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Numeracy & Learning Outdoors

Successful Learners, Effective Contributors & MOVE

The Beech class worked really hard in Numeracy this week, concentrating on recognising & ordering numbers, recognising coins, and telling the time. We got our bodies moving as we went on a hunt in the playground to find some hidden numbers. We then worked together as a team to put them into the correct order – brilliant teamwork!


World Earth Day

Effective Contributors – Responsible Citizens

To celebrate World Earth Day, the Beech class read the story ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ and thought of ways that we could help save the world too! We make sure that the smart board is turned off at home time & we turn the lights off throughout the day when we don’t need them on. We created Earth stained-glass windows to shine the colours of the Earth into our classroom!



Successful Learners, Effective Contributors & MOVE

The Beech class have had a fun filled week before the Easter holidays. We made some lovely Easter crafts & gifts for our loved ones (we hope you like them!) We had a games afternoon on our final Vscene with Miss Woodburn before the holidays, where we had to get moving around the classroom. We’ve also been on a couple of Easter related hunts throughout the week to keep our bodies moving & our minds active!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! We look forward to seeing you all again after your well-deserved break 🙂

A surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!!

Class Topic – Superheros (Hercules)

Successful Learners, Effective Contributors & Confident Individuals

After learning that the Olympic Games originated in Greece (the same place Hercules is from), we had our own mini Olympics in the Beech Class. We took part in a variety of sports, including the Bean Bag Toss, a Mini Marathon, Hula Hooping, and a Rubber Duck race. We then had a closing ceremony to celebrate our efforts and achievements. Confident individuals indeed!

We also looked at Greek architecture & the different styles of buildings. The pupils were then given a challenge to build their own building using only dry spaghetti & marshmallows. This required a lot of communication & teamwork!

Growing Plants

Effective Contributors & Responsible Citizens

The Beech class planted their own flowers & peas that we are going to help grow in the classroom. Each pupil has the responsibility of looking after their own flower and watching it blossom. We have added ‘water flowers’ to our daily routine checklist before going home each day.

Hercules the Superhero & Red Nose Day

The Beech class have had a busy week learning all about Hercules and what made him a superhero. We focused on Ancient Greece – making Thaumatropes, recognising Roman Numerals & tasting some traditional Greek foods.

We had lots of fun in the Beech class today for Red Nose Day. We had a class quiz, a Red Nose ‘Tattie & Spoon’ race outside, and some fun games.

A great week in the Beech class for all! Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

Weekly Home Learning – Science Week

Hi, Everyone.

This week is British Science Week 2021!  Science Week is celebrated every year in Willowbank so we thought it would be fun to bring Science Week to you guys at home!  Below is a list of science-themed activities you could take part in if you wish.  As always, only do what you can.  Take care!                                    (Feel free to send any photos to willowbank@eastayrshire.org.uk)


Here is a link to a story that is read by one of the great minds of British science – Sir David Attenborough.  The story tells us about a journey he made to explore Gorillas in their natural habitat – the jungle!

Your challenge is to explore Jungle animals just like David Attenborough!

Jungle Animal Scavenger Hunt 

On Twinkl Go!  There is also a jungle-themed playdough recipe, why not make this and use it make the letter shapes of each animal?  E.g. T for Tiger, P for Parrot etc. Your Twinkl Go! passcode is  LW6528


Did you know that the world’s longest and heaviest snake, the Green Anaconda, lives in the Amazonian jungle?  This week you are going to make your own snake using the following materials: an old sock or a tea towel; a rubber band; washing-up liquid; bowl; water; scissors and a small plastic bottle.

Follow this link to view your instructions – Bubble Snake STEM Activity

Health and Wellbeing

Did you know that some of the fruits and vegetables we eat are grown in jungles?

This week, we are going to regrow our own vegetables using only scraps from Mum’s kitchen!

You will need: Water, Bowls, Carrots, Celery, Romaine Lettuce and a Spring Onion.

Follow this link to view your instructions – Regrow Your Own Vegetables


There are a number of science experiments in your Twinkl Go! Link. Passcode:  LW6528

Home Learning Activities

Hi, everyone!

In the Beech class, we have started our ‘Heroes and Villains’ topic!  Every week we will also post some activities that will be based around this topic.   This week we will focus on a story called ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson.  Here is the link to the story for you to listen to and watch.


Here is a link to a Singing Hands video which shows us lots of signs for minibeasts!  How many minibeasts can you spot from the story?

This week for our literacy tasks, we are focusing on developing our fine motor skills.  Here are some ‘Superworm’ related activities you could try at home that will encourage the use of the small muscles in our hands.

Use cereal or beads to make worm by threading them through a pipe cleaner or string!  Make a playdough worm by rolling dough out with the flat palm of your hand.  Make a concertina pattern by folding a long strip of paper and then unfolding it to make a wriggly worm shape then try to move it along a flat surface by blowing into a straw at one end of the worm!


Use scrunched up bits of news paper and tuff it into an old sock to create a worm puppet!  Lastly, why not make a worm shape out of card or cardboard and lace, thread or wrap string/wool around it to create a patter as shown above.


Your numeracy challenge this week is to go on a minibeast scavenger hunt either in your garden on during your next walk!  On this week’s Twinkl Go! Link there is a template for a minibeast scavenger hunt that you could use, or just ask an adult to identify the minibeast and help to keep count 😊 If you don’t get the chance to go out a walk, why not use the ‘Eye Spy’ counting activity that is also in the Twinkl Go! Link below.

Twinkl Go!            Use the passcode: LW4127

Health and Wellbeing

What makes a superhero?  This is something we will be thinking about a lot in class. What made Superworm so super?

Make a superhero smoothie based on all the qualities that you think make a superhero SUPER! There is a helpful recipe guide within the Twinkl Go! Link but it might be more fun to simply add the ingredients and see what happens!

Here is is a sheet with all the super fruits on it.  Choose which fruits you think a superhero would need based on the attribute it has!

Twinkl Go!    Use the passcode: LW4127

Science! 👩‍🔬

Have you ever made a worm dance?  Click on this link to complete an awesome science experiment that will bring worms to life.  You will need:

  • Measuring spoons
  • Gummy worms
  • Scissors or kitchen shears
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar

Have fun, only do what you can and stay safe!