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FAOL: Science – Cornflour Slime

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The Moonbeams have had a fantastic science week this week. They have participated in lots of lessons and activities.

The pupils enjoyed working with a partner to make cornflour slime. The children worked together to identify and explore their ingredients before mixing them together. All pupils enjoyed pouring, mixing and touching the ingredients before exploring the slime and some  recognised the change in textures when mixed together.


World Book Day

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The Moonbeams have enjoyed exploring and responding to stories this week as part of celebrating World Book Day. The pupils learned some animal and food signs as they listened to stories ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears.’ The children were able to demonstrate their favourite part by choosing from pictures or signing and speaking the characters names.



Purple Day and LGBT Assembly

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This week the Moonbeams enjoyed taking part in some sensory purple activities as well as wearing something purple to celebrate Purple Day. On Wednesday the Moonbeams also helped to present their LGBT Assembly. We spoke about how we are all different and why we should all be proud to be who we are. At the end of Assembly we invited all the classes up to have a little Pride Party. The children enjoyed dancing with lots of colourful props.

(More photos to be added – unable to upload)




*Successful Learners*   *Confident Individuals*

The Moonbeams have continued their learning this week through their LGBT Theme. The children were painting and decorating the flag which represents diversity in preparation for their Assembly next week. The class also listened to songs about being different and chose their favourite song to practice and present at Assembly.


This week the Moonbeams made waffles during cookery. They concentrated while pouring and mixing the ingredients together. Some of the pupils chopped up strawberries and used the microwave to make toppings. The waffles were enjoyed by all!




LGBT Sensory Play

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The Moonbeams have been exploring the colours of the LGBT Flag through sensory play. The pupils transferred their cookery skills through play. They were scooping, pouring, grasping and spreading using a variety of equipment in sand, water, foam and water beads. Some children were able to identify colours and objects found.


LGBT – We Are Family


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The Moonbeams have enjoyed listening to a story about families this week. The children explored how families are all different; some large, some small, different races and genders. The children learned that even though families are different;  they all love each other and want the best for each other and enjoy doing fun things together.

The children had fun making up different families with cut out characters and identifying who they were and then they drew the family who they lived with.




5O Things to do outdoors – Bird Feeders

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The Moonbeams have enjoyed learning about what birds eat this week. The pupils explored birds seeds and then mixed up some ingredients to create Bird Feeders. The children all really enjoyed this learning activity and worked well together. Our plan is to hang the feeders in the garden and check everyday to see if the birds are eating from them.  We hope the birds enjoy their food!


FAOL: ECO / Sustainable Development – Work Experience

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The Moonbeams have been busy preparing for and making Pizza this week. They created posters to show what flavours of Pizza they were selling and made a shopping list of ingredients to take to Tesco. On Friday afternoon the children very responsibility made the Pizza and then visited the Comets class to sell for 10p per slice. The children used their maths skills to recognise the coins and numbers on the till. They were very happy as we had some left over to take home to their families.


FAOL: Science – Ice Cream in a bag

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The Moonbeams enjoyed their science experiment this afternoon. We made ice cream in a bag. The children concentrated while holding and pouring the ingredients. We explored what the ingredients looked and felt like before being shaken in the bag of ice with salt and then we compared it afterwards to see the change. The children also enjoyed having a taste of the finished result. Yummy!