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Children in Need 2021!

Effective Contributors 

The Sunflower’s have loved taking part in lots of group Children in Need activities.  Each child helped build a giant Pudsey bear, listened to a Pudsey sensory story and took part in our bingo game.  Afterwards, we made Pudsey spots using playdough.  We also watched the Children in Need duck race and had a class race with our own ducks.  Everyone looked great in their pyjamas and Children in Need outfits.

An arty week!

We have been busy in the Sunflowers this week! Lot’s of art fun.

When we were in the garden we investigated bubbles. We enjoyed chasing them and blowing them by ourselves! It was great fun.

We also learned about Remembrance Day. We found out about what it was and why we do it. We then made our own poppies that we took home and some stayed in class, so everyone in school could see our wonderful work.

We started some Christmas art and managed to finish one of our snowmen. We called him Scotty the Snowman!

Our other snowman has had his first bit of paint on him and we will hopefully finish him next week!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Eating the Alphabet – Exploring New Foods HWB 0-30a

Successful Learners and Effective Contributors 

For each letter of the alphabet, the Sunflower’s class have been given the chance to touch and taste new healthy foods.  Each child was able to practice chopping, grating, cutting and juicing of fruits.  Our tasks included making orange juice, extracting seeds from pomegranates and making strawberry men.  We all loved using a variety of fruit and vegetables to make a rainbow wrap and everyone participated by either tasting or smelling the new foods.

Halloween Party Day!

Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals 

The Sunflower’s had an amazing day dressed up in their costumes for Halloween.  Throughout the day, each child enjoyed making mummies, building a skeleton and lots of great party games.  Everyone had a go at dookin’ for apples, and loved balloon games and dancing. We also played a pass the parcel game and had lots of fun playing with our sensory tower whilst listening to  some spooky Halloween sounds.

Spooky Fun!

Successful Learners 

Yesterday in class, the Sunflower’s were given  a fine motor skills challenge.  Each child actively participated by using tweezers to collect skeletons, bugs, spiders and eye balls from the different jelly bowls.  Everyone was encouraged to taste and touch the jelly too and we managed to collect all of the spooky items from our jelly.

Halloween Crafts

Confident Individuals 

Over the past few days, the Sunflower’s have loved making bats and spiders during our craft time.  Each child was able to add a variety of coloured chalks to their black card to create a bat silhouette. Afterwards, we made a spiders web with foam and loved collecting the spiders from the messy tray.  Everyone took part in our paint stamping task using Halloween skull stamps and loved adding glitter to our pumpkins.

FAOL Science/Eco – Pumpkins

Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals 

During our fun Halloween activities, the Sunflower’s enjoyed carving pumpkins with designs of their own choice. Each child actively participated by scooping the  pumpkin contents into a sensory bag and moving the seeds around the pumpkin face.  Afterwards, we were able to add cereal to our leftover pumpkins to create bird feeders for the garden. 



Eating the Alphabet – Literacy ENG 0-12a/LIT 0-13a/LIT 0-21a

Successful Learners 

For our topic this term, the Sunflower’s have enjoyed exploring lots of healthy foods.  Each child has actively participated by matching the initial sounds to the correct foods.  Everyone enjoyed overwriting the letters and food names  and decorated their food afterwards.  We are currently making an eating the alphabet wall as a class as we go which looks fab! All children have engaged in our phonics songs and hard work tasks during literacy topic time.  Well done Sunflowers!