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Sungazers 8th June 2020

Good Morning Sungazers! Hope that you are all doing well?

This week we are going to the thinking about Sun Safety – what do we need to do/wear in the sunshine to keep us all safe!

Stay Safe in the Sun - WELCOA

Here are 3 activities to try at home –

  • Read through these posters – can you recognise all of these things to keep us safe in the sun?

sun safety posters (1)

  • Suncream Song – have fun learning this song about applying sun cream. It is to the tune ‘1,2,3,4,5, Once I Caught A Fish Alive’.

sun cream song


  • Lastly, here is a cut and stick activity – what would you put in your beach bag?

sun safety beach bag


Have a wonderful week and remember to please email us any photos of you completing your work – we would love to see you!  Sun Safety | Gillibrand Primary School

Team Sungazers

Happy New Year Sungazers! – A Busy First Day Back

The Sungazers have had a busy first day back after the Christmas break.  We enjoyed our session with Centrestage – using the parachute, singing songs and dancing catching the bubbles.



We have also been busy doing lots of number work and made a number line based on the Chinese New Year ‘Great Race’ story.   We then used our number lines to find out what order the animals finished the race in.   We also made Chinese Dragons using a variety of different shapes during maths time.

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