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MacMillan Coffee Morning – say Hello to Percy Pig!!!

In the Pine Room we have been working really hard on our Literacy Skills, successful learners matching the letters of our names.

Sensory Play exploring different textures, exercising our hands – good job!!

‘A is for Astronaut’ we have been combining Art and Literacy how cool are our moon pictures?

Autumn Art pictures.

We have a large cut out of Percy Pig’s body – we thought it was funny!

We made Pig Masks too!


Our theme is based round the book ‘Don’t waste your Food’ we bagged up different foods to see what they looked like after a couple of week….nasty!!!

That was spinach!!!


Looks and smells and really bad!!!!!

Colour matching foods

Well done!!!

We have been working on the letter B, sounding the letter, looking for objects that start with that letter and creating some spooky Art!!!

The first cupcake is from the Pine Class, the rest are from other classes – aren’t there great!!!!!

Look at these great CRAZY Hairdos!!!

We had a lovely MacMillan Coffee Treat this morning – great interaction!!

Teapot Posers!!!!

What is in there???

Afternoon play and great interaction.

Look at the Ladies Cup Cake Hair!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Welcome to the new Pine Class

It has been great to be back in School!

We thought we would just show you some of the things we had been getting up to since the beginning of term.

Selecting the Golden Rule we are focusing on – Number 2 – Working Together.

MOVE and working on Days of the Week.

Successful Learners in Numeracy

Knock it down!!!!

Right Respecting School – what is Right thing and what is Wrong thing to do?? These responsible citizens knew the answers.

Stretching out in MOVE

Ready for Parachute Fun!!!

Sensory Play – great fun!!!

Making Choices. – planning our MacMillan Event.

Colour Sorting in Numeracy

Confident Individuals in Art

We are Artists – ROAR!!!

We love The Wonky Donkey Story – using a single message device for the ‘Hee-Haw’ sounds.

Sensory Fun with Shaving Foam!

Band Practice!!

UNCRC Article 24 – making a poster with all the appropriate information.

Health and Well-being – Outdoor Learning.

A great afternoon Bowling. – STRIKE!!

Making Choices and place mats.

Numeracy with Spinderella, . story about a spider that wants to learn to count!

Stretching for MOVE

Autumn Art

Using Technology during Morning Group

Exploring Ingredients – Flour Sensory Play

Oh dear!!!!

Where is the hoover?

Literacy and Art

Outside in the Sunshine.

Our new Food Theme is based on the book ‘Don’t waste your Food’

We are looking at food spoilage.

Won’t look like this next week!!!!

50 Things making Art with things we have collected outside.

Smelly the lavender.

Have a great weekend everyone,


POLO in the Pine Room!!

Power of Learning Outdoors – POLO Successful Learning in the Garden – look at our lettuce and onions!!!

Signing Practice – Baby Shark

We anticipated that Friday’s weather might not be so good – so we carried out some of our POLO Activities earlier in the week


We were working on our 50 Things too and instead of waiting for rain we created some!!!


Are you ready???

Water Balloons – throw them!!!

Literacy outside too!!

What a funny story!!!

Ready for some bubble wrap Art

What a bunch of Confident Individuals in Art!!!

What a Responsible Citizen.

Successful Learners Numeracy and MOVE

Knock it down…knock it down…..

….Well done!!!!!!

Sensory Cereal Play – using our fine motor skills looking for small candy eyeballs!!!

Crunch and pop!!! Different textures and feels.




Football Fun!!!


Squishy Painting

Using the Bubble Machine too!!

Great Copying.

Creating ’cause and effect’ with the switches.

Great fun in Numeracy playing Snakes and Ladders.

Have a great relaxing weekend everyone!!!!

Pine Class Apple Crumble Superheroes

Our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) Topic is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and this week we were thinking again about Apples, which are very important in the story. Some of us made Apple Crumble and some of us enjoyed Apple Crumble Sensory Play – chopped apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, oats, butter and flour – lots of different textures and smells.

Literacy, matching the Dwarfs with the Color Monster feelings, Happy is the Yellow Monster  – a favourite of a few in class!!

Grumpy is the Red Monster – but he still gets a giggle!!

Achoo!!! For Sneezy!!!

Grumpy or Happy????

Choosing Happy – great MOVE today – sitting in a class without the hoist for support – WELL DONE!!!!!

Listening to magical Snow White Songs.

Art, looking for jewels like the dwarfs – glue and glitter fun!!!

Friday the 4th of June is Superhero and MOVE  Day.

Girls saving the World!!!

Great sitting!!

Let the DISCO begin!!!

Link to the Mini Disco – we loved it!!!

Non Stop Mini Disco

Have a SUPER weekend everyone!!!

Creative Artwork in the Pine Room

“Are you Dancing?” – “Are you asking?”

“Come on Logan step in time!”

Working on our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) we are making some Forest Art work, using paint and bouncy balls – CLEVER!

Rolling side to side!!

WOW!!! What a Successful Learner!!!

A Confident Individual having fun carrying out his hard work,

Ready – this successful leaner is multi-tasking, doing her Art in her Standing Frame – ART and MOVE.

Working on our gripping skills – holding on to the bags, then dropping them on to the mat.

“What a score!”

“See if you can beat her?”

Rainbow Numeracy at Morning Group

“Paying for Snacks” Great money exchange from this effective contributor.

Money Matching

Great counting and building skills.


“Lets make it higher Logan”

MOVE Rolling from side to side!!

Working on our Numeracy Skills.

A very successful learner working on his MOVE skills – great core muscle strength, fantastic reaching and stretching.

More Multi-purpose Flapper Skills  – Fencing – go Boyle!!!

Science – We are Planting our Morrison’s Seeds of Hope.

MOVE great Sitting.

Now for some well earned Sensory Play.

Working on my fine motor skills and trying to pick out the bouncy balls with the tongs – HEY!! not as easy as it looks!!!

Auditioning for Santa in the Christmas Show!

So much fun – but we are also stretching out our hands and fingers.

Mmmmm….  is there something in your hair?

Secondary Assembly

Enjoying to listening to Singing Hands and then using the AAC Devices to tell everyone ‘I am Happy’

IDL work – recognising the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Benefits of Sensory Play, developing fine motor skills, gripping and stretching skills, and building up tactile tolerance.

Welcome to the Pine Class Snack Café, we are working on our numeracy and money exchange skills.

Even offering a Speedy Shopper delivery service.

Global Goals 16 – we are looking at the roles of the Police in our Community.

There has been a robbery in the Pine Room, someone has broken in and stolen the Jaffa Cakes!!! Dial 999 and ask for the Police!

Lets look for clues, a fingerprint – who’s is it??? We need to take everyone’s fingerprints.

So WHODUNIT? “Sorry young lady you have been nicked”

OH NO!!! someone has eaten all the evidence!!! Case dismissed!!!

Creating cause and effect making the unicorn laugh – MOVE – looking good in your new Standing Frame!

Finishing our IDL Art

Message for the ECO-CAPTAIN use everyday objects clipped on clothes pegs to create mini pain brushes – very creative.

WOW!! What amazing work

Get ready for FRIDAY DISCO!!! Music and MOVEment!!

Hard work time – Colour Sorting and Fine Motor Skills.

MOVE – Great sitting – Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

Science Week

This week was Science Week and we did lots of different experiments in class. We had lots of messy play and added water to cornflour to make gloop. It felt strange but we really enjoyed touching it with our hands. We did the pepper experiment.  We put soap on our hand and watch the pepper move away from our finger. We did rain cloud in a cup and watched as the blue food colouring went through the cloud and went into the cup. We also explored the bubble rocket in the playground stomping and making it go high in the sky and the bubbles float away.

Pine Lockdown Week 4 – Scotland

Well hasn’t this weather been wild!!!

Again, I think we have had every possible weather – some times all in one day!!!

In my back garden I found a piece of ice about the size of a small surf board!! And my neighbours made the cutest Snowman, about 6cm high and  sitting on their wall. Have any of you spotted anything exciting when you have been out?

In Scotland we have loads of words to describe the weather, and we like to talk about the weather a lot! Do you know what these weather words mean – Dreich, Drookit, Smirr, Lashing and Haar?? Do you know any others?

Numeracy 🔢 

Now the Scottish weather is going to continue to be mixed for this week and into the next, so there are two suggestions for Numeracy this week.


Firstly make a weather chart (or we will email you one out) and record what the weather is like and adding up after 7 days, how many days have been rainy, snowy, windy ….or sunny!

Secondly, counting games in class we really do enjoy Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders and also Bingo – keep counting as you go – remember no cheating!!


The books we are going to recommend this week are –

There was a wee Lassie who swallowed a Midgie

Image result for there was a wee lassie who swallowed a midgie

Now this story is being read by the Heart and Mind Clowns and the Pine Class loved the Clowns.

Which animal was your favourite?

The Glasgow Gruffalo

Read by Elaine C. Smith – which is great!! Were there any words you hadn’t heard before? Or any you thought were really funny?

Couple of Scottish Movie choices for this week, what about ‘Brave’ and ‘The Water Horse Legend of the Deep’.

FREE Brave activity book | Brave movie, Animation movie, Disney braveTHE WATER HORSE | Movieguide | Movie Reviews for Christians


Lets do some Signing 👌

The Sair Finger

Now do you recognise the person reading this poem???

Ye canny shove yer Granny aff a bus

with the Singing Hands.

Image result for clip art bus

Arts and Crafts 🎨

What about creating a sensory plate of Haggis, for this craft activity you need:

  • A paper plate
  • Some cotton wool
  • Orange and brown Tissue paper
  • Tartan ribbon
  • Googly eyes

Or create you own Loch Ness Monster – we would love to see photos of your creations.

Porridge is great for sensory play.  Put some in a tub add some plastic cups and other objects, this is a great way to do our hand exercises, filling and pouring.  You can add some water and let it soak for some messy play or what about making Porridge Play dough. Below is a link for lots of ideas for Sensory and Messy Play using porridge.

Porridge Sensory/Messy Play

Music and Movement 💃🎶

Well to start us of, instead of ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’, lets see how confused we all get with this version.

Heids, shooders, knaps and taes

Now a class favourite is the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, especially with the boys (sometimes they just  need a rest from Frozen!)

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Cookery 👩‍🍳

Well did anyone have Haggis this week?

There are lots of different Scottish foods you could try, clottie dumpling, tablet, black pudding, cock-a-leekie soup, flat sausage and irn bru.

Below is a wee link for Shortbread, you could help weigh and measure and  mix up all the ingredients. The raw mixture is nice to touch, help flatten it with your hands and grip and squeeze it all together – great hand exercises.


Well have a lovely week Pinettes.

Image result for scottie dog clip art

Love The Pine Ladies


Pine Class Learning at Home 1

Well Hello Pine Class!!!

How are you all?

The Pine Ladies are missing you and hoping you are all well and keeping busy. 😀

Have you read the story The Little Red Hen – it is a classic!

Did you enjoy it?

Free Red Hen Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

Which of the farm yard animal was your favourite?

Singing hands will show you the Makaton signs for some farmyard animals – click on the link Farmyard Animals


Bread dough is always a popular choice for  Sensory Play –

Mix 200gms Bread Flour, 1/2 tsp Salt, 2tsp Dried quick-acting Yeast and 1/2tsp Oil together then slowly add 125mls Warm Water.

We always mix this up in a basin, cover with cling film and then a tea towel and leave somewhere warm for an hour or so.

And let the Science happen!!! 👩‍🔬 Has is doubled in size?? Put some flour on the table and have fun – cut out shapes, roll and stretch the dough or you could bake the dough.🍞

Have you looked up the Makaton Sign for RED (Wilson asked you so do Yellow – Silly Wilson!) Singing Hands Colours🌈

We enjoy Colour Sorting Activities in the Pine Room – if you are looking for some ideas there is a link below.

Colour Sorting Activities


Boyle and Shields looked for some RED things in the classroom.

Singing  🎵


You’ve got a friend in me – Makaton signs

Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream?

Well what have the Pine Ladies been up to??

Wilson and Logan have been working with the Beech Children, Boyle and Shields have been sorting out the Pine classroom getting it all ready for your return Pinettes!!!

See you soon

Love the Pine Ladies