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Remembrance in the Pine Room

In Science we did a colour experiment with Skittles – look at the pretty rainbow!

Having great fun during my MOVE Session.

We were successful learners in Numeracy,  using pumpkins we measured them, then cut one open smelt and felt the inside of it and then scooped out the seeds to count them.

It smells AWFUL!!!

We were concentrating on the number 5 and enjoyed watching an episode of Counting with Rodd.

The Number 5

The Makaton sign of the week is the letter X.

The Letter X

Switch It Games – cause and effect.

In Literacy we have been looking at the Letter E, and made lovely glittery Elephant Pictures. We also practiced our Makaton signs by singing one of our favourite songs.

Elephants have Wrinkles 🐘

Remember our food experiments – the Celery and Spring Onion were the only ones that worked.

In our SQA Baking Unit we are exploring ingredients, this week we looked at different sugars, smelling them and touching them.

We carried out a few different Art activities for Remembrance Day, putting paint on a balloon and pressing it into the paper to create a lovely poppy.


Then we made different poppies by spraying water on paper and adding pieces of tissue  paper, when it was dry it was painted with PVA Glue and cut into a bowl shape.

We also made our own poppy badges.

Literacy – letter recognition  – finding the first letter of our names.

Our Vice Eco Captain made sure that we use up all our left overs, so we made some Autumn leaf pictures with the tissue paper from the poppies.

Looking good.

Highlights of our Week

This week in the Oak class we have been responsible citizens, we have been working hard during out SQA personal hygiene lessons.  We have been identifying the body parts that need to be cleaned daily.

More responsible citizens, delivering the save energy posters they created after we delivered our climate change assembly.

We enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day, making beautiful poppies to stop and think about the soldiers who fought for us.  We enjoyed a walk to the Remembrance Garden to pay our respects.

Remembrance Day

Today, the Asteroids were responsible and participated well in Remembrance Day activities.
We looked at poppies and their colours and how poppies are produced in Scotland. We made our own poppies using different materials: we used red and green play dough to make poppy shapes, we made a poppy sun catcher using tissue paper and we decorated a biscuit with red icing and a chocolate button for the centre.




Responsible Citizens on Remembrance Day


The Daisies class were very responsible during today’s minute silence. We all sat nice and calm when the bell rang. We particularly enjoyed the cBeebies poppy field animation clip.

We used pastels to create a sunset picture. Some of us chose to include fields, poppies and soldiers in our pictures. They are very effective!

Remembrance Day Activities in the Daisies Class!


The Daisies have enjoyed participating in Remembrance Day themed activities this week. We created paper airplanes and had great fun using them in a race!

We also enjoyed exploring poppy themed sensory bags and creating a handprint poppy picture.

We worked together to make a handprint poppy wreath and used it to decorate our window.

Finally, we explored red foods and drinks and had a tasting session. We tried red cola, red apples, raspberries, red Pringles and red laces.