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Sungazers FAOL – Science in Class – Slime

The Sungazers Class love science and have all participated in various science activities over the term, making lava lamps, volcanoes, sensory snow, and slime. Their favourite experiment is making the cornflour slime as not only is it a good sensory science activity, it’s also good messy fun!

The boys are now able to follow the steps and make their own slime with minimal assistance.

Sungazers FAOL – Sciences – Weather – Tornado in a Jar

The Sungazers Class have enjoyed exploring different weather types through various science experiments.  This week we watched a video all about torandos then had a go at making our own ‘tornados in a jar’ using vinegar, water, food colouring and liquid soap.  We even added some sequences to see them get sucked up into our torando.  It was great fun!

FAOL Easter Enterprise – Week beginning 29th March

The Sungazers Class are enjoying lots of lovely Easter activities this week.  They have been very creative in making their Easter cards and had great fun using the glass pens to decorate their Easter sun catchers to take home as a gift.  We have more Easter fun planned for the next couple of days as well.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday, stay safe and enjoy some lovely weather (fingers crossed!).

Sungazers Home Learning Week 5

Hello, hope everyone is doing well! We are all really missing you and hope that it is not long now until we are all back together again.  Here are some activities for you to try at home and enjoy.


Numeracy – Number Pairs

You Will Need: A4 paper, scissors and a pen

  1. Fold a piece of A4 paper or card three times to give you eight equal rectangles.
  2. Cut out the rectangles.
  3. Write pairs of numbers on the rectangles. Can choose higher numbers if you wish.
  4.  Mix the rectangles up and turn them over to face down, so you can’t see the numbers.
  5. Take turns to turn over two of the rectangles. If you get two that match, you get to keep them.
  6. Play until all the numbers are gone.
  7. (Make more rectangles to add to the game for a challenge for next time if suitable).

Literacy – Chinese New Year Story

On Friday, it will Chinese New Year.  Click on the link to hear the story all about it.   We have previously read the story of The Great Race in class.  Each year a different animal is celebrated.  Can you find the year you were born?  What animal is associated with your birth year? This year it is the year of the Ox.

See the source image

Health and Wellbeing – Dressing Games

Image result for clothes clipart

  1. Lay out three items of clothing for two people, eg socks, trousers and sweatshirt.
  2. Ask child to stand in front of items of clothing.
  3. Who can dress the quickest?
  4. On your marks, get set, race!

Expressive Arts – Chinese New Year 2021 Song for Kids 

Image result for chinese new year clipart

Have a listen to this song about the Chinese New Year.  Enjoy!


Expressive Arts – Chinese Cupcake Cases Dragon

Click on this link to see how to make a Chinese Dragon out of paper cases.

We would love to see photos of all your activities! Have fun!

Team Sungazers 🙂

Sungazers Home Learning Week 3

Hello! Hope you are all well and have been enjoying some fun in the snow over the weekend!

Our new literacy booklets will be ready for collection by the end of the week, if you are looking for some new activities to try at home.  Please phone the school before collecting, so we can have them ready for your arrival.

This week is Scottish week and we have some Scottish activities for you to try and enjoy.

Literacy – Have a listen to this Scottish song performed by Singing Hands.  Can you copy and learn some of these signs?

 Youtube – I’m On My Way CarPark Karaoke by Singing Hands)

Numeracy – Simple maths addition. Have a go at counting and join in at home.

Art – Try some of these fun art activities using everyday items you may have at home.

Health and Wellbeing – Here are some Scottish cookery recipes and videos – try to make some delicious treats. Which one was your favourite?

Just For Fun – if you still have any snow (or it might snow again this week), gather some up and make a mini snowman.  Use paints to make him look colourful.

Painting Little Snowmen - Snow Painting - Easy Peasy and Fun


Have a good week! 🙂




Firework Picture Fun

We have all had a great week in the Sungazers Class.  We have been learning about firework safety and enjoyed reading a story called ‘Sparks in the Sky’.    We even made our own firework pictures in class using different painting skills.  Plastic forks, flicking paint from a brush and glitter helped us to create wonderful pictures.  We all had good messy fun!


IDL – Numeracy

During numeracy this week we have lots of fun exploring little jumping frogs. We had to focus and develop fine motor skills to push down using our finger to make the frog jump forward. We then used bricks to measure how many bricks the frog could jump over. There were lots of smiles at the frog jumper across the table. All pupils were supported to push down on the frog to make it jump. Some were able to do this independently. Some pupils were able to count the bricks that the frog hand jumped over. We were all successful learners joining in and taking turns.

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home learning and 30 Days Wild week 2

Hi everyone,

I hope are well and enjoy the activities we have planned for you this week.

First here is the activities you can do for week 2 of the 30DaysWild challenge. How many of the days did you complete last week? We would love to see some of your photos.


Keeping with the wild theme we thought we would build a den to read a book in. Have a look at our creations. Let us know what you get up to. Did you build a den indoors or outdoors?


I have created a little scavenger hunt that can easily be completed in the garden or you could take on your daily walk and see how many of the items you found. Happy hunting.

scavenger hunt

If you want to work on your fine motor skills here is a little video all about lacing that you can do at home. Get your fingers moving.


Enjoy family time. You can create a calming sensory bottle. Some of the ladies made one and they were very calming to sit and  watch. Here is a how to video so you can make your own.


Try playing a game with your family. Games are so much fun and help with turn taking.  Can you see a game we used to play in class in the video?


Sungazers – 1/6/20

It’s June! Hope everyone has been enjoying this wonderful sunshine and is keeping safe!

This weeks task is a cookery one. At the weekend, Mrs Skinner and Mrs  Coulter were busy making ladybird biscuits with their families and thought you would like to join in too – it was great fun!

We have used – digestive biscuits, red icing, icing pens to decorate and any other icing decorations we could find in our cupboards.  Why don’t you have a go too – they were really tasty!


We also have a lovely story about a ladybird. It is called ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and you can find it on Youtube.


Have a great week!

Team Sungazers

Sungazers 18th May – ‘Being Helpful’

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well! It’s such a shame the weather has turned to rain.  Hopefully we’ll all see the sunshine again soon!              Free Sunshine Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...

This week we have some life skills tasks for you to try.  Can you help around the house to do these jobs? There are 4 tasks for you to try.

Prompt and sequence cards will be sent to you via email.  Try printing them out (if you have a printer) – can you sequence them in the correct order? Can you complete all 4 tasks with the help of your family? Give them a go and let us know how you get on.

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Team Sungazers have also been busy recording a story video to send to you.  Hope you enjoy it.

Student Story Clipart - Story Telling Clipart - Free Transparent ...

Take care and stay safe

Team Sungazers