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Planets welcome back Primary 3!


The Planets class enjoyed welcoming back some of our pupils.

We completed some Health and Wellbeing ICE Pack lessons focusing on emotions. We sorted a range of emotions into positive and negative emotions (worried, shy, excited etc) and then made our own mood monsters.

We also looked closely at one of the SHANARRI indicators about being responsible. We brainstormed ideas about ways we can be responsible and tried to take on some chores around the class.

Finally, we enjoyed celebrating Purple Friday where we tasted a range of “purple” foods including beetroot, red grapes, purple gummy sweets, purple coloured pringles and vimto juice.

I do not eat the colour green!

In Numeracy we were all successful learners and worked on our counting skills – lots of counting songs and finding a set of classroom objects for each number.

1 Fly Swat

2 Pretty Flowers

3 Rhythm Sticks

4 Musical Bells

5 Different Feelings

6 Pink Flamingos

7 Classmates

Colour Matching – griping the different objects and posting them through the correct slot.

We enjoyed doing some art work and using bubble wrap to help us create some different effects.

The weather was so nice on Tuesday afternoon we got outside in the sunshine and had great fun having a sing song!!

In keeping with our Rainbow theme this week is all about GREEN, and we have started reading a new story called ‘I do not eat the colour green’.

Music and Move with some confident individuals.

Domino Fun

ICE Pack  – How I feel? We are continuing reading the story ‘The Color Monster’ – we all decided what colour and what materials to use to bring our Monsters to life!!!

We have also been looking at the changing seasons and made some beautiful leaves for our windows.


We had some fun with bread dough, it is great exercise for our hands – stretching and griping and a fun sensory experience too!


Have a great weekend

From the Pine Class


Welcome to the Planets Class!


The Planets class have been very busy this term. We have been decorating our new classroom and familiarising ourselves with each other.

As part of an ICE pack challenge, we looked at similarities and differences in ourselves, sorted our peers into eye colour and hair colour categories and made pupil collages of themselves.

ICE Pack – Feelings and Emotions!


The Bluebells class worked very hard today looking at our feelings and emotions. We looked at a range of pictures and analysed how we thought each person was feeling. We sorted pictures into happy, sad and angry categories and also attempted to draw some emojis showing different feelings.

Finally, we rolled the dice and had fun acting out a range of feelings. We particularly enjoyed pretending to be sick!

Superhero to the Rescue!

Everyone enjoyed creating these Superhero pictures to go alongside our class charter! We are all effective contributors within our class.

It is our right to be heard, to grow, to have fun, to be safe and to learn.

It is our responsibility to take turns, help others, be active, be kind, take part, listen, make good choices, eat healthy and TRY EVERYTHING.