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Welcome Back Pine Class!!

Well we are welcoming back some Pinettes this week!

Monday, Numeracy and MOVE was our focus these confident individuals were building towers …and having great fun knocking them down!!!

Following the Rainbow Dots 1,2,3…..

Someone needed a rest – great sitting!

This happy boy was enjoying some new Singing Hands Videos.

So lets practice our signing and our numbers.

Elephant have Wrinkles🐘🐘🐘

Makaton – Fruit Song🍏🍇🍌

Makaton – Vegetable Song🥔🥕🍅

Tuesday – well we decided that because some of the boys wouldn’t be in for Comic Relief on Friday we would have some Comic Relief Fun.

Making Monster Faces with Red Noses, picking Superhero Mask …Guess Who?

Red Nose Cupcakes – yum!!

This Successful Learner is making choices.

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day so we managed to get outside to the playground.

On Wednesday this successful learner practiced her Fine Motor Skills and Numeracy Skills.

Exercising today we were dancing to some 70’s Disco and ‘Danced ourselves Dizzy!’

Great sitting – Mrs Smallwood can we get a Drum kit in the Pine Room???

Another lovely day – out to fed the birds – tuppence a bag!

What a pout!!!

Friends watching a Snow White Story.

Snow White Story 🍎

MOVE – Standing, Walking and Sitting practice!

Hiding from the camera!!


We decorated cupcakes for Comic Relief.

Cool Cakes!!

Great spreading skills – yummy!!!

Making Choices.

One bite or two????

This new board is AMAZING – I feel like I am at Bon Jovi’s concert!!!

Hello Friend.

Playground FUN!!!

Guess who these Comic Relief Superheroes are??

Making choices and funny faces.

Have a lovely weekend Pinettes


The Pine Ladies


Pine Room Fairy Tales 🏰👸🤴

Well Hello Pinettes  – How are you all?

We are all starting a new theme this week at school ‘FairyTales’. And in the Pine Room we have chosen ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ – so over the next couple of weeks it would be good if you could all watch this  – please let us know if you cannot get access to this film.

So many of our activities will be based around this theme – the Pine Ladies are really looking forward to this!!!

Literacy 📚

You may have a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book at home, it is a lovely read, or you can watch it on line, here are a few different versions.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2)

We have also added the book to the giglets library if you would like to read it there.

Singing, Signing and Dancing  🎶🤝

Below are some happy links – listen to Snow White singing her beautiful song.

Some day my Prince will come 

Image result for Snow White - Someday My Prince Will Come - Cover by Evynne Hollens

Let’s practise our signing with the singing hands.

There was a Princess long ago👸

Image result for singing hands there was a princess long ago

Sing-a-long with Pinkfong while counting those cheeky dwarfs!!!

Snow White Princess Song

Image result for snow white Pink pong


Well there are 7 Dwarfs which we will learn all about this term, and at the end you can pick your favourite. But in numeracy we are going to start with the number 1 and work our way up – now lets find things in our homes that we have only one of? What did you find?

Counting with Rodd Number 1

The Number 1

 Arts and Crafts 🎨

Lets make a mirror – The Pinterested Parent has a lovely idea, but you can come up with your own, send us a photo of you looking into your mirror – just like the Queen!!

Science and the Outdoors 🧪🍁

Outdoor Bingo

Using an empty egg box – we love recycling things in the Pine Room – glue a list of things  you might find out on your walk on the flat side, examples below. And then when you find them pop them in the compartments where the eggs would have been. Make one for everyone on the walk and when you find everything BINGO!!!

Smooth Stone Feather Acorn Small Stick Clover Berry
Smooth Leaf Rough Stone Daisy Pine

Rough Leaf Buttercup

Friday the 26th is Purple Day this date marks the final date of LGBT+ History Month, usually this is a day we celebrate together in school. So we thought you could all listen to this story – we liked this one in class!!

The World needs more Purple People

Image result for the world needs more purple people

Well Pinettes have a lovely week – enjoy the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story.

Take Care

The Pine Ladies



Pine Lockdown Week 5 – The Snail and the Whale🐌🐳

Well Hello Pinettes

How are you all?

This week’s blog is based round about the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’  – have you read it? I am sure many of you have – and some of you might even have this book at home.


The first link below is the story being read – there are many versions of this on the internet. And the second link is the BBC Animated Film – which is lovely!


The Snail and the Whale  Story

The Snail and the Whale By Julia Donaldson

The  Snail and the Whale Film

  • What colour was the Whale?
  • How many different types of animal did the snail see?
  • Who had tooth grins?
  • What did the snail write on the chalk board?

Have you every noticed snail trails in your garden – now I am wondering if they were trying to write me a message!?! Below is a link from the Scottish Wildlife Trust on making your own snail trails in your garden.

Making Snail Trails 🐌

Practice making Snail curls, what you need is:

  • A zip lock bag
  • Cheap Hair Gel
  • Food Colouring
  • Glitter (optional – but the Pinettes like their Glitter!)
  • Sellotape

Image result for hair gel bags for writing

You will need to judge the amount of hair gel you need – depending on the size of bag you have – there should be about a half a centimetre thickness when you flattened the bag out. Add a couple of drops of food colouring and glitter if you want and massage around till the colour is even. Zip shut the bag – make sure the outside of the bag is dry and then add a length of sellotape  – just to make sure it is secure.

You can practice drawing your snail curls on the bag or other letters or numbers!

Numeracy 🔢 Art 🎨 Eco ♻

It is a bit early to be counting snails in our gardens – but we will remember to do that when they start to appear!!  I am going to email you all out a snail counting activity for you to do at home.  But you could recycle a egg box and make some snails and then count how many you have made – I reckon you will all want to make more than one!!! Below is a link from The Spruce Crafts that shows you how to make the snails and many other animals with an egg box – and even shows you how to make an ocean in a box – so cool!!!

Egg Carton Snails 🐌

Egg Carton snail craftocean in an egg carton

Don’t forget the whale – I Heart Craft Things will show you how to make this cute whale!

Egg Carton Whale 🐳

Number Ordering sorting big and small items.

The Snail and the Whale Soft Toy

The Whale is BIG and the Snail is small!

The Pine ladies have been looking for things that are BIG and small – see what you can find?

Signing 👍 Singing 🎶Dancing

Below are some links for different sea themed songs that you can practice your signing, some singing and have a little boogie or a BIG boogie!!

Sea signs🐠

Down under the Sea 🌊

Baby Shark🦈

Under the Sea🧜‍♀️

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride🌺

Some  Movies you could watch this week, keeping with the Sea theme what about The Little Mermaid, Shark Tale, Lilo and Stitch, Moana, Finding Nemo or Finding Dory!!


If you haven’t watched The Blue Planet there is a link below – it is wonderful!!

The BBC Blue Planet

Well have a lovely week Pinettes – remember keep sending us your photos!

School Holiday Movies for Kids: Zog / Snail and the Whale - Wellington - Eventfinda

Love the Pine Ladies



Pine Class Learning at Home 2

Hello Pinettes – How are you all doing?

Have you read or watched the story ‘Yellow is my Colour Star’? Did you make lots of colour choices?

Yellow is my Color Star 

Amazon.com: Yellow Is My Color Star (9781442492998): Horacek, Judy, Horacek, Judy: Books

What is your favourite colour?⭐

Another story for you to listen too and enjoy. 📚

Lara the Yellow Ladybird

What did you think of Lara’s yellow wings?


We have put some other links on this week’s blog if you are looking for some different ideas.


The weather has been really cold this week – have any of you been out for a Winters Walk? What did you see? Was it really cold? Did you get all wrapped up?


Below are links to some different Winters songs. 🎵

Winter Dance & Brain Breaks

Winter Hokey Pokey

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

Freeze Dance


We all love Frozen in the Pine Room – some pretend they don’t!  Below is a link to some Olaf Fun – he is our favourite!! 🎥

Olaf Series


Lots of different ideas for some Winter crafting fun in the link below. 🎨

Winter Craft & Art


If you want to practice your signing – what about the weather signs.👍

Singing Hands Weather


The BBC Bitesize has lots of cool science information. 🧪

BBC Bitesize Seasons


Practice your counting with Bud the Bee in his Number Garden. 🔢

Bud’s Number Garden


This is the perfect weather for making soup.  🍵 Can you help pick out the ingredients? What colours are the vegetables? Did you help peel or chop? Was your soup tasty?

4 Ingredients Soups


The Pine Ladies have been searching for some yellow things in the room.

Well have a great week Pinettes.

Love The Pine Ladies

rainbow Clip Art Free | Fresh Doodles - Free Clip Art For Teachers: Rainbow Clip Art | Rainbow clipart, Clipart black and white, Clip art


Virtual Singing Hands

Today we had a very special activity. We signed on to see and join in signing, singing and dancing with Singing Hands today.  They sang lots of Christmas songs some of which we have been learning in class. We had our jingle bells out for “Jingle bells” we jingled them along with our friends. We used our interactive song board for “5 little snowmen” which was very fun and we counted the snowmen. Then we had our reindeer antlers on for “Rudolph the re nosed reindeer” and “5 little reindeer” this may be another one we add to our interactive song board collection as we love doing these.

Pine Class Learning at Home 1

Well Hello Pine Class!!!

How are you all?

The Pine Ladies are missing you and hoping you are all well and keeping busy. 😀

Have you read the story The Little Red Hen – it is a classic!

Did you enjoy it?

Free Red Hen Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

Which of the farm yard animal was your favourite?

Singing hands will show you the Makaton signs for some farmyard animals – click on the link Farmyard Animals


Bread dough is always a popular choice for  Sensory Play –

Mix 200gms Bread Flour, 1/2 tsp Salt, 2tsp Dried quick-acting Yeast and 1/2tsp Oil together then slowly add 125mls Warm Water.

We always mix this up in a basin, cover with cling film and then a tea towel and leave somewhere warm for an hour or so.

And let the Science happen!!! 👩‍🔬 Has is doubled in size?? Put some flour on the table and have fun – cut out shapes, roll and stretch the dough or you could bake the dough.🍞

Have you looked up the Makaton Sign for RED (Wilson asked you so do Yellow – Silly Wilson!) Singing Hands Colours🌈

We enjoy Colour Sorting Activities in the Pine Room – if you are looking for some ideas there is a link below.

Colour Sorting Activities


Boyle and Shields looked for some RED things in the classroom.

Singing  🎵


You’ve got a friend in me – Makaton signs

Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream?

Well what have the Pine Ladies been up to??

Wilson and Logan have been working with the Beech Children, Boyle and Shields have been sorting out the Pine classroom getting it all ready for your return Pinettes!!!

See you soon

Love the Pine Ladies


Somewhere over the Rainbow….

Good morning Pine Class!

How are you all?

Have you been outside in your gardens listening to the birds? Jardine has and  she managed to photograph a Blue Tit that has taken up residence in the  bird box in her garden – amazing!!


What about feeding the Birds? Aitken has been doing that and made some lovely feeders – Well done Aitken give yourself a Clap!!

Below is a link of some lovely bird feeders – if you would like to make one and then watch some happy birds in your garden. 🐦



Boyle has been reading her cookery books in the sunshine, looking for some inspiration – she would love to know what you have all been reading?

Birdie Meatballs anyone?

I have made some Rainbow Birds from scraps of fabric I had left – what is your favourite colour?

Has anyone watched Mary Poppins? Did you have a favourite song?🌂

And did any of you enjoy the silly parrot and the Birdie Song?🐤

Our topic this Term was going to be Open Season – but due to the current situation we have had a wee rethink and decided to have some small topics that run over a week or two… or five!!!

Remember just do what you want to do and if you want to revisit any of the topics or ideas please do so – and post some comments and sent in some photos – we would love to hear from you all and see your lovely smiley faces!!!

Out in the Garden 🦋🐌🐛🐞

During Morning Group, we look out the window or door and check the weather, we then look at the BBC Weather to see if they got it right?  We like to sing and sign  ‘What’s the Weather like Today’  – sing along!! ⛅⛈🌤

See the source image


Next is a link to Mr Tumble singing and signing some songs about the weather.


Image result for singing hands

Also, if you look up Singing Hands you can see them signing individual signs for different  weather.


So what is the Weather like today?

If you are out in the garden or on a walk look and see if any rainbows appear! 🌈🌈

Or some Highland Cows!!!


Can’t wait to see a photo of the calf.

In class we have Sensory bottles for each different type of weather – these are really easy to make – plastic bottles, buttons, beads, water beads, Hama beads, elastic bands, food colouring, cotton wool, sequins are just a few things you can use. Below is a link to some ideas if you would like to make your own.


Art and Games🌈

This morning I have been watching the news and a feature I really enjoyed was about the ‘Posties’ – our local Postmen and Postwomen have been extremely  busy just now!! My Postman is actually my friend Andy, and I have known him for about 30years, so when I bake I always bake for him too!! Lots of children have been putting thank you pictures and messages on their doors, and some have been playing games with their Postie, such as Noughts and Crosses – where you put the grid on your door fill in a square the Postie has a shot and this goes on over a couple of days until someone wins!!! What do you think!! If you have a game, leave a note or make a picture send us a photo – and it will make your Postie SMILE!!!

Image result for noughts and crosses


Now the weather, sadly according to the BBC Weather is going to be a wee bit colder and rainy over the next couple of days, so what about making a pot of soup?  You probably have a favourite but below is a link to some different soups which you may want to try?


When making your soup🍵

  • Talk about the colours of the vegetables and sign them too!


  • Listen to the noises of the vegetables being peeled and chopped.
  • Smell the vegetables.
  • Taste some of the vegetables raw, if you can.🥕
  • Can you hear the soup bubbling as it is cooking?
  • What does your cooked soup smell and taste like?
  • Remember help with the cleaning up if you can!!!

Film Choice

Ok – I will give you some clues.

Image result for Green Clip Art FreeImage result for red shoes clip art freeImage result for broomstick shoes clip art free

Did you get it??

The Wizard of Oz🌈

Have a great week Pine Class

The Pine Ladies