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*Successful Learners* *Effective Contributors*

The Sungazers took part in Power Off Learn Outdoors (POLO) week in school. We took our learning outdoors in all weather conditions. We enjoyed snack & a story under the tent in the Sensory garden. We teamed up with Oak earlier in the week to do some Den Building. Finally, we ended the week with a Bake-off between some of the classes and had some judges visit the Outdoor display. The Sungazers were announced the winners with a Mars Bar tray-bake!!  Happy Weekend!






MOVE Day 2022

*Confident Individuals* *Effective Contributors*

The Sungazers have had a busy MOVE day in school. We started off with dancing & some physical challenges using our balance. We then took part in some group dances and a game of Rounders during playtime. After a lovely local walk this afternoon, we moved around the stations set up for our Move into Space Day. Lots of fun & most importantly, MOVEMENT!

Science fun!

**Confident Individuals** **Successful Learners**

This week in the Sungazers class, we have been exploring our senses in this fun science activity. We used smell, taste and touch to choose what we thought the item was from a choice of 5 pictures. Everyone done very well even with a tricky mint scent and the choice between a mint leaf or toothpaste. For the smell and taste we closed our eyes to try and enhance the sense we were using. We placed an object within a bag to hide it so we only used our hands to feel the object, describe what we felt and pick the picture that we thought was right. We played a sound game where we had to listen very carefully to the sound and decide what we thought the noise was. A super fun filled afternoon learning with our senses.