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Whole School Christmas Craft

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The Stars class have created wonderful craft work to decorate the Willowbank atrium. We have made a colourful snowman wall display and lampshade angel. We have also decorated a wooden snowman as directed by the Transition class. We made tasty cheese and ham toasties at HE and learnt how to make an egg float at science time. We have also been practising hard for the Willowbank virtual Christmas showcase but these photo’s are ‘secret’ for the moment!

Children in Need

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We have participated in loads of fun activities for Children in Need. We have made Pudsey ears and a mask as well as a playdoh Pudsey. We have had a duck race, iced Pudsey cakes and enjoyed spotty sensory activities. We thought Children in Need day was a good way to collect money to help other children.

FAOL – Whole School Projects – Harvest

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We have enjoyed many Harvest activities this week. We collected groceries for the Food Bank, enjoyed a Harvest Assembly with Rev. Cameron, ground wheat to show how flour is made and baked bread. At art we created scarecrows, harvest wreaths and printed apple patterns. We played the glockenspiel, following patterns, to play autumn songs. We also make tasty apple punch.

National Maths Week

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This week we have been doing loads of numeracy activities. As well as our ILP work we have had an outdoor maths trail, learnt about clothes needed for different seasons, measured and counted ingredients needed for Empire Biscuits and made a rain gauge. We did size ordering, explored a sock box, played snakes and ladders  where we used a dice and measured using large bricks. We had a great time learning.

FAOL – Sciences – Floating and Sinking

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We tried to guess which items would float and which items would sink. We weren’t always right! Some items even floated for a wee while then sank! We had great fun. We’ve also enjoyed a treasure hunt, made ‘star’ sandwiches and made tree pictures as we explored seasons.

Art and HE Activities in the Stars Class

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We have had a happy week in the Stars class. We enjoyed time in the garden where we had a colour hunt and checked how our garden produce was growing. We also made scones which we ate for snack with jam and printed handprints and flowers for our ‘Friendship Garden’ wall display.

Exciting Easter Activities

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We have enjoyed participating in lots of Easter activities this week. We created cards for home and made mars bar tray bake which we cut in to egg shapes and decorated. We painted and rolled eggs, had an egg hunt and had fun with  a Humpty Dumpty science experiment where we had to protect boiled eggs from cracking when we dropped them from a height. The best protection was wrapping it in a jumper! It was good to see Rev. Cameron at out virtual Easter assembly and we’re keeping a look out for the Easter Bunny as we hear he’s in the area.