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Pine Class Apple Crumble Superheroes

Our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) Topic is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and this week we were thinking again about Apples, which are very important in the story. Some of us made Apple Crumble and some of us enjoyed Apple Crumble Sensory Play – chopped apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, oats, butter and flour – lots of different textures and smells.

Literacy, matching the Dwarfs with the Color Monster feelings, Happy is the Yellow Monster  – a favourite of a few in class!!

Grumpy is the Red Monster – but he still gets a giggle!!

Achoo!!! For Sneezy!!!

Grumpy or Happy????

Choosing Happy – great MOVE today – sitting in a class without the hoist for support – WELL DONE!!!!!

Listening to magical Snow White Songs.

Art, looking for jewels like the dwarfs – glue and glitter fun!!!

Friday the 4th of June is Superhero and MOVE  Day.

Girls saving the World!!!

Great sitting!!

Let the DISCO begin!!!

Link to the Mini Disco – we loved it!!!

Non Stop Mini Disco

Have a SUPER weekend everyone!!!