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A little bit blue!!

We are at the end of our IDL Topic and our Colour Rainbow  – so this week we are blue!

Although this art work is from our Purple Week.

This successful learner has been working on her numeracy skills. That will be 4 million pounds please!!

Ordering money – well done!!

The sunny weather prop creates a lot of laughs.

More ordering – sizes this time.

Concentration here from these successful learners  as we clap, count and sign…

…and giggle!!!

This week our Science was all about Colours.

A tray of milk with some food colouring – when you put some washing up liquid on the end of a cotton bud and dip it in colour moves away – it was really cool you could try this at home!!!

Now for the Skittle Rainbow – Shields loved this!

Skittles on a plate then slowly pour on some warm water and wait!!


Not about Colour but using a non-permanent marker we drew on some shapes on to the plate added some warm water and watched the shapes move.

Yellow and Blue make…


Outdoor Learning an Autumn  Hunt round the Kay Park.

Autumn Leaves.


Boyle lets take some of this back to the Pine Room – quick no one is looking!!!

Looking for a 4 leaf clover.

Ready for our new story Blue Penguin and Sensory Play?

Shaving foam and Arctic Animals.

Watch out the Arctic winds are coming in.

I have an apron on!!!

The Eco-Captain making sure we reuse everyday things for our Remembrance Art.

Do you want to Dance?

More juice please Boyle!

Colour sorting and the Color Monster.

Which Monster goes where??


Someone preferred the story in Spanish!?!?

Cause and Effect.

Finishing last weeks Recycling craft – a lot of PVA glue was used!!!

Making lots of choices.

Oh Wow!!

Someone is very pleased!

And now for some Children in Need Crafts – Bingo Dabbers!!

Note from the ECO-CAPTAIN  Please save you Crisp packets – Mrs Slinger has an important use for them – they are going to be made into blankets for the Homeless ‘Get your Eco On!!’

Happy Children in Need Day 2020!!!