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Home Learning – week beg. 25th January


Learn about Scotland and living on an island by watching Katie Morag on iPlayer – what episode did you watch? Did you enjoy it?

Have a look at this clip where Katie Morag is playing pooh sticks. Have you played pooh sticks before? Did you like it? When you are on a walk you could have a go and play pooh sticks too. Video – Katie Morag – pooh sticks

Now have some fun doing the Shooglie Wooglie. This a clip from Scottish Book Trust doing the Scottish version of the Hokey Cokey. Have fun and hopefully you learn some Scottish words for different body parts.

Shooglie Wooglie video


Our theme this term is Scottish castles can you use kitchen roll tubes to create castles. Places a different number on each castle you make. Then you can play a game, placing the correct number of straws or pencils inside the numbered castle – you could even add flags to the top of each straw/pencil. Have fun. 😊 You could also get help from someone in your family to draw a castle with a number on it and place the correct number of toys on top on the castle drawing. You could also create a number line. Draw a castle with battlements then use a toy character to count to 10 and back again moving him along the battlements.

Health and Wellbeing

Put on your own mini Highland games in your house.

Toss the caber – use a cardboard tube for this.

Hammer throw – use a cushion and see who can throw it the furthest.

Catch the Haggis – use a bean bag or a sponge or even an orange. How many times can you catch it before it drops?


Have a look online at different tartan designs. Then have a go of making your own tartan. This can be made drawing lines with pencils, pens or crayons. You could even get messy and use paint. Or you could cut or tear paper into strips creating you own design by sticking them to a piece of paper.