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Power Off, Learning Outdoors

Good Morning 🙂

This week we would have been taking part in POLO day and completing lots of outdoor learning activities.

Below are some activities you can try at home, in your garden or when going out for a walk.


  1. Walk barefoot on grass. How does it feel?
  2. Have an outdoor picnic with your family.
  3. Blow some bubbles and walk through some bubbles
  4. Make colourful drawings on the ground using chalk
  5. Collect some natural material such as flowers, sticks etc. Press them into some playdough or clay, then remove them, to create a natural picture
  6. Create a stick raft and see how far it can travel. Collect lots of sticks and tie them together with the help of an adult. Place your raft in water and give it a little push. Does it float?

Have fun 🙂

Weekly Home Learning

Good Morning!

Below are some activities you can take part in throughout the week. Complete the activities at your own pace, choosing which you would like to take part in.


  1. Collect some objects and items from around your house. Can you sort them into item which are big and items which are small?                                                                         
  2. Choose a board game to play with a family member. Try to take turns and have lots of fun.

  1. Collect some stones or pebbles when you’re out on a walk. Bring them home and paint them with lots of colours, a nice message, or a picture. When you go on another walk, hide the pebbles for other people to find.


Have lots of fun!

Weekly Activities- 1st June

Good Morning Daisies!

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the lovely weather we are having again. Below are some activity ideas for the week. You can complete as many or as few as you would like.


  1. Use chalk or a wet paint brush to make marks on the ground or pavement. Can you make any letters or write your name?                                                               
  2. Count how many steps it takes you to move from one room in your house to another. Does the number change if you take big steps & little steps?                                                                                                                                               
  3. Can you help your family to make the dinner? Look for different ingredients and stir these in a bowl with support.                     
  4. Create a picture of your family. You could use art resources or different materials you can find in your house or garden.
  5. Stay safe in the sun- help to get ready to spend time in the sun by putting on a hat and sunglasses, and helping an adult to apply your sun-cream.                                                                                                     



Have fun and don’t forget to send some photos of you completing activities to kris.campbell@eastayrshire.org.uk 🙂


Digidabble Week

This week is all about digital learning and using technology.

Different activities will be posted each day this week. You can tray as many of them as you would like too.


Today’s activity is a colour hunt.

Use a camera, phone or tablet to take a photo of something you can find for each colour of the rainbow.



This can be in your house, garden or local park.

Here is a video of some of our Willowbank friends showing the Makaton signs for colours to help 🙂


If you completed last weeks blog activity to plant some apple seeds, take a picture of how they look and post it in the comments. Have you seeds started to grow?



Apple Seed Planting

Mrs Moran has been working hard in her garden and has been planting lots of flowers and seeds.

Here is her easy way to plant apple seeds to create a tree.


Follow the steps to see if you can grow your own too!


Step 1- Collect your resources. You will need:


Soil                Apple seeds         A toilet roll tube        Water in a jug


Step 2- Fold the toilet roll tube so that one end is closed.

Step 3- Fill each tube with soil, then use a spoon to make a hole.

Step 4- Place 2 seeds in the hole, then use the spoon to push them down into the soil

Step 5- Cover the seeds with soil.

Step 6- Water the seeds.



Well Done! Remember your seeds needs sunlight and water to grow.


Place them in a sunny place, and water them each day.

Name Art

Good Morning 🙂

Todays activity is all about our names.

Write out a letter of your name, or your full name for an extra challenge. You can ask an adult to help with this part.


Next collect some different resources from your house or garden.


Use the materials to make the shapes of each letter.

Have a look at our work below for some examples. What letters can you see?


Sensory Fun

Here are some sensory activities to try throughout the week 🙂

  • Create your own sensory bottles using an empty water bottle. Add glitter, rice, pasta or any other resources you have in your house to the bottle, then carefully pour some water out of a jug. Screw the lid on and shake!

Here are some ideas 🙂

See the source image

  • Make gloop by mixing 2 cups of cornflour with 1 cup of water. You can add a few drops of food colouring or some glitter too. Enjoy exploring how it feels, or practise writing letters and numbers.

See the source image

  • Squirt two different colours of paint into a zip lock bag. Seal the bag and use your fingers to mix the colours together. What colour did you make?

See the source image

Have fun!



Pillow Forts

Hi everyone! 🙂

This weeks challenge is a family challenge.


Build a fort or hide using blankets, cushions and sheets. You can make it small and cosy or big and comfy. Once you have built your fort, get cosy inside and share your favourite book with your family!


If you are enjoying spending time outside in the sunshine, you could build a ‘tent’ outside and share a picnic with your family.


Mrs Cogswell and her son have had fun putting up a tent in their garden and created some art using things they found in the garden.






Fine Motor Activities

Hi everyone!

Miss Couser has made a video of showing some on the fine motor activities we practise in class. Follow the YouTube link to watch some examples.


Some other activities include:

  • Using your hands and fingers to make different shapes out of play dough
  • Building lego towers, then pulling the bricks apart
  • Fastening buttons  or pulling up zips on different types of clothes.