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Science Week Experiments

This week the Sungazers will get the chance to participate actively in lots of different science experiments and activities.  This afternoon we have had great fun trying out 4 experiments – ‘Cornflour Slime’, ‘Balloon Pop’, ‘Make Your Own Volcano’ and ‘Rainbow Milk’.

The pupils all showed a great interest in all of the experiments, paying attention to the steps involved and participating actively when asked to. Balloon Pop  Rainbow Milk  Make your own volcano Cornflour Slime

LGBT Celebration

The Sungazers and the whole school were responsible citizens as they actively engaged in a variety of  LGBT whole school and class based activities. We were learning about families, nurturing and the people who care for us. We celebrated the different family forms in our communities using literacy and health and wellbeing approaches.



FAOL Science

The Sungazers have been learning about vibrations and sound waves as part of their science sessions. Mr Dreghorn kindly brought in some fantastic musical instruments for us to explore.

The first was a Theremin which we played using our hands to vary the sound waves. Ryan was a natural and everyone enjoyed using this the best.  We also used an Ottomatone, a Stylophone, a Flexitone and a Tambura…. lots of new sounds for us to explore. We all enjoyed making lots of noise!!!

DSCF0046 DSCF0043

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Sungazer’s morning group

Monday morning started with our morning group where we write our day, date and month as well as come together to sing and dance in our seasons song. The boys enjoy using props to dress up as each season and can identify the current season which is winter. After morning group Reece sets up our snack shop and invites his friends one by one to select the correct coins to pay for their snacks.



Effective Contributors at Centrestage

The Sungazers have had a great day in school. They were all effective contributors during our Centrestage session.  They each chose a prop from the bag and joined in with all of the songs.  To fit in with our current Scottish theme we changed the words from our usual ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ song to ‘Heid, Shooders, Knaps and Taes’!

Parachute games are always a favourite and we enjoyed playing the Peapod game as well as bouncing the ball on the parachute.

    Reece chose ‘Tiny Tim’ to sing about.

  Leo hummed the ‘goodbye’ song independently once the session had finished.

Ryan, Jayden, Jamie and Lewis all enjoyed the rhyme about the cheeky monkeys and the naughty crocodile!

Disco time with sensory lights. Parachute games!

Happy New Year Sungazers! – A Busy First Day Back

The Sungazers have had a busy first day back after the Christmas break.  We enjoyed our session with Centrestage – using the parachute, singing songs and dancing catching the bubbles.



We have also been busy doing lots of number work and made a number line based on the Chinese New Year ‘Great Race’ story.   We then used our number lines to find out what order the animals finished the race in.   We also made Chinese Dragons using a variety of different shapes during maths time.

*Confident Individuals      *Successful Learners      *Effective Contributors