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Tuesday the 16th of June

Hello everyone,

It’s the second last week of term! How did that happen? It has definitely been a different term at Willowbank. This week we would have had two big activities. The prom was meant to be this Friday and we would have had a POLO (Power Off Learning Outside) day as well.  The activities for this week are a mix of the two events. I hope that you have lots of fun doing them.

Here are this week’s activities Home learning 16th June

There will be a virtual prom at the end of the week. I have listed some of the dances that we will be doing but feel free to make your own playlist and your own amazing dance moves. Send pictures of you at your virtual prom.

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Let the games begin

The Transition Boys were all Confident Individuals during their PE lesson. The boys were working on use of force. They all had five beanbags and were aiming at five hoops at different distances from the throwing line. They boys missed the hoops with some beanbags but that allowed them to adjust the force that they were using. The last hoop was the smallest and it proved to be a real challenge!


Big Pedal Week

We enjoyed lots of active activities for Big Pedal Week this week. On Tuesday we went for a local walk, and tracked the number of steps we took using a fitbit.

On Friday we were all Confident Individuals when taking part in races with the Sunflowers class. We had to move around and under obstacles, crawl through tunnels, and follow the arrows to follow the course. We had lots of fun!