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Sungazers Home Learning Week 3

Hello! Hope you are all well and have been enjoying some fun in the snow over the weekend!

Our new literacy booklets will be ready for collection by the end of the week, if you are looking for some new activities to try at home.  Please phone the school before collecting, so we can have them ready for your arrival.

This week is Scottish week and we have some Scottish activities for you to try and enjoy.

Literacy – Have a listen to this Scottish song performed by Singing Hands.  Can you copy and learn some of these signs?

 Youtube – I’m On My Way CarPark Karaoke by Singing Hands)

Numeracy – Simple maths addition. Have a go at counting and join in at home.

Art – Try some of these fun art activities using everyday items you may have at home.

Health and Wellbeing – Here are some Scottish cookery recipes and videos – try to make some delicious treats. Which one was your favourite?

Just For Fun – if you still have any snow (or it might snow again this week), gather some up and make a mini snowman.  Use paints to make him look colourful.

Painting Little Snowmen - Snow Painting - Easy Peasy and Fun


Have a good week! 🙂




Sungazers Home Learning Week 2

Hello! We hope you all enjoyed the activities provided for week 1 of home learning and managed to try some of them out.

This week, we have some new activities for you to try based on our new class theme ‘The Glasgow Gruffalo’.  We are very familiar with both ‘The Gruffalo’ story and also ‘The Grufflo’s Child’ in the Sungazers class, so thought it would be good to explore the Scottish version for our Scottish theme.  Hope you enjoy it!

Literacy – Here is Elaine C Smith reading ‘The Glasgow Gruffalo’ story for you to enjoy.  Can you hear that some of the animal names and words sound different in this story? A mouse is a moose and a house is a hoose.  Have a listen and enjoy.

Numeracy – One More or One Less.  Use your number line in your maths activity pack or pause this video, find the number and add on more more or take one away (one less).  Can you find the correct answer?

one more one less counting maths game for kids – YouTube

Science – Experimenting with Ice

We have previously enjoyed experimenting with ice in the Sungazers Class.  We know we can make ice by freezing water. One of our favourite activities was filling up plastic gloves or balloons with water and small plastic toys.  We then put them in the freezer.   You could try this again at home! How long did it take to melt and free the toys?

New activity – Can you build an ice cube tower? Using ice cubes try and see if you can stack them on top of one another.  Does it work or is it too slippery? Now try adding some salt between each ice cube – the salt works as a kind of glue.  How many can you stack now?

Health and Wellbeing – Hope you enjoy this song about washing our hands

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS – YouTube


St Andrew’s Day



Monday was St Andrew’s Day. The boys listened to a story and looked at pictures on the board. We then made a Scotland flag using tissue paper and cotton wool. We also used cars to create a lovely tartan picture. They were confident individuals dipping the wheels in the paint and rolling them across the paper to create their very own tartan design. We also used crayons to follow the lines on on our pencil control worksheets. We listened to some Scottish music which we were not keen on.



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