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Sungazers POLO Day – outdoor learning

We have been completing lots of great outdoor learning activities for POLO day.  We enjoyed exploring the water wheel for science and playing games with water balloons.  We also had our snack outside and had fun with the parachute and making dens.

FAOL – Eco/Sustainable Development (Quality Education)

We have been exploring different classroom settings from around the world.  It was interesting to find out that not all children learn from within a classroom in a school building.  Some are taught from inside tents, some outdoors and some from underneath trees which are used for shade.  We had good fun completing activities in different learning environments this week.

Theme Story time in a tent (effective contributors/successful learners)


Literacy Skills

In some countries children don’t have pencils and paper to write with. Instead they use chalk and write on their desks or on the ground.

Numeracy Skills Outdoors

Science activities under the shade of the trees