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World Book Day

Today is World Book Day and our chosen class book was “The Hungry Caterpillar” – the ladies even dressed up as characters from the book.

We read the story and did lots of activities throughout the day.  We made caterpillars using our finger prints and counted the correct number to put on each one. We sorted healthy and unhealthy foods. We posted the food the caterpillar ate though the mouth of our big caterpillar and we also did some painting with a potato masher. It was lots of fun.

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Planets welcome back Primary 3!


The Planets class enjoyed welcoming back some of our pupils.

We completed some Health and Wellbeing ICE Pack lessons focusing on emotions. We sorted a range of emotions into positive and negative emotions (worried, shy, excited etc) and then made our own mood monsters.

We also looked closely at one of the SHANARRI indicators about being responsible. We brainstormed ideas about ways we can be responsible and tried to take on some chores around the class.

Finally, we enjoyed celebrating Purple Friday where we tasted a range of “purple” foods including beetroot, red grapes, purple gummy sweets, purple coloured pringles and vimto juice.

Home learning tasks- week 7

Good morning Comets and happy Monday! 

We are officially in Spring and it has been super to see a little sunshine over the weekend

What better way to start the 1st day of a new month by practising our signs for the months of the year! 


This week we will be Effective Contributors as we work on our tasks for World Book Day.  For our home learning this week we will be looking at different books and of course a new Giglets story. You can find the home learning tasks HERE.

I have included a delicious recipe for a Gruffalo cake (we are HUGE fans of the Gruffalo in class.) 

It has been so lovely to see you all on our VScene calls and I look forward to it again this week. 

Take care and stay safe.

We are missing you all! 

Miss Robertson and the Comet ladies x 

Home learning tasks-week 6

Good morning Comets and families,

How are we all? We are missing you in school and can’t wait till we can be together again.

Last week during our VScene calls we practised signing the colours of the rainbow. February is LGTB month and this Friday is ‘Purple Friday’.  We have been working hard on activities in class.  At home you can try and make this beautiful rainbow.

The resources you need for this art activity are-

  • Some cotton balls
  • Piece of paper
  • Different coloured paint (colours from the rainbow)

Using the cotton balls make different coloured arches. Remember you will need a new cotton ball for each colour. After each colour you can practise the signs.

Other home learning tasks for the week can be found HERE.

We do not have a Giglets book assigned for this week. However, if you would like one added to your account you can email me. I can add something I think you would enjoy. This week I will be doing our weekly check-ins on Wednesday. I am looking forward to speaking to you all.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Robertson x

Home learning – week beg 8th Feb

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. This month is LGBT month, and we would have been reading a book all about different families.  This book is called “The Family Book” by Todd Parr. Click the link to hear the story being read on YouTube.

The Family Book


Rainbow hop

Let’s continue the rainbow theme. Make giant letters in different colours and place them on the floor. You could start with (s a t p i n), someone at home can help, then they can shout out a letter and you have to run and jump onto the correct letter. You could even do it with the letters of your name and then find each letter in the correct order to spell your name.


Shapes are all around us and we had been exploring different shapes in the classroom. Look around the house and see what shapes you can find. You can also play this Shape game .In the game you need to feed the monsters the correct shapes.

Health and Wellbeing

Make a pizza

Make your own pizza at home. Try using a wrap, pitta bread or pizza base. Spread the sauce over the base, then add your toppings – there are lots of things you could add to your pizza. Why not have a go and create an LGBT rainbow pizza. Is your pizza round or square? Did you enjoy your pizza?

Chinese New Year

This week is also Chinese New Year. You could try different Chinese foods at home such as noodles, prawn crackers and prawn toast. Email me and let me know what you liked.

This year is the year of the Ox.  I was born in the year of the Goat. Use this website to find out which animal you are and more information about Chinese New Year.

You could make a colourful lantern by folding a piece of paper in half making some slits not quite to the end of the paper, decorate then twist into a cylinder shape and secure with glue or staples and add a strip of paper to the top to create a handle. You could place a battery-operated tea light in the bottom and see the light shine through.

Home learning tasks-week 4

Good morning Comets

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

This week we are going to be looking at the story of ‘’The Three Billy-Goats Gruff.” The book can be found on your Giglets account. Again, if you need a copy of log in details just let me know.

The suggested activities for the week can be found HERE.

I am looking forward to catching up with you on our phone calls this week. As always if there is anything that you need just let me know. You can contact me on kirsty.robertson@eastayrshire.org.uk

Have a lovely week Comets and remember you are all amazing!

Miss Robertson x

Home Learning – week beg. 25th January


Learn about Scotland and living on an island by watching Katie Morag on iPlayer – what episode did you watch? Did you enjoy it?

Have a look at this clip where Katie Morag is playing pooh sticks. Have you played pooh sticks before? Did you like it? When you are on a walk you could have a go and play pooh sticks too. Video – Katie Morag – pooh sticks

Now have some fun doing the Shooglie Wooglie. This a clip from Scottish Book Trust doing the Scottish version of the Hokey Cokey. Have fun and hopefully you learn some Scottish words for different body parts.

Shooglie Wooglie video


Our theme this term is Scottish castles can you use kitchen roll tubes to create castles. Places a different number on each castle you make. Then you can play a game, placing the correct number of straws or pencils inside the numbered castle – you could even add flags to the top of each straw/pencil. Have fun. 😊 You could also get help from someone in your family to draw a castle with a number on it and place the correct number of toys on top on the castle drawing. You could also create a number line. Draw a castle with battlements then use a toy character to count to 10 and back again moving him along the battlements.

Health and Wellbeing

Put on your own mini Highland games in your house.

Toss the caber – use a cardboard tube for this.

Hammer throw – use a cushion and see who can throw it the furthest.

Catch the Haggis – use a bean bag or a sponge or even an orange. How many times can you catch it before it drops?


Have a look online at different tartan designs. Then have a go of making your own tartan. This can be made drawing lines with pencils, pens or crayons. You could even get messy and use paint. Or you could cut or tear paper into strips creating you own design by sticking them to a piece of paper.

Home learning tasks- week 3

Good morning Comets,

I hope you have all had a great week. All being well,  our VScene calls should resume this week and I am looking forward to seeing you.

To celebrate Robert Burns Day, I have included some fun activities that can be completed from home.  Our learning tasks for the week can be found HERE.

As advised we are going to start using Giglets.  The children in school  have had a letter put in their school bags with a username and password. For the children working from home an email has been sent to you with those details. I have also attached information about Giglets and how to access it. It’s a fantastic resource and I’m sure you love it as much as I do!

As always do what you can, when you can.

If you haven’t received those details or have any questions please let me know by emailing me on kirsty.robertson@eastayrshire.org.uk.

Have an amazing week Comets. I will leave you with a song that is a firm favourite in the classroom-  hopefully it makes you smile!


Miss Robertson

Home learning tasks- week 2.

Hello Comets,

First, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed some of the tasks from last week. The suggested activities for this week can be found HERE- do what you can, when you can. I would love to see any work that you manage to complete,  you can email this to me on kirsty.robertson@eastayrshire.org.uk.

It has been lovely to see some of you on our VScene calls and we look forward to seeing you again. Our VScene sessions are on a Tuesday at 10.30am, Thursday at 10.00am and Friday at 10.00am.

Our story  this week is called ‘’The Lion Inside’’ by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. I will read this to you on our call on Thursday. In the meantime, you can listen to the book and practise the signs.


Stay safe and have a fabulous week!

Miss Robertson

Oak Home Learning w/c 18th January


Well Oak class here is the work for this week, 18th Jan.  There are many activities within this file so please do what you can.  Again we would welcome any photos of you completing your tasks, send them to nicola.murray@eastayrshire.org.uk

Please click on the links below as additional sheets that are listed in the work list for w/c 18th January.

Scots-language word-and-picture-matching


The new movement routine has been made and is ready for you all to watch, learn and dance along.  Have fun! Click on this link to access the routine.

This term our topic work is based on Scotland, the Oak class were exploring Scottish music.  We can still complete topic work at home, activities for this week are added onto the file 18th January listed above.

I was very happy to see many of my class on Vscene last week and look forward to having more join our session this week.  This week will be filled with more stories, movement and we will try a music lesson.

Let’s start the week with some positive thoughts.  We know this is tough and the Oak staff miss you all very much.  Always remember to stay home and stay safe and we will be back together soon.