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Orange and Blue🧡💙

Pine Class we have been missing you all so much that we had to take drastic measures and make a little version of you all!!

Well we are at our last two colours of the Rainbow!!!!

So we are going to select some different activities involving these two colours.

It is also POLO week – Power of Learning Outdoors – so we are going to include some activities you can do outside too!!


 Cookery 🥗

I think blue is even more difficult than purple so we will leave the cookery to orange.


So what about some carrot soup?

  • Can help wash the carrots and other vegetables?
  • Can you help peel?
  • What about chopping and grating?
  • Can you hear the soup bubbling away?
  • Now it is cooked – what does it taste like – is it yummy?

Below are links to a few different recipes you may like to look at OR you may have one of your own REMEMBER to send in photos and your recommendations.📷

A picture of Delia's Carrot and Coriander Soup recipe

A selection of Carrot Soups

Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot and Coriander Soup


Everyone is making Banana Bread just now what about Carrot Cake for a wee change??

Image result for carrot cake

Carrot Cake Ideas

Animals and Nature 🐝

You may have noticed quite a lot of bees just now – bees  are an important part of our world, they help to pollinate plants that create the food that we eat.


They is a link below from the BBC which shows you a wee video explaining the importance of the bees.

BBC Why Bees are important

And below is another link giving you ways you can help the bees – see if there something you can do in your garden? Another outdoor learning activity for POLO week.

Helping the Bees

Image result for Bee

Below is a clip when the Lion meets Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin-Man in the Wizard of OZ!

Lions and Tigers and Bears – oh my!!

You can watch some Lions and Tigers and Koala Bears!! On the live Web-Cam from Edinburgh Zoo – you do have to be patient the animals are a wee bit shy!!

Have a look around their website too, did you know they had 2,500 animals and is cost £2000 a day to fed them!!

Edinburgh Zoo

What kind of Fish is Nemo?
A Clown Fish
Image result for what type is nemo
What kind of Fish is Dory?
A Pacific blue tang fish, which aren’t always blue!

Image result for what type is nemo

Now who wants to watch the movie Finding Nemo??  🎥

What about other Blue and Orange Animals? Have a look on the internet and see how many different blue and orange animals you can find? Did you find more orange or blue??

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageImage result for blue peacock

Arts and Crafts 🎨

We have use potatoes to do stamping and printing in the Pine Room and all enjoyed it – so this is a nice easy craft for you to do at home all you need is a potato, a knife, some paint and paper.

Lonely potato syndrome: how I invented a mental disorder | Dean ...Potato Print And Sponge Stamped Wrapping Paper - creative jewish mom

If you want to follow the theme try Orange printing and create something different. Citrus Printing

citrus printing - children stamping citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime) to create art prints

For our Blue Craft – paint a paper plate blue and create something – perhaps a blue animal? Let’s see what you make – check the internet for inspiration!!!

25 Incredible Under The Sea Crafts For Kids – Play Ideas

Story Time 📚

We all love Julia Donaldson – so if you haven’t read it for a while what about reading ‘The Whale and the Snail’ or use the link for Mrs Rutland reads….

See the source image

The Whale and the Snail

Some other POLO Outside Activities:

  • Shadow Drawing – we do this quite often in the Pine Class and all enjoy it, you do need a sunny day ( let’s be hopeful!!!!)and some chalk, but you can draw around anything that that creates a shadow – your dog, a plant pot, a garden gnome, a barbie doll, a box of cereal. Leave the object in the same position and later in the day draw round the shadow again –  is it different??

See the source image

  • Making a Garden Picture – using things you can pick from your garden, then create a lovely picture, like this one from The Craft Train 

Music and Dancing 🎶🕺

I have linked a fast song and a slower song – whatever you feel like!

Blue Da Ba Dee

Orange Trees

Tellico Plains High School

This week should have been the School Prom – so on Friday Night you are all encouraged to have a dance and get dressed up  if you want!! 💃

Willow the Bear 🐻

HELLO Pine Class – How are you all? Did you have a good week? Did anyone make Blueberry Muffins from last week’s blog? I love Blueberry Muffins so if you do please send me some!!! Heather doesn’t bake!!! I have been watching some ‘Reality TV’ while Heather has been at work – Jardine and Boyle send me recommendations each week –  Heather would prefer I watch something more educational! We have been tidying up her wardrope, I have great fun hiding in her piles of clothes and then surprising her!!! We had a wee cup of tea before she went off to Night Duty last night BUT we ran out of biscuits!!! Heather says if I moan once more about the lack of Custard Creams I am getting sent by Royal Mail back to Willowbank!!!

Have a great week Pine Class

Love Willow xxx

P.S. Send Custard Creams!!!

Have a Great Week Pinettes

Image result for clip art rainbow

Lots of the Love

The Pine Ladies



Purple 💜

Well Hello Pine Class!!!

How are you all?😀

This week we are at PURPLE in our rainbow!!🌈


Wonder what the Pine ladies have been up to and if they found any Purple??

  • “Hi” Boyle!!! Nice sequins!
  • Wilson’s wee bear is called Blueberry.
  • WOW Jardine is strong!!!!!
  • Aitken is doing some purple art.

So lets see what activities we can do around purple???💜

Cookery 🧁

It is quite difficult to find a purple food but what about Blueberry Muffins?

Image result for Blueberries    See the source image

Below are a few different recipes you might like to try – remember to send in some photos if you do!

BBC Blueberry Muffins

Mary Berry Blueberry Muffins

Art 🎨 and Science 🧪

Starry Night Glitter Jar

There is a link below of how to make one of these.

You can use a plastic bottle, if you don’t have clear glue that is fine – but don’t use white glue I made that mistake!!

The science bit it that the glue is thicker so the stars and glue take longer to fall – I have put clear glue on my shopping list this week so I can make another one!!


Starry jar

galaxy night time jar

This is a link for a site that has a live webcam that shows the Northern Lights over Lapland – check it out!!  Lights over Lapland

Image result for lights over lapland

Other Art Activities 🎨

Pinterest have a lot of other ideas below there is a link to some cool ideas.

Purple Craft Ideas

purple cupcake liner flower handy flower toilet roll octopus

Numeracy 🔢 Literacy ✍

Get someone at home  to write out the word Purple in big letters and then you can trace it with your finger or a pencil.

Lets go round your house and count how many purple things you can find? Jardine’s favourite colour is purple so bet she can find lots of things!!!

Even Butterflies!! 🦋🦋🦋

If you would like to make some purple or rainbow coloured rice for sensory play or tracing letter and numbers, I have popped in a link of how to do this. Colouring Rice

Music and Singing 🎶🥁

Purple Song


If you haven’t seen it what about watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory OR Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Image result for willie wonka and the chocolate factory See the source image

A funny scene is with rude Violet – I won’t spoil it!!

Violet Blows up like a Blueberry!

Or you could start reading the book.

See the source image

It’s one of my favourites!!

Or a Story about  Purple the Little Bird by Greg Foley

Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley Hardback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post

Purple Little Bird

Nature 🦜

Some beautiful colours in nature these are two purple parrots posing in Vancouver Aquarium – how cool are they? You can check out their site and watch some of their webcams – remember they are 8 hours behind us! Vancouver Aquarium

See the source image

Beautiful Emperor Butterflies Purple Butterflies

Why don’t you do an internet search and see if you can find any other purple animals?


Not to forget about the Wizard of Oz – Mickeys Clubhouse has a nice wee episode called:  Wizard of Dizz

Willow the Bear 🐻

Hi Pine Class, how are you all?

Well myself and Heather have been doing some online shopping and getting some bit’n’pieces for our new flat – it is really exciting when things get delivered!! Heather says it’s not as exciting for her bank balance – whatever that means?? The postman rang the doorbell and delivered some lovely pictures – and I helped Heather get them on the wall. And then she took me for a walk to ASDA to get some food shopping, I travelled in her bag, because it was quite a long walk and had a wee bit of a sleep. She bought me a new pretty plant to sit on the window sill with me, it is a succulent – so it does not need very much water!! On Saturday Night we watched TV, it was Heather’s turn to pick, so we had to watch another 4 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy!!! I much prefer Frozen – but I suppose we need to take turns so Frozen next Saturday for the tenth time!! Have a great week Pine Class xx

Have a lovely week Pinettes 🌲

Image result for Clip Art Rainbow

Love the Pine Ladies



Rainbow Relay🌈

Hello!! Pinettes – How are you all?

Well today should have been Sports Day at Willowbank, but we hope you are all going to take part in some of the different activities at home.


Collect 7 different coloured items from around your house and then place them around your garden or house  – get into teams – first team – start the clock – collect all the items and put them into rainbow order – what was your time?? Now second team – who was quickest???


Can you do it again and beat your time?


Well what have the Pine Ladies been up to in the sunshine??

Boyle has been doing lots of exercise in her garden – Mr Boyle is getting very good at taking action shots!!

Aitken has out and about and found a big but very pretty plant – name that plant??

Jardine has been helping to build a greenhouse – wonder what she will grow??

Wilson has been doing some planting and getting out on her bike – what do you think she prefers??

Gardening 🌻

Well hopefully the Postman or Post lady has been and delivered you some Sunflower seeds – it would be great if you could plant them and hopefully over the summer the will grow nice and tall.

Just something cute!


While we can’t Hug

A little bit of music for Olaf ⛄🌞

Olaf Summertime

Cookery – it’s too hot lets make ice lollies!!🍭

Ice Lollies

If you don’t have lolly stick or moulds you can make them up in small plastic cups and add a plastic straw OR put your mixture into ice cube trays.

What has Willow Bear been up to? 🐻

Well Hello Pine Class – hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

Well Heather has been on Night Shift and I haven’t  been too happy about that, because I want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and she wants to sleep! So I  keep trying to wake her up, firstly by poking her, this seems to make her quite annoyed!!  Then I did a bit of really loud singing – she didn’t seem to enjoy this either??  So she has shut me in the other room,  and told me to practice my keyboard skills, as I have a duet to prepare for with a certain young lady in the Pine Class.

Take Care Pine Class xx

Have fun in the Sunshine Pine Class

Image result for rainbow clip art free uk

The Pine Ladies xx


Go Green!!!

Hello Pine Class – How are you all???

This is DIGGABLE Week – so technology, technology, technology!!!


Your task is to use social media to make someone smile!! Using Zoom, FaceTime, What’s App, Messenger …. contact someone and make them HAPPY!!!! Sing them a song, play an instrument, just be there – all the Pine Ladies love seeing their friends and family just now in this way!!


We are continuing with our rainbow theme🌈  and this week our colour is GREEN💚

Firstly, we are responsible citizens in the Pine Class and keep our classroom recycling up-to-date, how are you doing at home – are you all helping with the sorting? The Pine Ladies have been doing this at home.

Here is a link to a video all about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle if you want to watch it.


Quiz Time ❓

  1. Which bin should Wilson’s Recycling go in?
  2. Who has the biggest plant?
  3. How many different green foods is Boyle preparing?
  4. How many green things are in the big picture of Aitken?
  5. Who is eating a green apple?
  6. What kind of Tea does Wilson like?
  7. Who has a green laundry basket?
  8. Who is ready for some fitness?

Numeracy 🔢

How many different colours of Green wool can you see?🧶

When you are out on your walk or in the garden count all the green things you can see.

Below is a  clip from the Wizard of the Oz – how many times did the horse change colour??


Art 🎨

What about making some little green frogs – because you draw around your hands on the paper or use them to make an impression with the paint –  they could be a really special present for someone.

For lots of great ideas check out the following link.



Music 🎶

Well it has to be The Little Green Frog – two member s of the Pine Class love this song!! 🐸



And a different frog song.


Sorry we like a bit of crazy frog too!!!🤣


Cookery 👩‍🍳

Well green isn’t everyone’s favourite colour of food is it …..SO lets eat something green!!! I challenge you !!!

Here are some ideas for you

I know the weather is a bit warmer but the Pine Class do like soup.

Cream of Broccoli Soup – simple to make and delicious

See the source image

  • How many ingredients are in this soup?
  • Do you like the smell of the garlic?
  • Did you like the colour of the soup?


Or some Pea and Ham Soup – from a Chicken??


Green Jelly – dissolve the jelly according to the packet instructions then add as many different things that you like as you can – they don’t all need to be green!!!

Image result for green table jelly

Hello from Willow Bear

Hi Pine Class!!

How are you all?

Well I am still in Aberdeen, I was on my way back to Kilmarnock to join the rest of my Willowbank Friends at school,  but then Lockdown happen. So I am still with Heather, I think she is very happy that I am still here and keeping her company.  Heather is working at the Hospital, we have watched the TV and we do a lot of singing while Heather plays her keyboard. I like to look out of the window and see which of the neighbours are out doing their daily exercise, and report to Heather who has been getting things delivered after doing their online shopping.!!Wilson and the rest of the family FaceTime and tell us what they have been up to – have to say that isn’t that interesting!! I like reading the Willowbank Blog and enjoy when the children send in photos so I can see what my Willowbank Family are doing.

Take Care Everyone Love Willow the Bear xx


Well this week I started watching something cool on TV called The Big Flower Fight – there is a clip below – some of you might like it, lots of lovely flowers and plants.



This week has been a good one to get out in the Garden, to tidy up and pop in some plants – I will ask the Pine Ladies to send me some some photos of their garden for next week – send us some photos of yours and if you have planted anything.

Take care Pine Class


The Pine Ladies

See the source image

Willow has safely arrived.

Last Saturday Mrs Wilson took Willow to Edinburgh on the Train, he stayed overnight then Heather took him to Aberdeen on Sunday.

We started making our Enterprise activity for the Christmas Market.

We made lovely pictures with Mrs MacDonald.

We made soup in Cookery and then had it for snack the next day – yummy!!

Adam did great in his Walker.

We all loved seeing Jessica’s holiday photos.

We worked out how long it would take us to get to Aberdeen.

Driving would take 3 hours and 2minutes, the train 3 hours and 55 minutes and the bus 4 hours and 28 minutes.

Reece loves helping with  Shannon’s switch and telling her parents all the news from the Pine Room.

Melanie made us giggle with her relaxed pose!!