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Pine Lockdown Week 4 – Scotland

Well hasn’t this weather been wild!!!

Again, I think we have had every possible weather – some times all in one day!!!

In my back garden I found a piece of ice about the size of a small surf board!! And my neighbours made the cutest Snowman, about 6cm high and  sitting on their wall. Have any of you spotted anything exciting when you have been out?

In Scotland we have loads of words to describe the weather, and we like to talk about the weather a lot! Do you know what these weather words mean – Dreich, Drookit, Smirr, Lashing and Haar?? Do you know any others?

Numeracy 🔢 

Now the Scottish weather is going to continue to be mixed for this week and into the next, so there are two suggestions for Numeracy this week.


Firstly make a weather chart (or we will email you one out) and record what the weather is like and adding up after 7 days, how many days have been rainy, snowy, windy ….or sunny!

Secondly, counting games in class we really do enjoy Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders and also Bingo – keep counting as you go – remember no cheating!!


The books we are going to recommend this week are –

There was a wee Lassie who swallowed a Midgie

Image result for there was a wee lassie who swallowed a midgie

Now this story is being read by the Heart and Mind Clowns and the Pine Class loved the Clowns.

Which animal was your favourite?

The Glasgow Gruffalo

Read by Elaine C. Smith – which is great!! Were there any words you hadn’t heard before? Or any you thought were really funny?

Couple of Scottish Movie choices for this week, what about ‘Brave’ and ‘The Water Horse Legend of the Deep’.

FREE Brave activity book | Brave movie, Animation movie, Disney braveTHE WATER HORSE | Movieguide | Movie Reviews for Christians


Lets do some Signing 👌

The Sair Finger

Now do you recognise the person reading this poem???

Ye canny shove yer Granny aff a bus

with the Singing Hands.

Image result for clip art bus

Arts and Crafts 🎨

What about creating a sensory plate of Haggis, for this craft activity you need:

  • A paper plate
  • Some cotton wool
  • Orange and brown Tissue paper
  • Tartan ribbon
  • Googly eyes

Or create you own Loch Ness Monster – we would love to see photos of your creations.

Porridge is great for sensory play.  Put some in a tub add some plastic cups and other objects, this is a great way to do our hand exercises, filling and pouring.  You can add some water and let it soak for some messy play or what about making Porridge Play dough. Below is a link for lots of ideas for Sensory and Messy Play using porridge.

Porridge Sensory/Messy Play

Music and Movement 💃🎶

Well to start us of, instead of ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’, lets see how confused we all get with this version.

Heids, shooders, knaps and taes

Now a class favourite is the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, especially with the boys (sometimes they just  need a rest from Frozen!)

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Cookery 👩‍🍳

Well did anyone have Haggis this week?

There are lots of different Scottish foods you could try, clottie dumpling, tablet, black pudding, cock-a-leekie soup, flat sausage and irn bru.

Below is a wee link for Shortbread, you could help weigh and measure and  mix up all the ingredients. The raw mixture is nice to touch, help flatten it with your hands and grip and squeeze it all together – great hand exercises.


Well have a lovely week Pinettes.

Image result for scottie dog clip art

Love The Pine Ladies


Home Learning – week beg. 25th January


Learn about Scotland and living on an island by watching Katie Morag on iPlayer – what episode did you watch? Did you enjoy it?

Have a look at this clip where Katie Morag is playing pooh sticks. Have you played pooh sticks before? Did you like it? When you are on a walk you could have a go and play pooh sticks too. Video – Katie Morag – pooh sticks

Now have some fun doing the Shooglie Wooglie. This a clip from Scottish Book Trust doing the Scottish version of the Hokey Cokey. Have fun and hopefully you learn some Scottish words for different body parts.

Shooglie Wooglie video


Our theme this term is Scottish castles can you use kitchen roll tubes to create castles. Places a different number on each castle you make. Then you can play a game, placing the correct number of straws or pencils inside the numbered castle – you could even add flags to the top of each straw/pencil. Have fun. 😊 You could also get help from someone in your family to draw a castle with a number on it and place the correct number of toys on top on the castle drawing. You could also create a number line. Draw a castle with battlements then use a toy character to count to 10 and back again moving him along the battlements.

Health and Wellbeing

Put on your own mini Highland games in your house.

Toss the caber – use a cardboard tube for this.

Hammer throw – use a cushion and see who can throw it the furthest.

Catch the Haggis – use a bean bag or a sponge or even an orange. How many times can you catch it before it drops?


Have a look online at different tartan designs. Then have a go of making your own tartan. This can be made drawing lines with pencils, pens or crayons. You could even get messy and use paint. Or you could cut or tear paper into strips creating you own design by sticking them to a piece of paper.

Pine Lockdown Week 1 – Spinderella 🕷🕸

Well Happy New Year Pine Class – different start to the New Year from what we had hoped!!!

There is a pack with different activities – you can pick and choose the bits you want to do or do it all – remember we love to see your photos and lovely art work.

While Wilson and Logan were in the Beech Room last term they heard the lovely Mrs Wilson reading the story Spinderella to some of the class during Numeracy – what a great story for counting!!! So for this we are going to base all our activities on Spinderella ….and Spiders!!!!

Who likes SPIDERS???

LOGAN is not a fan – used to be really scared, but she loves the Spinderella Story.

SHIELDS only likes tarantulas!!!!!

WILSON is the Spider Catcher – no squashing spiders on her watch -Joan the Janitor comes to get her when there is one in the school!

BOYLE is fine with them as long as they aren’t too close, but loves how they can spin their magic webs.

Spider’s Web  are very impressive indeed, check out the link below.

Natural History Museum – Spider’s Webs

Literacy – Click on the Link below to hear the Story of Spinderella 📚

Spinderella is a spider that wants to learn to count, and enjoys a game of Football!


  • Can you remember what some of Spinderella’s brothers were called?
  • What did they use for a football?
  • What colour was the Hairy Godmother?
  • What number did the class count to?
  • What colours were the bibs?
  • How many flies did Spinderella have for dinner?
  • How many spiders were on each team?
  • How many legs does each spider have?
  • What did mum use for a whistle?
  • Who scored the winning goal?

Well did you like this story?

Think this might be a new favourite Numeracy Story in the Pine Room. 🔢

Some more Numeracy – concentrating on the number 8 – like the legs of a spider!!

Counting with Rodd

Click the Link below for a story – watch the waves and the shapes.

Walter’s Wonderful Web

Okay – time for some signing!

So let’s join the Singing Hands for some Incy Wincy Spider – click on the Link below.

Incy Wincy Spider

Arts and Crafts 🎨

What about making a spider hand print? Below is a Link to the site Messy Little Monsters – this is a really good web site with loads of good art activities.

Messy Little Monsters

Below is a Link to a lovely wee Spider Story  – if you like it there are lots more episodes.

Spider! Episode 1 – Spider in the Bath

Some spider information from the BBC Bitesize Science Site 🧪🕷🕸

Spider Facts


Can you help make a spidery treat??

A chopping board serving Halloween spider pizzas

Spider Pizza

Image result for spider sandwich

Spider Sandwiches

Image result for spider oreos

Oreo Spiders

Oh! think we need to do some singing and dancing – ready…1,2,3…go!!!🎶

The Spider Prance

Now this Term we should have been studying our Scottish Topic – so we will add a Scottish Inspirational Spider Story.

Robert the Bruce and the Spider

So have you changed you mind about Spiders???

Now please send in a photo of a SPIDER – it could be one you have made….or one you have found!!!!

Take care Pinettes


The Pine Ladies


St Andrew’s Day



Monday was St Andrew’s Day. The boys listened to a story and looked at pictures on the board. We then made a Scotland flag using tissue paper and cotton wool. We also used cars to create a lovely tartan picture. They were confident individuals dipping the wheels in the paint and rolling them across the paper to create their very own tartan design. We also used crayons to follow the lines on on our pencil control worksheets. We listened to some Scottish music which we were not keen on.



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Digital Camera

Independence in Home Economics

We have been trying to make different Scottish foods throughout our theme, and today we enjoyed making and trying Scotch pancakes.


We measured out the ingredients and mixed everything together before being very confident individuals and trying what we had made.

We have been trying to increase our independence through using the iPad to follow visual recipes, and to check what ingredients to add next.

Theme Work – Thistle Street

Angus listened to instructions well to make his bird cake.

This week we were making bird cakes to feed the birds,  with all the snow and the cold weather we have been having we need to help our bird friends find some food.

We added raisins, oats and seeds to our bird cake mixture. All boys were effective contributors taking part in making these bird cakes.

Anthony sneaked more raisins in his mouth than he put in the mixture!

We then went and placed them in our sensory garden, the birds will have a good dinner tonight.