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Alice in Wonderland Topic Work

We are really enjoying our Alice in Wonderland topic.  Here are some photos of our topic work this week:

Wehad fun taking part in a game of wonderland-themed croquet!  It was really tricky!

We had some sensory fun this week as we made caterpillar slime and play dough using some fun recipes!

Alysse very much enjoyed showing off our caterpillars to the Snowdrops class who are reading the story ‘The Very Hungary Caterpillar’.   Alysse was a confident individual as she was very careful when handling the caterpillars and confidently told the young people about the caterpillars and their life cycle.

In cookery, we made cupcakes and decided to make them into a Hungry Caterpillar!

Maths Week Scotland

We have enjoyed participating in ‘Maths Week Scotland’ this week.  We have all been successful learners during all of our number and shape activities.  Here are some of our favourite photos of the week:

We played number games via ICT  We explored position and movement using the BeeBots

  Emma was learning about quarters using a PowerPoint on the laptop.

We built lego structures using numbered instructions.

We created a parabolic design using numbers and coloured lines!

We also had a maths quiz at the end of the week where we put all of our knowledge and learning of the week to the test!

We took part in a ‘Move and Groove’ yoga session where we created shapes with our bodies and then made shape monsters out of 2D shapes!

Finally, we used numbers to word codes and then created our own number codes for a friend to crack!

This Week in Beech

This week has been very exciting for the beech class – we have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly because we have five tiny little caterpillars in clas that we have to look after until they become butterflies!

Here is Alysse who has been a very responsible citizen in helping to look after the caterpillars so far!

We have also continued to explore the themes of Alice in Wonderland this week.  We made ‘talking’ flowers from the story…

And discussed the difference between good and bad manners.

In cookery, we made our very own truffle caterpillars!    Look at how cute they are!

A Week in the Beech Class

We have had a very busy week in the Beech class!  We are enjoying our current ‘Alice in Wonderland’ topic and have done lots of activities connected to our topic.  Here are some of the things we have done this week:

We made the Cheshire Cat from a paper plate and the card characters out of tissue paper.

  We used different measuring equipment to measure the different real life sizes of the main characters of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  We then ordered the different characters according to size.

We did some rhyming activities during literacy and even made our very own Cheshire Cat poem!  We were very successful learners as we learned how to identify a rhyming word and check that our poem makes sense.

  We had a lovely tea party on Friday morning with Scones that Tyler, Emma and Hugh made on Thursday during our life skills cookery session.

Emma and Amber have really enjoyed recreating the magical door from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, we plan to use this during creative writing activities.

Our favourite activity this week has been music where we learned to play a rhyme on using Boomwhackers!

Superhero M.O.V.Ers!

To celebrate all of our super MOVE pupils and the fact that we have ALL been superheroes this year, we had a superhero themed day in school!  We dressed up and played lots of superhero themed games and even had a superhero championship!  Amelia was crowned our Lead superhero after winning the most points in our challenges.  We were all confident individuals as we took part in each activity and enjoyed our day together.


Here are some of our favourite photos of our day:

Superhero Movement Exercises…

Superhero training assault course:

Superhero ‘Four Corners’ and Villain scavenger hunt:


Class Photo!

Using our superhero powers and senses to guess what is in the box:


Captain America Throwing Challenge:

Confident Individuals – Exploring Personal Care

The Beech class have been learning all about looking after ourselves and how to keep our body clean and healthy.  This wee we looked at how to keep our face clean and healthy by trying out different skin care products and routines!  We found it super relaxing and enjoyed the different smells and textures of the products.  We were very responsible citizens by asking sensible questions and being gentle with our manikins.

IDL: Moana STEM Work

We had great fun this week during topic work designing and building our own Moana boat! We looked at Moana’s boat in the film and had a think about what it materials it was made of and what shape it is.  We conducted a bit of an experiment to see if the shape of the boat affected how well it could float.  We discovered that the boat with a larger base was able to carry the most weight! We were very successful learners by making our hypothesis and taking turns to count out the number of weights per boat and then deciding which boat was the best.