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Sungazers POLO Day – outdoor learning

We have been completing lots of great outdoor learning activities for POLO day.  We enjoyed exploring the water wheel for science and playing games with water balloons.  We also had our snack outside and had fun with the parachute and making dens.

Week Beginning Monday 31st May.

Superhero Day

Today was Superhero Day to raise awareness about the MOVE programme in the school.

The Sungazers were Effective Contributors as they participated in a variety of Superhero Themed Class Activities:

Super—Duper Obstacle Race

Find the Villain

Mission Blast

Create your own Superhero mask

We were delighted to share our superhero and special powers with our friends in class. We are all real-life superheroes and enjoy helping others. See our photos below of some excellent team work.


Sungazer’s Science

Week beginning Monday 17th May

 The Sungazers were ‘Confident Individuals’ as they took part in our explosive science activity. They had great fun at our hands-on science session which responded to the children’s natural curiosity.  They used simple every day ingredients and made their own volcanoes, developing skills of observation, prediction and team work.


Sungazers FAOL – Science in Class – Slime

The Sungazers Class love science and have all participated in various science activities over the term, making lava lamps, volcanoes, sensory snow, and slime. Their favourite experiment is making the cornflour slime as not only is it a good sensory science activity, it’s also good messy fun!

The boys are now able to follow the steps and make their own slime with minimal assistance.

Sungazers FAOL – Sciences – Weather – Tornado in a Jar

The Sungazers Class have enjoyed exploring different weather types through various science experiments.  This week we watched a video all about torandos then had a go at making our own ‘tornados in a jar’ using vinegar, water, food colouring and liquid soap.  We even added some sequences to see them get sucked up into our torando.  It was great fun!

Week Beginning Monday 3rd of May.

Our Eco Warriors – Caring for our School Grounds
The Sungazers were Responsible Citizens as they enjoyed the great outdoors and took part in some gardening.  These sessions help develop hand and eye coordination and build physical strength as we prepared the soil for planting. These gardening sessions promote sensory development as the children feel and smell the different plants and herbs in the soil.  Gardening teaches patience and responsibility as it requires daily attention and care as they water and take care of the planted seeds.   The children are also developing social skills and as they remain engaged, work together and wait for the results. We will keep you posted with our results.

Sungazers – Week beginning Monday 26th March


The Sungazers were Confident Individuals at Cookery this week as we participated in a hands-on sensory cookery session.  The children enjoyed a chocolate fondue experience and explored a variety of tastes and textures.  This was also a great way to sneakily introduce different foods. This creative session promoted independence by allowing the children to do as many of the processes as possible, melting, mixing, chopping dipping etc.  Each child had their own set of equipment and ingredients to ensure we followed Covid Safety Guidelines.  Most importantly the children loved getting involved and had great fun.


Sungazers – Week beginning Monday 19th April

Earth Day

The Sungazers celebrated World Earth Day by watching a video clip              Earth Hour 21 Official Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHLS7JlSoJ8.

We also created our own ‘Earth Day Handprint Keepsake’ to remind us about the need to protect our environment so that it is a better place to live.

We urge you to take part and support the cause at home by switching off the lights for Earth hour at 8.30 pm on Saturday 27th March.