were effective contributors when getting everything prepared for the breakfast, at the same time another group were making mint aero tray bake for Café Latte tomorrow.

Next term we are exploring the great outdoors for our new IDL topic, the Oak room will be experiencing camping and walking.  We all worked together to build a tent in class.



Enterprise – Café Time

Our café opened today for the first time of 2020, Sunflowers were our first customers.

All pupils had a role within our team, they were all effective contributors and fulfilled their roles to ensure we had very happy customers.

We sang a ‘Good Luck’ song for Miss Campbell and then our café workers entertained their customer by singing and signing ‘Shotgun’.