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Local walk

*Responsible citizens

Today the Comets class enjoyed a walk around the local area. The children were all very responsible and safe during our walk. We  were fantastic at looking out for their friends which was lovely to see. The children listened carefully to all instructions and had lots of fun!

Fine motor skills and Farm to fork

*Confident Individuals     *Effective Contributors     *Responsible Citizens *Successful Learners

Another fantastic week in the Comets class. We have been working hard on our fine motor skills and farm to fork activities.

The Comets were successful learners when identifying where different types of food comes from. We looked at the journey a carrot takes to reach our plates. The children were effective contributors when taking part in classroom discussions and activities.

We have been confident individuals when preparing our carrots in different ways. All the children used the equipment in a safe and efficient way.

A warm welcome back Comets!

Welcome back Comets!

*Confident Individuals     *Effective Contributors     *Responsible Citizens *Successful Learners

It has been lovely to have everyone back in class. The children have all settled well into the new classroom routines and have enjoyed seeing their friends.

Since being back, we have had lots of fun! Below, I have included some photographs of different activities that we have been doing over the last few weeks.

Happy holidays

The Comets have been busy this week baking cakes, joining in on messy play and playing party games.  Here are some pictures from our final week together.

We hope you have a lovely break and have lots of fun.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Grow it-plant it-eat it

The Comets class have been successful learners and confident individuals when planting, growing and eating different vegetables. The children were responsible for looking after our carrots, radishes and spring onions by making sure they had lots of sunlight and water.  In addition to this, we kept track of the growth our vegetables by using a ruler. When our vegetables were ready, we prepared them by making sure they were clean. The children  have been developing their skills around chopping and  applied these skills to this task.

We were all very brave and tried all of the vegetables.

IDL- Build a castle

The Comets were effective contributors when working as a team to construct a castle. They were successful learners when identifying all of the different parts of the castle.

We used our fine motor skills to cut out the Battlements very carefully and then mixed the colours together to get grey. The Comets worked great as a team when sticking the castle together and making it stand tall.