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IDL: Harvest Time

The Beech class enjoyed celebrating Harvest by gathering foods to donate to the foodbank and completing lots of fun activities around the class.  We learned what harvest means along with some useful Malaton signs for this time of year.  We also looked at the food that is harvested at this time of year, how we sort or label our foods and then we thought about where different foods come from.  We were successful learners during when completing the different activities at each station.


We also created some lovely Autumn themed crafts!   These are our favourite masterpieces.

IDL: Butterfly Release

The Beech class have finally bid farewell to our class butterflies.  We have been exceptionally responsible citizens over the past few weeks as we have taken care of our caterpillars, watched them grow into their chrysalis and then nurtured them as they became butterflies.   Here are some photos of the day we carefully released them into their natural habitat.

Alice in Wonderland Topic Work

We are really enjoying our Alice in Wonderland topic.  Here are some photos of our topic work this week:

Wehad fun taking part in a game of wonderland-themed croquet!  It was really tricky!

We had some sensory fun this week as we made caterpillar slime and play dough using some fun recipes!

Alysse very much enjoyed showing off our caterpillars to the Snowdrops class who are reading the story ‘The Very Hungary Caterpillar’.   Alysse was a confident individual as she was very careful when handling the caterpillars and confidently told the young people about the caterpillars and their life cycle.

In cookery, we made cupcakes and decided to make them into a Hungry Caterpillar!

Maths Week Scotland

We have enjoyed participating in ‘Maths Week Scotland’ this week.  We have all been successful learners during all of our number and shape activities.  Here are some of our favourite photos of the week:

We played number games via ICT  We explored position and movement using the BeeBots

  Emma was learning about quarters using a PowerPoint on the laptop.

We built lego structures using numbered instructions.

We created a parabolic design using numbers and coloured lines!

We also had a maths quiz at the end of the week where we put all of our knowledge and learning of the week to the test!

We took part in a ‘Move and Groove’ yoga session where we created shapes with our bodies and then made shape monsters out of 2D shapes!

Finally, we used numbers to word codes and then created our own number codes for a friend to crack!

This Week in Beech

This week has been very exciting for the beech class – we have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly because we have five tiny little caterpillars in clas that we have to look after until they become butterflies!

Here is Alysse who has been a very responsible citizen in helping to look after the caterpillars so far!

We have also continued to explore the themes of Alice in Wonderland this week.  We made ‘talking’ flowers from the story…

And discussed the difference between good and bad manners.

In cookery, we made our very own truffle caterpillars!    Look at how cute they are!