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Lets start a Band!!

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some relaxation time in class, some of us got to stretch out on bean bags, watch the sensory lights and listen to some soothing music, others played with the stimulating sensory toys.

One responsible citizen was far to busy to join us – she had a job to do! Sorting out the diaries and the Big Macs.

Tuesday Morning is Numeracy, we were all successful learners carrying out our numeracy tasks. Ordering money, creating cause and effect and making the Smart Board work and listening to the number songs, counting and building the big blocks – and then knocking them down!!!!

Why is this not working?

Got it now!!

…18, 19, 20!!!

Okay good counting! But time to knock it down!!!


For Science in keeping with our Colour Monster Theme, we made ‘Exploding Monsters the colours weren’t so effective BUT they did bubble up!!

Wednesday morning we made some hand prints ….I wonder what they are going to be?

Step two together…

Lets start a Band!!!

We were confident individuals  in the afternoon showing off our musical skills.

A duet!!!

Today we started to make some stress monsters – picking our Balloons

Making a mess… No …filling them with flour!

Balloons are great fun!!

Using a funnel – and puffing the flour back out of the balloon!!!                      Wrong Day for Wilson to wear black!!!

All done!!

We have been looking at the changing seasons and decided to use conkers to create cool Art.

We were successful learners and created some great Art work.

Our Cactus Hand prints.

Sensory Play with Shaving Foam – great hand exercises and messy fun!!

Exercising with my new Gaitors on – building muscle strength.

Stretch and grasp.

I was a confident individual on my bike.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

I do not eat the colour green!

In Numeracy we were all successful learners and worked on our counting skills – lots of counting songs and finding a set of classroom objects for each number.

1 Fly Swat

2 Pretty Flowers

3 Rhythm Sticks

4 Musical Bells

5 Different Feelings

6 Pink Flamingos

7 Classmates

Colour Matching – griping the different objects and posting them through the correct slot.

We enjoyed doing some art work and using bubble wrap to help us create some different effects.

The weather was so nice on Tuesday afternoon we got outside in the sunshine and had great fun having a sing song!!

In keeping with our Rainbow theme this week is all about GREEN, and we have started reading a new story called ‘I do not eat the colour green’.

Music and Move with some confident individuals.

Domino Fun

ICE Pack  – How I feel? We are continuing reading the story ‘The Color Monster’ – we all decided what colour and what materials to use to bring our Monsters to life!!!

We have also been looking at the changing seasons and made some beautiful leaves for our windows.


We had some fun with bread dough, it is great exercise for our hands – stretching and griping and a fun sensory experience too!


Have a great weekend

From the Pine Class


The Flamingo that came for Coffee!

This week we have continued with our story ‘The Flamingo that didn’t want to be Pink’ and made some lovely Flamingos – we were successful learners and made choices and decided what we want our Flamingos to look like. Selecting different paper, feathers, pom-poms and glitter! Aren’t they lovely?

And we also got to read the story outside in the sunshine.

Numeracy has been fun! We have counted different animals and learned their Makaton sign, even the sign for Starfish (actually we had to ask Mr Campbell that one!) sorted and explored different colours and enjoyed playing dominoes.

We are confident individuals while participating in our physical exercise and    MOVE, and carried out our hard work!

In the Pine Room we are always very happy to hear each others news during morning Group, and we like making choices and pressing the feeling sound bar to express how we feel each morning.

In Science, we are still looking after the Bees and have made a couple of ‘Bee Houses’ – counting the canes and fitting them into the tin. They are now hanging up in a tree that we can see from our class room – hopefully a family of friendly bees might move in!

Social Sciences we are continuing looking after the birds and we made some  birds feeders out of apples! Getting all we needed ready, cutting the string and the apples in half, mixing the bird seed and the lard and pressing into the apples.

Our Responsible Citizen was given a special lanyard by Boyle, as she has been looking after and helping everyone in the Pine Room and carrying her allocated jobs.

Today is the MacMillan Coffee, in class we liked making Colin the Caterpillar. We enjoyed our Class Social Snack – although none of us had coffee!!! We hope you like our MacMillan Cups –  we all made a choice of what treat  to put in it!!

Have a great weekend.

Haircuts and Eggs????

We had a lovely time at the Burns Supper and Ceilidh last Friday – didn’t take very many photos as we were too busy enjoying ourselves.

Shannon, Reece and Jessica went to Tesco on Wednesday.  They bought the classroom supplies and had a snack there.  Reece confidently paid for the snacks and used the scanner.

We have been practising our Makaton – Reece has been working us hard.

Melanie has been working on her SQA Unit – matching the characters with their theme tunes.

Adam has been doing great work in his lift pants.

Shannon discovered a new light up toy which makes loads of noises.

Mrs Jardine read the story about the Haircut – we love it!!

Need a Haircut???

The chattering teeth are funny!!!

Reece wearing the cape.

“Would you like a magazine?”

Snip Snip!!

Think you might have taken too much off Mrs Jardine!!!

In SQA Baking we were exploring ingredients again – this week eggs.

Watch you don’t break it!!!!

Melanie and Adam enjoyed being in the Cookery Room in their Lift Pants and Walker.

Making meringues – for snack tomorrow – yum!!


Using the switch to make the mixer go!!

Do eggs feel funny Reece??

Holding the Egg Whites over our heads – no accidents!!!

We also have a lovely visitor in our room for 6 weeks, a Student Nurse called Kyra.

Oh it is not long till Christmas!!


Well not long till Christmas – we are getting very excited in the Pine Room.

Shannon is becoming really confident individual in her lift pants, she enjoyed using the Switch it board and listening to the number songs.

And sitting with her friends for snack.

Melanie was in charge of crushing the biscuits when we made our Truffles.

Mixing – lovely chocolate smell Jessica.

Then rolling in chocolate sprinkles.

Wow!!! They were good enough to eat.

Pick one Adam!!

We made lovely Christmas Stockings, we counted squares of coloured card and then stuck them on the outlined shape, then of course used some glitter!!

Santa surprised us with a visit – and he is a really busy man at this time of the year!!!

Glitter sensory jars – we love glitter in the Pine Room.

Christmas Jumper Day!!!!

Jacob being Responsible Citizen and getting the recycling done!!!

Reece and naughty Buddy!!

What has Willow being doing this week???

Will she really enjoyed a wee night at the cinema watching Frozen 2.

Then played hide and seek in the Union Street Shop Centre Christmas Tree.

Loved her ice-cream from Mackie.

And has made great friends with Esme the kitten.

A walk in the Park.

This week we have been getting our Christmas coasters ready for the Willowbank Market.

Reece has been working on her money skills – and charging us for our snack!!

Lots of lovely Christmas Coasters!!!!!

We have been discussing the Shanarri indicators…

are you happy Mrs Boyle?

Shannon enjoyed time in her lift pants… not another photo Mrs Wilson!!!

We made some new sensory bottles – for the days of the week all bright and pretty colours.

We all enjoy listening to each others news during Morning Group.

On the MOVE again!!!

On Wednesday morning we went out and had a lovely walk around the Kay Park – the colours were pretty, it was a wee bit chilly, but we were safe and happy.

Reece was a Confident Individual and made Mars Bar Slice on Wednesday –  she did lots of mixing, melting in the microwave, pressing the mixture into the tin  and spreading the chocolate.

Our packaged coasters – buy them at the Market!!!

Social Snack  – Toast and Mars Bar Slice and lots of fun!!

Now to walk to Aberdeen – 52hours!!!! Cycle – 15hours!!!

Melanie and Reece are taking the bus.

Adam wants to go by train.

Jessica by car!!!

What about you Shannon??

Willow enjoyed training with the Aberdeen University Ladies Lacrosse team this week – it was a cold night but the ladies kept him entertained.

Welcome back!!!

Last Friday we make some lovely seasonal art – two beautiful hedgehogs.

In Science we made a Skittle Rainbow. By placing Skittles round a plate and pouring really warm water on them – step back and watch the magic!!!

The afternoon was spent enjoying the company of the others in secondary and raising some money for McMillan. Jessica also raised money for Jeans for Genes!!!!

This week has been great because Adam is back – and we were all so pleased to see him and he was pleased to see us too!!

In Home Economics we made Jelly Pots – so we counted in some different  sweets, watched some rise and some sink and when we saw them later the runny mixture had set!!! Just like the jelly in our story.

Reece enjoyed a bubbly foot spa in Sensory play.

And Shannon impressed us in her lift pants.

While Jessica was in her Standing Frame Jacob kept her entertained with the Switch IT Songs.

Today we walked down the Primary corridor and looked for the pictures for our literacy hunt. And this afternoon enjoyed relaxation and Tac-Pac!!

Well it has been Cloudy with a Chance of Rain!!

This week we have continued with our theme ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ and made some fantastic stained glass umbrellas in Art for our display. Also, cupcakes decorated like plates of spaghetti and meatballs – we all liked pressing the switch to make the mixer work!!


In Literacy we enjoyed Jolly Phonics and matched our props with the songs and actions.

We have had fun with our sensory activities and MOVE, and we love singing, signing and dancing to Baby Shark – it makes us all really happy!

MOVE Group

We love coming together each week as a MOVE group and being confident individuals whilst taking part in a variety of lessons.  This week we tried some science experiments (that had already been tested and knew they would be successful).

We were also lucky this week to have a session with Kelly and Cooper for some dog therapy.

After this we returned to class and played some music along to ‘I Love My Life’.

We took part in all these activities whilst working on a lot of our MOVE skills and the main part was we had fun doing it.