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Stars Activities 5

Hope you are all well. The weather has not been so good but hopefully the sunshine will be back soon and we can get outside again. 🌞

The bin men visit our homes every week to collect recycling and every three weeks to collect our green bins. Just now many Council workers are doing different jobs and some are helping the bin men. Thank you to all!  👏

Help your family organize your rubbish ready for the bin men. Recycle paper, glass and plastics in your recycling trolley and put black bags of non recyclable rubbish in the green bin. If you can, help pull out the bins onto the pavement for collection. Always remember to wash your hands afterwards.

The ladies and Mr Gardner have been busy sorting out the rubbish and recycling at home.


Fill a basin or bowl with water then collect different small items from around the house and garden. Check if they float or sink. Try things such as a stone, flower, shell, plastic cup, pine cone, twig, coins, small ball, small plastic toy, paper or keys. Choose whatever you have available but ask first! Can you guess beforehand if it will float or sink?

Dice Game

Play a game of snakes and ladders with your family. Do good holding, shaking, listening and rolling then help to count the squares. Remember to wait your turn! Watch out for the snakes!

If you choose to do any of these activities then maybe you could send a photo or write a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

Have fun! Stay safe! ❤😊

Stars Pea Head and Car Ramp Activities

Mrs Logan has been busy making the Pea Head person from this week’s blog. She decorated a cup with a face, filled it with compost and planted seeds in it. It will be kept well watered in her greenhouse. Mrs Logan used cress seeds instead of peas. She will send you a photo once the cress ‘hair’ has grown.

Mrs Chisholm has built a car ramp with her children. They are having great fun racing cars and seeing how far the cars travel if you make the ramp steeper.

Why don’t you try making these. Send in some photo’s if you do.

Have Fun! Stay Safe! ❤😊

Stars Activities 4

Hi everyone

Hope all is well with you and your families.

Here are some more activities to try this week if you wish. Ask your family to help you.  🙂



You will need:

Plastic bottles with lids

Selection of items e.g. nuts and bolts, large ball playdough, cup sand, cup lentils, cup pasta, cup rice, water (half fill bottle), leaves, buttons, twigs, gravel, in fact anything you have to hand that will fit through the narrow bottle top.

Glue or sellotape (optional)

1 Put items, or liquid, into bottle

2 Secure lid with glue or sellotape

3 As you shake and spin the bottle listen to the noise inside. Is it……….

‘clink, clank’

‘rustle, rustle’

‘splash, splash’

‘thud, thud’

‘swish, swish’




You will need:

A selection of large smooth stones or pebbles

Thick paint


Newspaper and apron


1 Lay newspaper on table to keep it clean. Put on apron.

2 Paint chosen design on stone and allow to dry.

3 Protect with a layer of varnish or non washable PVA glue or else paint will wash away in the rain.

4 Place stones around garden to decorate.



You will need:

Long paper tube (halved longways)

a rectangle of cardboard shaped into ramp (see picture)

Selection of cars

1 Lean ramp against sofa or chair

2 Hold car at top of ramp and let go

3 How far does it go?

4 Try another car. Does it travel as far?

5 Make the ramp steeper. How far does the car go now?

6 Try different ramp surfaces e.g. a strip of carpet or bubble wrap

7 Try racing two cars

8 You could use small balls or marbles instead of cars

9 Have fun!



We enjoy singing the Hokey Cokey in class but try it differently this time – Sing it in Scots

‘Ye pit yer richt erm in’

It’s not as easy as you think!


Post a comment or photograph to let us know what you have been doing. We’d love to hear from you.

Have Fun! Stay Safe!      ❤🙂


Stars Activities 3

Hello Stars Class. Hope you are all doing well. 

Here are some more activities to do should you wish. Adapt them to suit whatever you have available.

Five Senses Treasure Hunt                                                                    

Find something –






that is a plant

that smells

you can eat


Pea Head Person                                                                                     1. Cover yogurt pots, paper cups or plant pots with paper and draw a funny face on them.

2. Fill with compost and sow any seeds you have. Normally you sow peas however cress, grass, flower or vegetable seeds will grow to make a fine head of ‘hair’.

3. Remember to keep the seeds well watered as they grow and make sure they get plenty of sunlight. They would look good on the kitchen windowsill.

Balloon Tennis                                                                                          Blow up a balloon and use a bat to play tennis with a partner. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bat, just use your hand. Enjoy! This was great fun when we played it in class.

Story                                                                                                                                       We enjoyed ‘The Gruffalo in Scots’ in class but this is Elaine C. Smith reading ‘The Glasgow Gruffalo’.


If the link doesn’t work then go into YouTube and type in The Glasgow Gruffalo Elaine C. Smith. I hope this makes you laugh as much as ‘The Gruffalo in Scots’ did!

Remember, these activities are optional but we would love any comments or photographs of things you’ve done.                                                                                            I will be giving you a quick phone call this week for a catch up.

Have Fun. Stay Safe.     


Stars Activities 2

Hope you are all enjoying the good weather. Mrs Gardner and the ladies are all missing Willowbank and the Stars class.

Mrs Gardner’s daughter, Isla, made cinnamon buns. Don’t they look good. They didn’t last long!

Mrs Chisholm went a lovely walk to the Dean Castle Country Park with Evie and Owen where they saw ducks, sheep and a donkey.

At school we were learning about ‘The Great Outdoors’ by watching the DVD ‘Over the Hedge’

Maybe you’d like to do some outdoor activities at home. Choose any you wish to do. There is no obligation. Adapt any activities to suit what you have available, where you can safely access or what interests you. Ask your family to help you.


Try and find as many of the things on the following checklist as you can. Maybe you’d like to make a pair of binoculars to help you look!

Checklist – Try and find:-



flower buds     






green leaf    


Collect a selection of stones, flowers, leaves and twigs. Use them to make a face collage. Maybe you could make faces for all your family. Count how many you’ve made.


SCIENCE – How to grow a rainbow

Mrs Westerman found a great way to make a rainbow.

  1. Draw coloured squares along the end of a strip of kitchen roll.

2. Hold paper over a saucer. Add a little water making sure the end of the paper gets wet.

3. Watch as the water creeps up the paper and makes a rainbow.


I hope you have fun doing these activities if you choose to do so. Send a photo or post a comment if you can. It would be great to hear from you.

Have Fun. Stay Safe.  




Welcome Back Stars Class

Hi everyone. Mrs Gardner here. The ladies and I are all missing you. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine as we definitely are.                                                                      I have been tidying the garage, doing some gardening and have been doing facetime quizzes with my family which have been great fun.

Mrs Westerman has been tidying out her huge shed. She had so much rubbish she had to hire a skip! She has been enjoying walks with her dog, Storm, and took this photo of some sheep she saw the other day.

Mrs Logan has been busy with her children, Adam and Amy. They have been doing treasure hunts, baking and enjoying walks. They made a wee family rock garden with their names on. Mrs Logan has also been keeping fit with Joe Wicks and online Zumba classes.

Mrs Chisholm has been doing lots of activities with her children Evie and Owen. They have enjoyed going to the park, made lovely ‘Thank You’ rainbows for their window and had a yummy barbeque the other day.

Every Monday I will post an activity for you to do with your family, if you wish. It is not compulsory but might be fun to do. The theme this term is, ‘The Great Outdoors’ so I thought it would be nice to make ‘Natures Crowns’ or ‘Natures Wristbands’.

You can use twigs, flowers, leaves or clippings from bushes. The choice is yours! We’d love to see any photo’s or maybe you could leave a comment on the blog. Mrs Chisholm’s children made wonderful rainbow pictures to thank key workers and the NHS. Maybe you could make a thank you poster for your postman or dustbin men.

Have Fun. Stay Safe.