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Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow it’s only a day away!

Get ready for Willowbank Prom at Home! Tomorrow there will be a link found on here that will take you to your dancing playlist!

Get all the family together, have fun, dance, and enjoy your favourite snack.

Remember if you take any photos then please email them to Mrs Murray as we would love to share your Prom photos with everyone.



Tuesday the 16th of June

Hello everyone,

It’s the second last week of term! How did that happen? It has definitely been a different term at Willowbank. This week we would have had two big activities. The prom was meant to be this Friday and we would have had a POLO (Power Off Learning Outside) day as well.  The activities for this week are a mix of the two events. I hope that you have lots of fun doing them.

Here are this week’s activities Home learning 16th June

There will be a virtual prom at the end of the week. I have listed some of the dances that we will be doing but feel free to make your own playlist and your own amazing dance moves. Send pictures of you at your virtual prom.

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Orange and Blue🧡💙

Pine Class we have been missing you all so much that we had to take drastic measures and make a little version of you all!!

Well we are at our last two colours of the Rainbow!!!!

So we are going to select some different activities involving these two colours.

It is also POLO week – Power of Learning Outdoors – so we are going to include some activities you can do outside too!!


 Cookery 🥗

I think blue is even more difficult than purple so we will leave the cookery to orange.


So what about some carrot soup?

  • Can help wash the carrots and other vegetables?
  • Can you help peel?
  • What about chopping and grating?
  • Can you hear the soup bubbling away?
  • Now it is cooked – what does it taste like – is it yummy?

Below are links to a few different recipes you may like to look at OR you may have one of your own REMEMBER to send in photos and your recommendations.📷

A picture of Delia's Carrot and Coriander Soup recipe

A selection of Carrot Soups

Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot and Coriander Soup


Everyone is making Banana Bread just now what about Carrot Cake for a wee change??

Image result for carrot cake

Carrot Cake Ideas

Animals and Nature 🐝

You may have noticed quite a lot of bees just now – bees  are an important part of our world, they help to pollinate plants that create the food that we eat.


They is a link below from the BBC which shows you a wee video explaining the importance of the bees.

BBC Why Bees are important

And below is another link giving you ways you can help the bees – see if there something you can do in your garden? Another outdoor learning activity for POLO week.

Helping the Bees

Image result for Bee

Below is a clip when the Lion meets Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin-Man in the Wizard of OZ!

Lions and Tigers and Bears – oh my!!

You can watch some Lions and Tigers and Koala Bears!! On the live Web-Cam from Edinburgh Zoo – you do have to be patient the animals are a wee bit shy!!

Have a look around their website too, did you know they had 2,500 animals and is cost £2000 a day to fed them!!

Edinburgh Zoo

What kind of Fish is Nemo?
A Clown Fish
Image result for what type is nemo
What kind of Fish is Dory?
A Pacific blue tang fish, which aren’t always blue!

Image result for what type is nemo

Now who wants to watch the movie Finding Nemo??  🎥

What about other Blue and Orange Animals? Have a look on the internet and see how many different blue and orange animals you can find? Did you find more orange or blue??

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageImage result for blue peacock

Arts and Crafts 🎨

We have use potatoes to do stamping and printing in the Pine Room and all enjoyed it – so this is a nice easy craft for you to do at home all you need is a potato, a knife, some paint and paper.

Lonely potato syndrome: how I invented a mental disorder | Dean ...Potato Print And Sponge Stamped Wrapping Paper - creative jewish mom

If you want to follow the theme try Orange printing and create something different. Citrus Printing

citrus printing - children stamping citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime) to create art prints

For our Blue Craft – paint a paper plate blue and create something – perhaps a blue animal? Let’s see what you make – check the internet for inspiration!!!

25 Incredible Under The Sea Crafts For Kids – Play Ideas

Story Time 📚

We all love Julia Donaldson – so if you haven’t read it for a while what about reading ‘The Whale and the Snail’ or use the link for Mrs Rutland reads….

See the source image

The Whale and the Snail

Some other POLO Outside Activities:

  • Shadow Drawing – we do this quite often in the Pine Class and all enjoy it, you do need a sunny day ( let’s be hopeful!!!!)and some chalk, but you can draw around anything that that creates a shadow – your dog, a plant pot, a garden gnome, a barbie doll, a box of cereal. Leave the object in the same position and later in the day draw round the shadow again –  is it different??

See the source image

  • Making a Garden Picture – using things you can pick from your garden, then create a lovely picture, like this one from The Craft Train 

Music and Dancing 🎶🕺

I have linked a fast song and a slower song – whatever you feel like!

Blue Da Ba Dee

Orange Trees

Tellico Plains High School

This week should have been the School Prom – so on Friday Night you are all encouraged to have a dance and get dressed up  if you want!! 💃

Willow the Bear 🐻

HELLO Pine Class – How are you all? Did you have a good week? Did anyone make Blueberry Muffins from last week’s blog? I love Blueberry Muffins so if you do please send me some!!! Heather doesn’t bake!!! I have been watching some ‘Reality TV’ while Heather has been at work – Jardine and Boyle send me recommendations each week –  Heather would prefer I watch something more educational! We have been tidying up her wardrope, I have great fun hiding in her piles of clothes and then surprising her!!! We had a wee cup of tea before she went off to Night Duty last night BUT we ran out of biscuits!!! Heather says if I moan once more about the lack of Custard Creams I am getting sent by Royal Mail back to Willowbank!!!

Have a great week Pine Class

Love Willow xxx

P.S. Send Custard Creams!!!

Have a Great Week Pinettes

Image result for clip art rainbow

Lots of the Love

The Pine Ladies



Prom Week!

Well, everyone, it is the week of Prom. In school, we would have been taking part in activities related to Prom.  So here are some you can try at home.


Can you make some cupcakes for Prom day to enjoy as a treat.  Literacy skills will also be used in this task.  Listen to the adult reading the recipe and then follow the instructions.  Below is the recipe then you can choose to decorate them any way you like.

  cupcake recipe 1

Art –

We would have made some tissue paper flowers in school and gave it to someone special.  Try and make some of these beautiful flowers at home.  Then choose who you give it to, you could go your daily walk and drop it at their doorstep.  This will make someone’s day be very special. Click here to find a tutorial on how to make the flowers.

Also, we will find out who has been made Willowbank Prom King and Queen 2020. Can you make a crown at home and model it around the house.  It can be made from paper of natural items you find out on your walk.  

Literacy –

Draw a large circle on a piece of paper, think of everyone that has been in your class this year.  Can you write all their names inside this circle, don’t forget the adults too! Can you sign their names, by fingerspelling their first initial of their name.  If you need some help click on the link below to find out how to sign the letters.


Can you get an adult to draw an outline of a person and, think about what you would wear to prom. Can you design an outfit, or from your wardrobe pick out the best clothes that you think would be suitable to wear to prom.

Music –

Friday is Prom day, however, if you want to practice some of the dances then below is some from the playlist;

Casper Slide

Hokey Cokey


Have fun and if you complete any of the activities please email them and we will share on the school blog.




Good Morning everyone!

Well, it is the official countdown to Prom 2020 for our four leavers! Our Willowbank Prom would have taken place on Friday 19th June, we do not want this occasion to pass without it being celebrated, as a lot of hard work had been put into the preparations for Prom.

So Willowbank is providing a virtual prom for every pupil and their family.  We would love for as many people to be involved as possible, make your ‘Prom At Home’ special.  Get dressed up, make your favourite snack, and then on Friday 19th June click on the Prom link which will be found on our blog and this will take you to our Willowbank Prom Playlist.

Have fun dancing with your family, take photos and send them to Mrs Murray.  Mrs Murray is hoping to do a video with all your Prom At Home photos. Send them to eanicola.murray@glow.sch.uk

Click here to view a short video that has been for you.