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FAOL – Whole School Projects – Harvest

*Responsible Citizens       *Effective Contributors

We have enjoyed many Harvest activities this week. We collected groceries for the Food Bank, enjoyed a Harvest Assembly with Rev. Cameron, ground wheat to show how flour is made and baked bread. At art we created scarecrows, harvest wreaths and printed apple patterns. We played the glockenspiel, following patterns, to play autumn songs. We also make tasty apple punch.

FAOL – Enterprise and FAOL – Whole school projects/Citizenship

Confident Individuals   Effective Contributors

We created loads of Christmas craft to send home, one of which was this paper plate Christmas tree decoration. I’m sure they looked great at home.


We all worked hard rehearsing for our part in the school virtual Christmas Show. We sang and signed to 5 Brown Reindeer. We hope you all enjoyed the show.

FAOL – Whole School Projects/Citizenship – School Christmas Concert

The Stars Class rehearsed hard to learn our dance for the school Christmas concert. As angels we danced to Michael Buble’s ‘Save the Last Dance for me’ to critical acclaim from the ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ judges. We enjoyed learning and performing our dance.


FAOL – Whole School Projects/Citizenship

The Stars class rehearsed hard for the school show. We looked at, listened to and practised singing and signing to the songs, ‘When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney’, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, ‘Silent Night’ and finally ‘Reach For the Stars’. Alongside the Moonbeams and Sungazers classes we dressed up in character and held props to perform.