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Monday the 4th of May

Happy Star Wars day everyone! I hope that you are all well and still enjoying this good weather. The Transition team will have an exciting video to show you this week. Keep your eyes on the blog! A clue to the subject is that we were meant to look after them in school but Mrs Ramage has her own at home. Answers on a postcard!

A nice free app that I found last week was ‘Seek by iNaturalist’ This New App Will Help You Identify the Plants and Animals You See ...

It can identify things you find in your garden or on your daily exercise. Just point your camera at it. It is very effective for wild flowers. I think it’s really good. Let me know if you find anything exciting or rare.

Below is this weeks suggested activities. Enjoy your short week (holiday Friday!) and let me know how you get on.

Week 2

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Monday April 27th

Good morning everyone!

I hope that you are all well. All of the Transition staff are very well and have been enjoying this continued great weather. Here are some suggested activities for this week. Please remember that they are suggested activities. If the mood isn’t right or if you have your own activities then please don’t feel you have to do them. Feedback is welcome! As ever, stay healthy and look after each other.

Link to home learning is below

Week 1

Mr Nicoll

Hello Transition Class.

Hello boys! Mr Nicoll here. I hope that you are all well and have been able to enjoy the lovely weather that we have been having. I will be using the blog to send you some suggested activities to do at home. Please don’t feel under any pressure to do everything. Since we are halfway through the week already I thought I’d start with one.

I have been busy planting vegetables in my garden and noticed lots of butterflies.  Here is a link to show you how to make a butterfly feeder for your garden. https://www.nts.org.uk/campaigns/how-to-make-a-butterfly-feeder See how many butterflies you can attract. I’ll make one with my sons and let you know how many we can attract. Keep healthy and look after your families. I’ll send more activities next week.

Effective Learners during Science Week

Fun with Science continued throughout the week. One experiment that the class all enjoyed was making a Non-Newtonian fluid (cornflour and water!) and discovering its properties. Numeracy skills were put to good use checking the mass and volume of each item. Each boy experienced the fluid and we had a range of way to interact. Some used spoons to stir fast and slow and some put their hands straight in!

The next experiment was making rainbow paper. The boys all interacted well and were patient when they poured clear nail varnish into water. They carefully placed black card on top and removed it to show shimmering rainbow paper.

The class them observed the reaction between a powder and a liquid to form a gas. The boys were amazed when the balloon started to inflate.

Our last task in class was to apply our literacy and numeracy skills to try and replicate the success of Patrick last year at the Engineering Challenge. The boys reflected on the webcast from Monday and came up with some new designs to help solve problems. The challenge included a short letter to explain the design and what influenced each idea. Watch this space to see how well we get on!

Successful Learners during Science Week (part 1)

Our first experiment – making a dancing man with a white board pen and water.

Exciting times as we all focussed on a webcast where engineers spoke about developing Patrick’s Fair-ground garden design into reality. We learned a lot about having to make small changes to make it possible.

The Transition boys had a great morning actively engaging with robots! The boys showed great manners and listened well to instructions so they could confidently use remote control cameras, wind turbines and a trebuchet to name a few!

The class then took part in an exercise looking a design inspired by nature and had a chance to experience using a microscope.

The class also took part in a very colourful experiment. Each boy made a prediction about the number of colours in each ink. The boys then completed a chromatography experiment to separate the colours. We discovered that most inks in our pens contain a mix of colours.

In the afternoon the boys experienced the planetarium where we learned about the next steps in moon exploration.

On the way back to class the boys had time to explore and investigate the movement of Slinkys.

Once back in class the boys took part in a moon quiz where they scored 8/9.

World Book Day Successful Learners

Apologies there is an issue affecting the upload of pictures.The Transition Boys had a wonderful time on Word Book Day. We had a couple of new faces in class. Ali Baba and The Boy in the Dress came for the day! The boys were really focussed as we read excerpts from each book. Some boys did a short study on David Walliams and some designed new characters. Everyone successfully made masks based on their favourite book.