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Science Week

This week was Science Week and we did lots of different experiments in class. We had lots of messy play and added water to cornflour to make gloop. It felt strange but we really enjoyed touching it with our hands. We did the pepper experiment.  We put soap on our hand and watch the pepper move away from our finger. We did rain cloud in a cup and watched as the blue food colouring went through the cloud and went into the cup. We also explored the bubble rocket in the playground stomping and making it go high in the sky and the bubbles float away.

Pancake Day

Today is Pancake Day we had pancakes for snack and really enjoyed playing in the afternoon with our pancake tuff tray. We mixed all the ingredients in the bowl, matched labels with the images of the items needed and flipped pictures of pancakes. All the children had great fun. They were all confident individuals with their flipping skills and everyone used lots of words when touching the ingredients.

Sensory bottles and making a house

This week we made our own sensory bottles for our morning group. We chose six – sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy and a rainbow. We enjoyed ripping and tearing materials to put inside our bottles and then filled then with water. We have been enjoying using them at our morning group with our days of the week boxes.

Today we using images of different doors and windows to create our own 2D house and used “shreddies” and icing sugar as the cement to build our own house.